Laser tag is one of the most exciting, immersive and interactive experiences ever. Grab your tagger and get your heart pumping with good old fashioned fun at Maziply Toys!

Date Opened

Now open! Opened October 1, 2019

Mon - Friday: 3pm to 7pm
Saturday: 12pm to 7pm
Sunday: 12pm to 5pm

Pricing is per person. We also offer laser tag promotions and specials for discounted rates that may include other attractions at Maziply Toys. 

$10 - 15 Minutes
$18 - 30 Minutes
$30 - 1 Hour
$50 - 2 Hours

Guests six years and older are welcomed and must be safe at all times in and around the attraction. Parental guidance may be required for younger visitors.

About Laser Tag at Maziply

Girl playing Laser Tag

Visit Maziply for an unforgettable experience. Maziply offers birthday parties, events, and team building activities. Also take advantage of packaged attractions with Maziply Toys that combo laser tag up with ride-on plush animals, New England's favorite mirror maze, or our BEAM Virtual Playground!

Our equipment is top of the line and American made! They are reliable high tech infra-red, and the highest quality equipment complete with sound and voice overs and very easy to use. Accuracy is assured with a red dot scope with a range of up to 800 feet. Strategic and exciting games are designed for ages 5 and up.

Whether a walk-in or package, all laser tag experiences include a free referee.

What is Laser Tag?

Laser tag gets people off the couch and moving around and is played in an arena or large facility. Each participant gets a taggers which fire infrared beams at targets that are worn by the participants. Typical game-play is a simulated combat scenario that can be played in a variety of different types of games. Think of it like being immersed into real life video games.

Fun Fact: the first laser tag product was made by Milton Bradley. It was a product called Star Trek Electronic Phasers.

Types of Laser Tag Games

There are a variety of games played at our laser tag arena. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that you have a blast! Our most common games are:

  • Team Match
  • Free-for-All
  • King of the Hill
  • Gun Game
  • Sniper

Competitions and Tournaments

From time to time, we will hold laser tag competitions and tournaments. These may even include cash prizes for some events. Keep an eye out for any upcoming events on our Facebook page.

Upcoming Leagues

We are setting up our facility to be able to support laser tag leagues, where teams can compete in the ultimate laser tag competition.