Note: At this time, during the Holiday season, we have temporarily suspended FUNdraisers, as our team is unable to support the increase of customers at this time of year and FUNdraisers. Pending our team's availability to accomodate these, we hope to start these up again in January 2024.

We put the fun in FUNdraising at Maziply Toys!

Looking for an awesome fundraiser idea for your cause or non-profit organization? There are a ton of options out there such as bake sales, walk-athons, selling catalog items, and more. These are all great options.

But if you want to bring together your friends and family for a fundraising experience like no other, then you will definitely want to consider holding your next fundraiser at Maziply, where you can explore a mirror maze, ride on plush animals, play laser tag, or get your heart pumping on BEAM, our virtual playground.

How Can Maziply Help Me Raise Money?

Maziply Toys is home to multiple attractions that are an absolute blast. Schedule a day and time to invite your friends, family, and potential donors to come on down and take part in the fun. All ages are welcomed. We will donate 20% of the fundraising event attractions (Laser Tag, Zoo Rides, BEAM, and Mirror Maze) sales during that time to your cause or organization. We'll make sure that you get the proceeds from the event within 30 days.

Our team will also work with you to set up publicity photos to send to local media, which will help put your organization or cause in the spotlight.

Check our attraction pricing rates to get an idea of how much you can raise during a fundraising event.

What Organizations Can Hold an Event?

Any local group or non-profit organization that is looking to raise money for their group or cause can request to hold an event. Please understand that we hold a maximum of 2 fundraising event per month, so there may be a short wait for your event. In the even that there are more requests, Maziply reserves the right to postpone, deny, or cancel an event at its discretion.

What if I have Questions?

Have a question? No problem! Just contact us with any questions that you may have.

How Do I Schedule a Fundraising Event with Maziply?

Easy! Just contact us with dates that you are interested in and we will set up your event with you.