Schleich Cows and Animals

You can get beautiful life-like Schleich cows for your child’s toy farm - right in our store!

We rely on cows so much, it’s easy to forget how much they do for us sometimes. Every time you have a glass of milk in the morning, it’s all thanks to a cow on a ranch and its caretakers – maybe even not that far from you. You might not know the farm life or how to produce dairy first-hand, but with Schleich’s realistic, carefully crafted cow toys you and your child can learn a little more about this process!

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Figuring out what to get for your toy ranch can be hard, so we at Maziply Toys put together this list of the ten best Schleich Cows products for you!

Holstein Cow

Schleich Farm World | 7.99

Can you say “moo”? This Holstein Cow figurine is probably what you’re thinking of when you think about a cow.

Holsteins are the most well-known and most productive dairy cows in the world, and are a vital part of any ranch! This girl here has big, wide eyes (that melt hearts), a hand-painted black-and-white pattern, and is in need of a good home.

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Texas Longhorn Family

Farm World | 29.99

This cow toy family is as close as their horns are long. And they really are! The Texas Longhorn breed’s characteristic horns are accurately represented in this family of three miniatures. You can even see these horns already growing on the little calf!

And you don’t need to worry about this family going hungry – they’ve got a feeding pen and hay ready.

Learn more about this Schleich Texas Longhorn Family!

Braunvieh Cow

Schleich Farm World | 7.99

This Swiss Braunvieh has little cute horns, a detailed coat, and even its own bell! If you look closely, you can even see hair in her ears!

She stands ready, as if looking over the pasture while her sisters spend another relaxing day grazing at the ranch.

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Hereford Cow Schleich

Farm World | 7.99

This inquisitive lady looks right at you when you step into the toy pasture! Her big ears are sticking out and listening for every little noise in her surroundings.

Hereford cows originate in England, and this one is perfect for adding an old country touch to your cattle ranch!

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Black Bull

Schleich Farm World | 7.99

Olé! This black bull struts across the grass, its head high and horns pointed straight ahead.

Or is it warning an intruder before a sudden charge? It all depends on what you put in front of it! Like all Schleich cattle toys this guy has a highly detailed coat – and you might even be able to find some growth marks and scars on its horns!

Learn more about this Schleich Black Bull!

Large Farm House

Farm World | 99.99

Your Schleich Cows and Bulls might not yet have a good stable and a well-equipped caretaker. But don’t worry – there’s an exciting solution for that!

Laura and Paul are experienced farmers with their own kitchen, dining area, and a bedroom! Yes - an entire toy farmhouse at your disposal! It comes complete with a pen for your animals to live and play in, a hay storage with a winch, as well as a few additional farm animals!

If you’re interested in more than just Schleich cows, this Farm House also works perfectly with our other Schleich Farm World and Schleich Horse Club products!

Learn more about this Schleich Large Farm House!

Feed Silo

Farm World | 39.99

The Texas Longhorn Family came with a little bit of hay, but what about the rest of your cows? You don’t need to worry about them anymore with this Feed Silo!

You can fill this silo with feed (it’s refillable, with a level indicator!). Then, you can empty it into the troughs for your hungry cow toys (using help of the farmer with his sturdy wheelbarrow)!

Learn more about this Schleich Feed Silo!

Cow Family on the Pasture

Farm World | 39.99

So, you’ve got a toy ranch, and you’ve got a few cow toys happily living there. But what do they actually do? Do they just stand around, basking in the sun, day after day? Of course not!

With this Schleich Cows On the Pasture set, you can take your cows to the milking machine after a pleasant day of feeding on the pasture.

The trained farmer will fill the milk cans and give your cows a little water after they’ve been fed from the Feed Silo.There’s even Holstein mother and calf toys included!

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Schleich Feed for Cow and Calf

Farm World | 4.99

Sometimes you don’t want to take your Schleich Cows all the way to the Feed Silo. Sometimes it’s just more convenient to pull out a bag of feed and a bucket of water, and tend to their needs where they are. Your cows might be grazing somewhere far away from your ranch, or maybe you are trying to take care of a little calf! They need to be looked after very carefully, after all.

With this Feed Set you can take care of your cow toys both back at the stables and a long distance away. It even has a sponge for washing the young calves in your Schleich Cows collection.

Learn more about this Feed for Cow and Calf!

My First Animal Farm

Farm World | 24.99

If you want to start a full-fledged farm, you might need a few additional animals.

This set not only has a Holstein cow, but also a cute little lamb, a munchy pig, and a curious chicken! There’s also a little food for each – hay, carrots, and apples! How will all of these animals get along on your farm?

Learn more about this Schleich My First Animal Farm!

More Exciting Schleich Animals!

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