How Toys Are Made by Schleich

Have you ever wondered how toys are made by Schleich? Then take a minute and read through with us and we’ll show you exactly how Schleich toys are made..

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In 1935, Friedrich Schleich started a small toy company in Germany.

Friedrich Schleich, Founder of Schleich

The company achieved success with JOPO, a bendable figure with long legs.

Schleich JOPO Figures

Schleich toys then became famous for the production of the little blue Smurfs.

The Schleich headquarters has been in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany since 1960.

The Schleich Process

The company itself regularly develops concepts for new figurines and playsets. How toys are made by Schleich is an in-depth process. After extensive market research, a designer creates a wax model with incredible attention to detail. Ultimately, this will become the final product.

How Schleich toys are made using wax models

Increasingly however figures are also modeled on computers. In both cases, depending on the complexity of the figurine, this process can take between two and eight weeks.

This wax model is necessary for the creation of the casting mold. This is when the injection mod is developed in a sophisticated process. Typically the molds are refined by hand.

Each figurine has its own base color. Plastic granules are heated until they melt and form a liquid. It is then sprayed through a nozzle into the injection mold. After the removal and examination of each figurine the blanks need to sit for roughly a half an hour depending on their size to fully harden.

Every single figurine is hand painted with an airbrush, paint brushes or sponges. Large wing patterns are plotted on the figurine in an inkjet printing process.

How Schleich toys are painted with air brush

Not until they are perfect, do they earn the right to receive their world-famous Schleich flag with red “S”. Then, and only then, are they ready to make their way into kids’ playrooms across the world.

From First Concept to Kids’ Playrooms

All Schleich figurines are characterized by their attention to detail and realistic design so that children can learn what their favorite animals look like in detail. With Schleich figurines and sets, children can become acquainted with their animal characteristics and place them in their natural environment.

Taking things further, all Schleich figurines belong to a larger play world. This way, children can delve even further into their favorite fantasy worlds. Whether it’s farm animals, wild animals, horses, dinosaurs, flying unicorn or scary animals, their are Schleich figures for everyone.

Adventure and action are unlimited within the 6 Scheich Play Worlds:

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Did you know that Schleich is one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world with approximately 30 million Schleich figures sold every year? That’s almost 100,000 per day! Today, Schleich products are available in more than 60 countries around the world.

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