Largest Toy Store in New England

Maziply Toys is one of the largest interactive toy stores in America. Our 12,000 square foot facility offers thousands of toys and attractions such as Laser Tag, Ride-on plush animals, BEAM Virtual Playground and even a Mirror Maze. Our mission is to bring joy to children with fun and inspiring toys while also bringing out the inner-child of adults.

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Get ready for a touchable adventure with Bitzee! This interactive digital pet is like having a pixelated friend that comes to life with vibrant colors, games, and surprises—pure joy in the palm of your hand!

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Spin Master Bitzee Interactive Digital Pet Toy

Animal Figures

All Animal Figures
Save 45%
PLAYMOBIL Farm Alpaca Walk Playset (71251)
PLAYMOBIL PLAYMOBIL Farm Alpaca Walk Playset (71251)
Sale price$ 12.00 Regular price$ 21.99
Save 46%
PLAYMOBIL Farm Country Farm Shop Playset (71250)
PLAYMOBIL PLAYMOBIL Farm Country Farm Shop Playset (71250)
Sale price$ 19.00 Regular price$ 34.99
Save 45%
PLAYMOBIL Farm Harvester Tractor with Trailer Playset (71249)
Save 50%
PLAYMOBIL World of Horses Horse with Foal Playset (71243)
Save 47%
PLAYMOBIL World of Horses Riding Lessons Playset (71242)
Save 45%
PLAYMOBIL World of Horses Horse Veterinarian Playset (71241)

Baby Gear and Toys

All Baby Toys
Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack Stacking Toy
Fisher-Price Classic Xylophone Music Toy
Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone Learning Toy
Fisher-Price Baby's First Blocks Set
Lamaze Chill Teether
TOMY Lamaze Chill Teether
Sale price$ 4.99

Building Sets and Blocks

All Building Sets


All Games
Hasbro Grab & Go Monopoly Game
Hasbro Grab & Go Pop-O-Matic Trouble Game
Hasbro Grab & Go Hungry Hungry Hippos Game
Hasbro Grab & Go Connect 4 Game
Hasbro Grab & Go Battleship Game
Hasbro Grab & Go Guess Who Game


All Hobbies
Save 15%
Citadel Colour Ironbreaker Layer Paint (12ml)
Save 15%
Citadel Colour Xereus Purple Layer Paint (12ml)
Save 15%
Citadel Colour Genestealer Purple Layer Paint (12ml)
Save 15%
Citadel Colour Auric Armour Gold Layer Paint (12ml)
Save 15%
Citadel Colour Basilicanum Grey Contrast Paint (18ml)
Save 15%
Citadel Colour Skeleton Horde Contrast Paint (18ml)

Novelty and Fidgets

All Novelty
Dope Slimes Cookies & Cream Ice-Cream Cake Slime
Dope Slimes Bubblegum Ice-Cream Slime
Dope Slimes Frosted Lemonade Slime
Dope Slimes Banana Split Slime
Dope Slimes Astronaut Ice-Cream Slime
Dope Slimes Frosted Sugar Cookie Slime

Plush and Stuffed Animals

All Plush
Pokemon Eevee 8 Inch Plush
Pokemon Pikachu 8 Inch Plush
Pokemon Charmander 8 Inch Plush
Pokemon Bulbasaur 8 Inch Plush
Pokemon Wooloo 8 Inch Plush
Pokemon Yamper 8 Inch Plush


All Puzzles
Meffert's Diamond Pyraminx
Meffert's Skewb Xtreme
Meffert's Skewb Ultimate
Meffert's Maltese Gear
Meffert's Pyraminx Duo
Save 72%
4DPuzz The Mandalorian Helmet
4DPuzz 4DPuzz The Mandalorian Helmet
Sale price$ 9.93 Regular price$ 34.99

Science and Magic Sets

All Science
Thames and Kosmos Geckobot Experiment Kit
4M KidzLabs Kitchen Science Kit
Schylling Retro Balloon Animal Making Kit
Abacus Brands Bill Nye's 50 Piece VR Science Kit

Toddler and Developmental Toys

All Toddler Toys
Save 49%
Hape Toddler Beat Box Set
Hape Hape Toddler Beat Box Set
Sale price$ 22.93 Regular price$ 44.99
Save 34%
Hape Snack Attack
Hape Hape Snack Attack
Sale price$ 5.93 Regular price$ 8.99
Save 42%
Hape Light-Up Circus Activity Cube
Hape Hape Light-Up Circus Activity Cube
Sale price$ 34.93 Regular price$ 59.99
Save 41%
Hape Tangram
Hape Hape Tangram
Sale price$ 2.93 Regular price$ 4.99
Save 50%
Hape Pawprint Ink Stamps
Hape Hape Pawprint Ink Stamps
Sale price$ 2.00 Regular price$ 3.99
Save 48%
Hape Alphabet Abacus
Hape Hape Alphabet Abacus
Sale price$ 12.93 Regular price$ 24.99

Vehicles and Trains

All Vehicles
Save 15%
Bruder 02544 NEW RAM Fire Rescue Truck with L/S Module 1:16 Scale Vehicle
Save 9%
Bruder 02509 RAM Service Truck with Crane and Rotating Beacon Light 1:16 Scale Vehicle
Save 38%
Bruder Dumper Dump Truck Yellow and White 1:16 Scale Vehicle


"Time in and time out I have received orders with excellent packaging, great prices, and great customer service. I plan to continue to order from them. Thanks for a great shopping experience."

Alex D

"It was so nice to see not just a toy store but an absolutely fabulous toy store. Thank you for keeping the legacy and experience of toy stores alive for the next generation of children."

Caren M

"The customer experience was brilliant! I couldn’t be happier to find this store online and plan to make my future go-to for toy shopping online. I hope to make a trip and visit the physical store as well!"

Angela H

"I was nervous buy toys online at first since I live out of state and had never heard of Maziply. Ordering was quick and easy and they shipped the next day. You’ve made a dragon loving 6 year old incredibly happy"

Josh Q

"Was looking for the biggest toy store near me and think I may have found the biggest toy store in America! Glad to find toys and colectibles near me, I'm glad I came here. Incredible selection, fun atmosphere, and loved the staff. Thank you!"

Geoffrey L

"Looking for playset toys (cause they seem to keep my son's interest longer) and couldn't believe the huge selection and great prices. He's now hooked on Playmobil. No longer need to find toy shops near me!"

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