Maziply Toys - First Schleich Flagship Store in New England

Maziply Toys is the first Schleich Flagship Store in New England. It was launched with a big event including activities and give-aways. Missed it? No problem because it's a permanent part of Maziply Toys now. Maziply Toys is the oldest continuously running Schleich Flagship store in the United States.

With this new store-in-store concept addition, you'll be greeted by a giant 14 foot T-Rex as you enter Maziply Toys. So what can you expect to find now?

  • One of the best Schleich toy figure selections in the United States
  • Schleich play table for the kids (and adults) to play
  • Full sized lion replica
  • 14 foot T-Rex
  • Extensive knowledge on Schleich, including how Schleich toys are made.

What kind of awesome Schleich figures and sets will you find here? Ummm... Pretty much everything! Choose a Schleich brand category to see what we have:

So what are you waiting for? Come on in for a visit and check it out the Schleich Flagship store at Maziply Toys!

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