Schleich Flagship Store at Maziply Toys

In early 2019, we were all excited to hear Schleich Toys had decided to start a flagship program. This revolutionary new concept holds inspiration from the massive success of a pop-up shop they opened in a mall during the fall of 2018 in Charlotte, North Carolina. So far, the program is only getting better and building up steam, and we are super excited to see where things will go from here!

By the way, if you're curious... Here is the original pop-up prototype that would ultimately lead to the Schleich Flagship Program:

Schleich Flagship Stores Prototype

What is a Schleich Flagship Store

Now, we know that not everyone is familiar with what we mean when we say Flagship. It should not be surprising that this is, in fact, a nautical term. A flagship was the pride of a navy. It is often the very first ship built using new innovative techniques, and in the past, the Flagship would be the lead ship when going into battle.

A flagship store is the very first store of its kind in a specific location. This store is all decked out. Consider it to be a showpiece, a way of introducing people to the company’s products and often includes life-sized animal models.

Although typically a flagship store will be a store in and of itself, Schleich decided to go in this innovative new direction. They chose a handful of toy stores that had already established themselves and earned a reputation in their area and introduced them to their store-in-store concept.

Schleich Launch Flagship Program in 2019

The toy company had representatives scour the U.S.A. looking for the perfect toy stores to partner with and bring the Schleich brand to life in a new way. We are very proud and honored that we at Maziply Toys were honored as one of the first stores for the program. We became a Schleich Flagship Store in March of 2019, making us their longest-running flagship store in the country!

By the end of 2019, Schleich had gone on to install over 20 new flagship stores across the country. You will find Maziply Toys at the Kingston Collection in Kingston, Massachusetts. We are thrilled to be part of an elite group that includes amazing toy brands such as the FAO Schwarz Flagship Store in New York City, among others.

In every case, the store-in-store concept brings in more than just an area dominated by Schleich toys. Visiting a flagship store is a wonderful family experience where you can do more than discover some great new toys for your little ones to play and learn with. At Maziply Toys, you will find a 15 foot T-Rex and a life-sized lion, along with play tables and hands-on activities to enjoy.

And of course, you’ll find one of the largest selections of Schleich toys and brand experiences in the World. We carry all of Schleich’s brands:

Come on in to discover our amazing Schleich Flagship Store, which you will find at the entrance of our massive toy store.