Disney Animators' Collection Guide

We decided to put together a Disney Animators' Collection Guide. These dolls appeal to both kids and collectors alike. Take a few minutes to learn more!

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Disney Animators' Dolls were released by Disney in 2009.  This line of dolls features our favorite Disney animated characters as toddlers. More recently, we've seen many new Disney characters as children in movies. Examples include Anna and Elsa from Frozen or Rapunzel from Tangled.

However, since many of the characters weren't shown as children in the movies, it becomes a challenge to develop a line of dolls from scratch. 

Enter the artists...

The Stars of the Disney Animators' Collection

Disney pulled in Mark Henn and Glen Keane to work on this project. Who better to do it than two lead Disney animators. They would use computer generated models and then Mark and Glen would make adjustments as needed. WIth much success, requires a growing team of artists.

Here is a list of the major animators that are involved in bringing the Disney Animators' Collection to life.

  • Mark Henn
  • Glen Keane
  • Steve Thompson
  • Bill Schwab
  • Tony Smeed
  • Jim Kim
  • Matt Nolte

The Dolls of the Disney Animators' Collection

The Disney Animators' Collection continues to expand with its success. Its no surprise since they're so adorable. These dolls can be found at the Disney Store as well as Disney Theme Parks (They're available here at Maziply too!)

Here are some Disney Animators' Dolls:

  • Aladdin Doll - Aladdin
  • Anna Doll - Frozen
  • Ariel Doll - The Little Mermaid
  • Aurora Doll - Sleeping Beauty
  • Cinderella Doll - Cinderella
  • Elsa Doll - Frozen
  • Kristoff Doll - Frozen
  • Merida Doll - Brave
  • Mulan Doll - Mulan
  • Pocahontas Doll - Pocahontas
  • Rapunzel Doll - Tangled
  • Snow White Doll - Snow White
  • Tiana Doll - The Princess and the Frog
  • Tinker Bell Doll - Disney Fairies

The Disney Animators' Collection Mini Doll Play Sets

Disney also later released the Mini Doll Play Sets to add to the collection. Take a look...

  • Anna Mini Doll Play Set
  • Ariel Mini Doll Play Set
  • Cinderella Mini Doll Play Set
  • Elsa Mini Doll Play Set
  • Jasmine Mini Doll Play Set
  • Rapunzel Mini Doll Play Set
  • Snow White Mini Doll Play Set

 If you have any questions about Disney Animators' Collection dolls, don't hesitate to ask!