Schleich Eldrador Creatures

The Ultimate Guide to Schleich Eldrador Creatures where we explore Fire and Ice, Stone and Water.

Nothing grabs the young mind quite like mythology, and Schleich Eldrador Creatures are steeped in it. Highly detailed, hand-painted, and often articulated, these figures are ready to bring your child’s imagination to life. Bring them home and watch the battle unfold.

It doesn’t matter which world you enjoy the most; you’re going to love being a playing participant in the Let’s explore the Lava Ice Stone Water War.

Battle for the Superweapon – Frost Monster vs. Fire Lion

Eldrador Schleich Creatures Battle for the Superweapon

Of course, the war between the army of Fire and the army of Ice had to have a beginning. This is how it all started—with the Battle for the Superweapon.

A brave (or stupid) Frost Monster journeyed deep below the surface of Eldrador into the lava world to steal a magical sword capable of slaying any Eldrador Monster.

There, he discovered a Fire Lion guarded the superweapon, and the battle began—a struggle that would eventually lead to all-out war.

Eldrador Lava World

Schleich Eldrador Creatures Lava World

Fire monsters from Schleich Eldrador Creatures are fearsome to behold and stand ready to go to war with the forces of Ice. These creatures are mad as fire, and they aren’t going to sit around in their volcano and take it anymore.

Lava Golem

A beast out of nightmares, the Lava Golem was formed from pure red-hot magma deep within Eldrador. After blasting his way through to the surface world, the cold air solidified some of his outer lava, making plates of armor no ordinary sword could ever pierce. Wielding a massive lava ax so hot no one else could ever carry it, he came here looking for a fight—and he found one.

Fire Eagle

Schleich Eldrador Creatures Fire Eagle is so majestic it makes regular eagles want to hide in shame. Or perhaps that’s just fear. Circling high above the battlefield on massive movable wings, he dives at the creatures of ice and grabs them with his claws before soaring away again into the sky.


Two heads, one mean and fiery disposition—Schleich Eldrador Creatures Hellhound is a ferocious beast, perfect for keeping guard at night. No member of the army of Ice can sneak past a Hellhound. Literal dogs of war, when two or more Hellhounds form a pack, no one is safe.

Fire Bull

A long time ago, a Lava Golem tried to ride a Fire Bull. It didn’t end well for the Golem. As mean-tempered as they come, this is one Schleich Monster you don’t want to mess with.

Lava Scorpion

No army is complete without its foot soldiers. Although usually, the Lava Scorpion likes to hide and lurk in dark places, for the sake of a good fight, they’re ready to come out and play. With long fiery pinchers and a stinging tail that injects lava instead of poison, this is one arachnid you don’t want to mess with.

Lava Dragon

There are a number of Dragons in Eldrador. Fearsome and proud, the Lava Dragon is the emperor of the fire kingdom—mostly because no one has been crazy enough to tell him otherwise. The most sought after Schleich Eldrador Creature in all the toy stores of Earth, this massive beast is the crowning glory of any army—and a must-have for anyone going up against the forces of ice!

Eldrador Ice World

Schleich Eldrador Creatures Ice World

They’ve ruled the surface of Eldrador all this time, freezing all who came too close to their territory. If the armies of Fire want to come up and fight, the forces of Ice are ready for them.

Ice Monster

With breath as cold as nitrous oxide, the ice monster can freeze his enemies and shatter them like glass. Brandishing a hammer of solid ice, this Schleich Monster is ready to go toe to toe with the Fire Golem.

Ice Spider

With a bite that will put you on ice, beware of the ice caves. This is where you'll find the dangerous ice spider. With eight eyes, the ice spider can keep an eye on multiple opponents and fight them all off at the same time.

Blizzard Bear

A breastplate of solid glacial ice and a magical ice pick that can trigger a violent ice storm, make the Blizzard Bear from Schleich Eldrador Creatures one formidable opponent. His favorite enemy to fight is the Fire Bull, which he easily grabs into a bearhug with his moveable arms, crushing the bull against his sharp icy breastplate and putting out his flames.

Snow Wolf

His coarse fur is as white of the snow that blows perpetually around him in a permanent storm. He is the eyes and ears of the Ice army, ready to attack the lava beasts from behind. Beware the snow wolf.

Ice Griffin

Few Schleich toys have the power to excite more than the Ice Griffin. Razor-sharp claws that cause freezer burn where they touch, a beak of ice for pecking at its opponents, and sharp ice feathers on its massive wings used for stabbing and slashing, this is one tough bird. The Fire army may have a Fire Eagle, but that doesn’t scare this Ice Griffin.

