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If you’re looking for the perfect Schleich horse toys to give your little one but you aren’t sure where to start, look no further! We’ve got a variety of Schleich horses for you to choose from and we can help you find the right one for that upcoming gift. Take a look at some of our best sellers which are part of either Farm World or Horse Club.

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Andalusian Stallion Figure

Horse Club | 7.99

The Andalusian horse is a fine and noble horse breed. Named after the Andalusia region in the south of Spain, Andalusians are mysterious and headstrong. The Andalusian Stallion figure is a majestic creature.

Its coat is primarily a gray-white color with darker gray dappling near the back legs. Its mane and tail are a beautiful jet black, making it the perfect midnight getaway horse.

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Tinker Stallion Figure

Farm World | 7.99

Tinker horses, also known as Gypsy horses, have the most luscious locks in the world. With their gorgeous manes and long hair flowing over their hooves, they are a fashionable addition to any toy horse collection.

The Farm World Tinker Stallion has a beautiful white and brown spotted coat. The hair covering its hooves is a beautiful cream color that matches its mane and tail perfectly. So if you’re looking to shake things up and add some spice to the collection, take a walk on the wild side with a tinker horse.

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Lipizzaner Mare Figure

Horse Club | 7.99

Lipizzaners are amazing tournament horses. With the ability to perform the most difficult tricks and beat the most challenging obstacles, Lipizanners have been known to grace the grounds of the greatest riding schools around the world.

Although Lipizanners usually have a gray coat by the time they reach adulthood, they can begin their lives with extremely dark coats. Our top selling Lipizanner figure is a white-coated mare with a light gray mane making her a true vision.

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Knabstrupper Mare Figure

Horse Club | 7.99

Originating from Denmark, Knabstruppers were once the most treasured horse breeds to the princes of Europe. Known for their beautiful spotted coats, Knabstruppers look a little bit like Dalmations. With their beautiful dark spots, Knabstruppers are the perfect addition to the collection to make the eye dance.

Take one of our top selling Schleich horse toys, the Knabstrupper Mare, its coat is completely white and dotted with black spots, making it the most striking figure in the bunch.

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Frisian Stallion Riding Tournament Figure

Horse Club | 14.99

Home to the beautiful Netherlands, Frisian horses are the oldest breeds in Europe. Known for their stocky builds and powerful strides, Frisians graced palace grounds throughout Europe, often attached to beautiful carriages.

With their long flowing locks and glimmering manes, Frisians are some of the most striking horses in the world. You could almost mistake them for magical mythical creatures.

Learn more about the Schleich Horse Club Frisian Stallion Riding Tournament Figure.

Arabian Mare Figure

Horse Club | 7.99

Arabian horses are known for their high-spirited natures and stamina. Many consider these ancient breeds to be the most beautiful horses in the world.

They were used for crossing large spans of the desert in the Arabian Peninsula. They made perfect traveling companions for escaping the dry heat as their light-colored coats made it easy for them to blend into the sand.

Learn more about the Schleich Horse Club Arabian Mare Figure.

Andalusian Foal Figure

Horse Club | 5.99

When all the older horses are out training for that next big tournament, a little foal is a perfect playmate! A foal is a friend for life. They’re full of spirit and they always enjoy a laugh. They make perfect partners for a game of tag and after a long day of chasing butterflies through the fields, they’re just as cuddly and cute as a newborn puppy.

So if you’re looking for a perfect playmate for your kids to cherish, a tiny Andalusian foal figure is the perfect pocket-sized friend.

Learn more about the Schleich Horse Club Andalusian Foal Figure.

Rocky Mountain Mare Figure

Horse Club | 14.99

A day at the stables isn’t all about grazing in the fields and rolling around in flowers. When tournament season is nearby, it’s time to get down to business.

Water obstacles, high jumps, and races are all a breeze for our Rocky Mountain Mare. Practice your way through obstacle courses of your own design. Challenge your friends to a race and watch as the brightly colored saddles flash across the floor.

Learn more about the Schleich Horse Club Rocky Mountain Mare Horse Show Figure.

Appaloosa Mare Figure

Schleich Horse Club | 5.99

Although Appaloosa horses are originally from Spain, they became extremely popular in North America. Known for their almost leopard-like patterns on their coats, Appaloosa horses are great riding horses.

Just take a look at our Appaloosa mare figure. Her white and brown spotted coat makes her stand out in a crowd. So if you’re looking for the perfect horse for that riding competition, the Appaloosa mare is the right choice for you.

Learn more about the Schleich Horse Club Appaloosa Mare Figure.

English Thoroughbred Stallion Figure

Horse Club | 14.99

The English Thoroughbred is a diamond in the rough. Thought to be the fastest horse breed in the world, the English Thoroughbred is the perfect racehorse.

Watch as this dark brow beauty flies by and stuns your friends. Don’t let those dark beady eyes fool you, our English Thoroughbred stallion is ready and waiting to join your family.

Learn more about the Schleich Horse Club English Thoroughbread Stallion Figure.

A Couple More Nuggets for Schleich Horse Toys

Shopping for the perfect toy horse doesn’t have to be difficult. With these best sellers at your fingertips, you can be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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