Schleich horse farm sets being played with.

Schleich horse farm sets bring a world to life with their beautifully detailed sets full of fun accessories, animals, the Farmers, and riders. With the authentic, detailed, and hand-painted figures, children will gain valuable knowledge about the world of horses and learn about nature in a playful manner.

Schleich Farm World Horse Stable

Farm World | 99.99

This horse stable is magnificently detailed and super fun to play with. This set comes with two beautiful horses, a barn cat and mouse, and three sweet little ducks that farmers Paul and Laura take care of every day. With plenty of accessories, two horse stalls, and a small paddock, your child will delight in hours of make-believe fun!

While Farmer Paul takes care of the light grey Shire, hoisting new feed from the hayloft to feed the horses, the sneaky little barn mouse is hitching a ride in the hoist bucket. Yikes, Farmer Paul is going to be surprised! Farmer Laura is ready to go for a fun ride, so she saddles up the black Shire and gets everything ready. Outside the barn, the ducks are taking turns swimming in the small water trough.

In the hayloft, the barn cat plays on a bale of yummy hay that's ready to be rolled to the feed chute and loaded into the wheelbarrow for Farmer Paul to feed the horses. The handy feed indicator lets Farmer Paul know that the horses like green apples for breakfast, hay for lunch, and carrots for dinner. The colorful horse stable comes with special stickers to personalize it just the way you want!

This set comes with 1x Shire mare, 1x Shire stallion, 3x Ducklings, 1x Kitten, 1x Mouse, 1x Farmer, 1x Farmer's wife, 1x Saddle, 1x Horse stable, 1x Feed chute, 1x Seesaw, 1x Trough, 4x Paddocks, 1x Ladder, 1x Apple (green), 1x Carrot, 1x Hay bale, 1x Grass pile, 1x Pitchfork, 1x Bucket, 2x Feeder, 1x Curry comb, 1x Cleaning box, Sticker, 1x Feed indicator

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Schleich Farm World Stable with Horses And Accessories Play Set

Farm World | 99.99

It's a wonderful day to be at the stables today. The sun is shining, and the flowers are blooming and overflowing in the flower boxes at the stable. The Mustang foal is playfully romping around the paddock, waiting for his mother to return from her ride with Sarah.

Sarah took Maya, her Mustang mare, out for an invigorating ride through the flower-strewn meadows and along the edge of the forest. After their ride, they make their way back to the stable for a satisfying brushing and rub down. Sarah hangs Maya's new saddle up and gives her some fresh feed and straw. She then goes to see the playful foal and gives her a yummy red apple as a treat.

With its hand painted details, the stable brings the horse farm to life, giving your children hours of fun play. The stables can be reconfigured to make an open riding arena by setting up the roof with the paddocks.

The fence parts can be connected in many different ways. The windows on the roof open and close to let in that cool summer breeze that the horses love so much. The horse stalls are equipped with hay racks, drinking troughs, and tack holders.

The set comes with 1 x horse stable, 1 x Mustang mare, 1 x Mustang foal, 1 x leisure rider, 12 x paddock, 2 x flower box, 1 x leisure saddle, 1 x bridle, 1 x headstall, 1 x blanket, 4 x saddle holder, 4x feeding rack, 4 x drinking trough, 1 x feeding box, 1 x carrot, 2 x green apple, 2 x red apple, 1 x pitchfork, 1 x hay bale, 1 x straw bale, 1 x sticker sheet

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Schleich Visit in The Open Stall Set

Farm World | 44.99

At the free-range stable, the Mustang mare and Tennessee Walker foal love how they can come and go as they please. They can even open the stall doors themselves easily and roam around the fenced-in paddock. The Farmer enjoys watching the horses cavorting and playing around the pasture together. Once the horses have finished eating the grass and sweet plants that grow in the meadow, they start galloping around the paddock showing off for the Farmer.

This set comes with 2 x horse stall, 1 x Mustang mare, 1 x Tennessee Walker foal, 1 x farmer.

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Final Thoughts

Playing with each beautifully made Schleich Farm World set will help your children develop in multiple ways, including sensory and fine motor skills. 

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