Maziply Toys is one of the largest interactive toy stores in New England. But it goes well beyond that. Did you know that we offer attractions as well? Take a minute to learn more.

Zoo Rides

Ride around on motorized plush animals that are padded for comfort and easy to use. Both children and adults are welcomed to ride! Learn more about Zoo Rides

Mirror Maze

Coming in December of 2018!

Our mirror maze is a great family attraction that will fill your curiosity, give you a sense of excitement and provide a thrilling experience that will challenge you. Fun for all ages! Learn more about our Mirror Maze

BEAM Floor VR Gaming

Coming in December of 2018!

Spark your imagination, challenge your mind, and get that body moving in an all new experience to Maziply Toys. BEAM is an interactive floor gaming system projected on the floor and the controller is you! Learn more about BEAM

Bumper Cars

Coming in 2019!

What more does one need to say about bumper cars? It's an american classic thrill ride that everyone loves! It's coming soon! Learn more about our bumper cars.