Schleich Horses

Whether you’re a cowboy taking on the wild west or a knight in shining armor, every adventurer needs their noble steed. You’ll find nothing better than a Schleich Horse. Schleich horses are the perfect companions to your child’s imagination. From small and sweet to big and bold, every Schleich horse is a happy addition to helping your child’s imagination gallop into the sunset.

You will find Schleich horses under both the Farm World and Horse Club brands.

Imagination is our Aim

We are dedicated to helping your child’s imagination live a long and happy life. We understand that play is the most important part of growing up and we encourage creativity in all aspects of our toy production.

Schleich horses are made for the senses, from touch to sight. Every color is vibrant and every coat is textured. Which means you can keep playtime filled to the brim with fun for the senses. Be sure to learn more about how Schleich toys are made.

While toy figures may be great for a playdate with friends, they’re great for teaching kids about the world’s animals. Because Schleich figures are so realistic, your child can learn to recognize animals from all over the world, from jungle cats to arctic penguins and so much more.

Is your child showing an interest in horses? Do they dream of becoming a rider or a veterinarian? You can teach them about all the different horse breeds with a small scale model in hand. They can practice their knowledge and you can spend some quality time with them.

The History Behind Schleich Horses

In 1935, Friederich Schleich founded the Schleich toy company in Germany. Ever since then, Schleich has been creating high-quality toys for kids all over the world. With more than 600 different figurines on the Schleich shelves, the horses are made to look as realistic as possible. From molding to painting, each horse is unique and some even have their own backstories.

The Schleich company began its life building bendable toy figures with long legs, pointy hats, and cone-shaped noses. These delightful little creatures were called “Jopos,” and they achieved great success with the children of Germany.

Since then, Schleich has evolved its craft to produce the most stunning toy figures of animals both real and mythical. From dragons to lions and more, Schleich toy horses have always been a source of great pride and joy. With the aid of computer software, high-definition molds, and the highest quality paint, Schleich can create true works of art that are safe for play.

What Makes Schleich Horses So Special?

There are hundreds of kinds of horses in the world and Schleich has taken that to heart in the creation of realistic figurines. They pride themselves on getting the details right from start to finish. All figures are delicately hand-painted, down to the last hair. So if your little one is dreaming of having a Palomino steed to call their own, we have one of a more manageable size to gift wrap.

How Many Horses Does Schleich Make?

Schleich makes dozens of horses for you to choose from. All Schleich horses are based on real horse breeds from the farthest reaches of the world. You can be sure to find the coolest and rarest horses to take home from wild Tinkers to ancient Arabian Thoroughbreds.

Each figure is carefully designed to match the build and color of a real-life horse. So, if your child is ready to start their journey as a professional horse rider, these figures are the perfect visual aids in helping them discover their favorite horse breeds.

How Schleich Horses Are Made

Over the years Schleich has evolved in its toy-making abilities.

Rather than carve wooden figures by whittling the tiniest shavings away, the production process is far more advanced.

Using 3D modeling software, they design the molds of all of figures. They then use wax to create the models, delicately refining the shapes of the models down to the last detail by hand. From there they work on bringing these figures to life with vibrant color. Schleich uses a variety of painting tools and techniques for all figures.

  • Airbrushes for the base colors
  • Paint brushes for fine details
  • Sponges for color granulation

Can You Buy More Than Just Toy Horses

Every horse owner needs the perfect home for their horses. Rather than risk letting them take shelter on the top of the bookshelf, you can find beautiful farm and horse sets to keep the horses comfortable at night. Looking for something to give the horses some pizazz? Saddles, covers and other accessories are available to spice up the wardrobe at the stables for your Schleich horses.

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