Schleich Horse Club Introduction

For all of your horse-related needs, head over to the Schleich Horse Club for accessories, stables, and new horses to explore. Every horse in the Schleich Horse Club has a special story. From Lisa and Storm to Sofia and Blossom, every horse has a rider and they’re ready to join your family.

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What can you find at the Schleich Horse Club?

The Schleich Horse Club can provide you with everything you’ll need to keep your horses happy. Whether it’s a horse companion to keep them company, a stable for them to sleep in or saddles and manes to spruce up their looks, you’ll be well-stocked for a party at the ranch. The Schleich Horse Club is dedicated to keeping you and your horses happy. So if you’re looking for a nice saddle to add some sparkle to your prized mare, look no further.

Who are the members of the Schleich Horse Club?

In the Schleich Horse Club, we have a variety of members horses and riders alike. Each one has a unique story about how they met their rider.

Meet the Riders

Let’s take a look at our fun riders:


Sofia is a free spirit. With a love for all things beautiful and artistic, Sofia loves to dress her horse Blossom in pink from head to toe. She’s wise, creative and dreamy. If you’re someone who enjoys painting fields of flowers or drawing colorful fluffy clouds, then Sofia is the perfect friend for you.


Hannah has a wild streak. She never goes anywhere without her cowboy hat. With her brave and curious nature, every day is an adventurous one for Hannah. She’s vibrant and exciting, just like her favorite color, red.

Together with her friends and fellow Horse Club members, Hannah found the old caravan where they founded the Horse Club headquarters. When it comes to her dreams, Hannah wants to become a vet just like her mom.


The sportiest member on the team, Lisa never shies away from a good mystery. She has a passion for problem-solving and uncovering the truth, something that her friends admire most about her. Ambitious, confident, and always honest, Lisa is ready to take on the world with her beloved horse, Storm.


Known as the smartest member of the team, there’s no problem too hard for Sarah to solve. She loves to write songs and her favorite word is “magic,” a word she thinks best describes her. She loves galloping through the fields of her hometown with her horse, Mystery.

Meet the Horses

And let’s not forget our lovely horses:


Blossom loves it when her rider, Sofia feeds her freshly picked shamrocks. A 20-year-old Andalusian mare, Blossom’s beautiful pure white coat glimmers in the sun. Her golden yellow mane matches the blond hair of her sweet Sofia. She loves to be dressed up in pink.


Cayenne is Hannah’s best friend. Although he’s only 11-years-old, Cayenne isn’t afraid to take on the hard tricks, making both he and Hannah an unstoppable western riding team. Cayenne’s favorite part of the day is the morning when Hannah comes to feed him and sing him a little tune. Even though he’s a quarter horse, he’s full of spirit.


Storm is a Hanoverian horse. With his dark born coat and powerful black eyes, Storm is a strong friend to have. Just like his dad, Storm is a skilled jumper and his favorite part of an obstacle course is the water jumps. He loves competing in tournaments with Lisa and going hunting for mysteries with her.


As mysterious as her name, this 14-year-old Arabian mare has magic of her own. Mystery’s pale palomino color and white mane make her the prettiest mare in Sarah’s opinion. Mystery loves to dress up in the latest fashions and walk the runway around the old caravan.

If she could eat one thing for the rest of her life, it would be delicate little sugar cubes. Sarah always keeps a few in her pocket, just in case.

What makes the Schleich Horse Club Horses so Special?

The world of the Schleich Horse Club doesn’t just exist on the living room carpet, it exists online too for friends to mingle and mix from across the globe! Download the Schleich Horse Club app and get instant access to the club’s exclusive tournaments, newsletters, and fun activities.

Get to know each of the members from sporty Lisa to adventurous Hannah. Read up on how members do in the tournaments and follow their progress in every challenge. Check out dates for a tournament or race near your hometown.

More than anything is the detail and attention put into how Schleich toys are made.

Thanks for taking the time to read about the Schleich Horse Club!