Schleich Dragons

I fell in love with dragons when I was around six years old. Santa left me a two-headed red dragon for Christmas that year. I fell in love again as an adult when I spotted my first Schleich dragon.

I was looking through the Schleich booth at Toy Fair in New York, and that's when I spotted the dragons.

For some of us, “Painted wings and giant rings make way for other toys,” to quote the song by Peter, Paul, and Mary. For others, dragons live on in our hearts as a life-long obsession.

Maybe you are collecting dragons for your children. Perhaps you’re secretly collecting them for yourself. Either way, Schleich dragons are the most fantastic collection of dragons in the world.

These highly detailed, hand-painted beasts are the most magnificent figures you will ever add to a toy collection. The artists at Schleich put pain-staking work into even the smallest details. Let’s take a look at some of the Schleich dragons available at Maziply Toys right now.

The following Schleich dragons can be found in these awesome Schleich collections:

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Fun Fact: Did you know that a group of dragons is called a "flight"?

Schleich Dragons from Eldrador

The world of Eldrador has several dragons.

First on our list is the Schleich Eldrador Sea Monster. A sea monster? It is a sea wyvern! Look at the tiny little round scales on its upper body. Underneath its tail, it has larger plates like a snake. Along its neck and stomach, the scales have an almost leather quality.

You will find the Sea Monster covered in poisonous red-tipped spikes. Through millions of years of evolution, this wyvern’s wings have shortened. They became more adept at gliding through water. Its feet and even its tail are webbed with thick leather to help it swim.

The Schleich Eldrador Sea Monster’s wings rotate. Its lower jaw moves as well, exposing a mouth full of poisonous, razor-sharp teeth.

Next, we have the Schleich Eldrador Lava Dragon. This is a mean-looking beast! It makes its home deep in the fiery belly of Eldrador, in a place called Lava World. This Schleich dragon is made from the lava itself, and it glows red-hot. Where the air has cooled the lava, black plates of stone have formed an armor.

Look closer at the areas where the lava has not solidified yet. There you’ll notice the color isn’t just red, but different shades of red mixed with yellow. This is what gives it that realistic lava color.

The Lava Dragon looks like it would be hot to the touch. Its tongue is made of fire, and the spine is covered in long sharp spikes. The row of spines ends in a spiked tail that reminds me of a dinosaur. The leather of this dragon’s wings looks weathered and old. The wing spikes have striations like a natural horn.

As different from the Lava Dragon as night and day, the Schleich Eldrador Ice Dragon looks like an ice sculpture. You might swear it is as cold as it looks.

This Schleich dragon has flattened sheets of ice instead of leather on his wings! They start off a cool shade of blue and end in nearly clear points. The wings are also tipped in sharp icicles. There are icicles on its massive head as well.

The Ice Dragon has sharply jagged scales all over its body. Cold blue eyes complete the illusion. This beast could easily blend into any snowstorm or winter landscape.

Schleich Dragons from bayala

Not all dragons need to be fearsome monsters. Schleich bayala has more than just fairies and unicorns. They have some of the prettiest little fantasy dragons you have ever seen as well. These dragons are just as detailed as their counterparts from Eldrador. Unlike Eldrador’s dragons, the dragons from bayala are gentle and kind.

The pink dragon available in the Schleich bayala Dragon Island with Treasure Set has lovely glittery silver wings. Its highly detailed scales are softly rounded. Instead of sharp talons, it has rounded fingers on its hands.

She’s a perfect mother for the adorable baby dragon that comes along in the set. The little hatchling is rounded and cuddly. She has giant blue eyes full of wonder. The baby makes you wish you could snuggle up to it at night! Ah, for a pet baby dragon.

Lastly, we have the new Schleich Bayala Flower Dragon and Baby Figures. Their wings are made of fresh spring leaves and topped with pink flowers. They end in glittery green feathers. Pink flowers grow on their knees and elbows. Mother and daughter are crowned with sparkly leaves, and a single pink flower sits on their foreheads.


If you have found this interesting, be sure to read up more on Schleich Bayala and Schleich Eldrador!

Every dragon has its day. They are here for a short while before disappearing in a puff of magic smoke. More Schleich dragons will come to take their place on toy shop shelves—never their place in our hearts. They are limited in production, so be sure to collect them while you can! For your children, of course.