Schleich Flagship Store Experience shows 14-foot T-Rex, life-sized lion, and life-sized horse from Schleich

As the oldest continuously running Schleich Flagship Store in the United States, anyone that enjoys Schleich figures and toys is sure to love this experience!

Opening Date

Now Open! First opened on March 30, 2019.

About the Schleich Flagship Store Experience

If you're a Schleich fan, you're going to want to visit Maziply Toys to see the Schleich Experience, which includes:

  • 14-Foot Schleich T-Rex that will greet you with a growl.
  • 20-Foot diorama with a life-sized Schleich lion.
  • Life-sized Schleich Knapstrupper horse.
  • Schleich play area (temporarily unavailable, due to COVID)
  • Photo Opportunities
  • The full line and one of the largest selection of Schleich figures and toys in the United States.


The Schleich Flagship Experience is free to all Maziply Toys visitors.


The Schleich Experience at Maziply Toys operates the same hours as the toy store:

Mon - Thurs: 10am to 7pm
Fri - Sat: 10am to 8pm
Sunday: 11am to 6pm

Schleich Selection

We carry the full line of Schleich figures and toys, giving us one of the largest (if not the largest) selections to choose from in the United States.

Shop Schleich Animal Figures and Toys


Guests of all ages are welcomed to visit the Schleich Experience. We ask that you do not touch the animals and only play with the Schleich toys in the designated play area. 

More About Our Schleich Flagship