Ice Dragon

When the Fire army came up from below Eldrador, they thought bringing along a Lava Dragon would assure their victory. Little did they know, the Ice army had a dragon of their own, and this one’s heart is as cold as the tundra.

His wings have icy spikes good for stabbing, and his breath could freeze the sun. The Ice Dragon from Schleich Eldrador Creatures is the perfect opponent for the Lava Dragon. No other single beast in the Fire army could stand a chance against him.

Eldrador Stone World

Schleich Eldrador Creatures Stone World

The Schleich Eldrador Creatures line might not include many terrestrial beasts—at least not many that aren’t fire or ice toys—but what they do have is still impressive. These Schleich Monsters are wicked strong and out looking to battle!

Stone Skeleton

What’s more impressive than a monster you can’t hurt due to its lack of flesh? How about one that can turn you into stone with the flash of its enchanted emerald eyes! As though that weren’t bad enough, Schleich Eldrador Creatures Stone Skeleton can temporarily bring you back to life and force you to fight on his side.

Stone Monster

So huge that the ground trembles under his weight, Stone Monster may not be fast, but if he lands a hit, you’re a goner. Think he can’t possibly get you if you step behind him? Think again! Stone Monster can turn his upper body 360 degrees.

Step within his reach, and he’ll pound you to dust with the large crystal he uses as his weapon of choice. Stone Monster could easily destroy anything and everything in his path.

Alas, his one real weakness is the source of his greatest strength. If he tripped and fall, the war would end before he managed to get back on his feet.

Cave Bear

Not just your run of the mill bear, the Schleich Eldrador Creatures Cave Bear is a menace to every beast in Eldrador. With the strength he gains from the green crystals around his neck, he can fight in the snow, water, lava—or anywhere else in Eldrador.

Eldrador Water World

Schleich Eldrador Creatures Water World

The ocean may have been the cradle of all life on Earth, but in Eldrador, it’s the seat of destruction. When the beasts from the sea rise to fight Schleich toys from the Earth, the result can be devastating. They will water all the creatures to their doom.

Monster Octopus

A fierce fighter that would prefer to stay under the waves but won’t have an issue coming up on land if there’s a good fight to be had, this Monster Octopus is a real stealth fighter.

Underwater, he can blind his enemies with his Ink attack. On land, his strong tentacles and lightning reflexes make short work of any battle.

The only thing stopping his kind from taking over the whole world is that they hate the heat, can’t take the extreme cold, and the sun dries them out inside an hour.

Monster Fish

Because someone at Schleich Toys once said ‘Sharks aren’t scary enough, let’s make one with pinchers so there’s no way anyone could escape it,’ we proudly offer the Monster Fish for consideration in your ultimate Schleich Monster armada. This is way more than a fish! Its movable jaws are so strong it can crush stones. Although it moves like a fish out of water when it gets on land, it’s worth noting that it’s still able to move faster than a Stone Monster.

Sea Monster

Covered in poisonous spikes and with a mouth full of sharp poisonous teeth, the Sea Monster is a monster in every sense of the word. Although it prefers to stay in the water, the Sea Monster doesn’t shy away from coming on land if it sees someone or something it wants to attack. However, water is its essential element, and there is nothing more deadly in all the seas of Eldrador than the Sea Monster.

Battle Crab

With his weapon raised, this guy is ready to join the fight! In the sea or on land, a Battle Crab is a formidable foe. His biggest weakness—earthquakes. Rolled on his back, a Battle Crab is defenseless.

Armored Turtle

In a battle, Armored Turtle may pretend to be slow to throw off his attackers. Let them get in striking distance, and suddenly they’ll see this colossus is as fast as greased lightning. Like the Battle Crab, Schleich Eldrador Creatures Armored Turtle does not fair well during earthquake attacks.

Unlike the Battle Crab, he’s better at defending against them by pulling himself into his massive shell where it’s safe. His shell protects him from all but the most dedicated attackers, but it can take quite some time for him to work his way back to his feet.


As you can see, Schleich has carried the excitement and quality from their entire line to Eldrador.

No matter where in Eldrador your wars are taking place, there are plenty of fighting monsters for you to choose from. Collect them individually or fill your garrisons with many troops—either way, these Schleich Eldrador Creatures will keep your little one busy for hours.