Schleich Farm Animals - Farm Life Done Right

Farms are brimming with life. New life is always just waiting on spring’s arrival. There is an energy in the air when Schleich farm animals are around. It is the excitement you don’t get anywhere else in the world.

This simple, idyllic version of life on the farm is the one your child craves. It is the one that draws them to Schleich farm animals. They want to see and feel everything. They want to imagine what that life would be like.

Farm animals are a part of the childhood experience that fosters a love of all things living. Let’s dive in and explore the world of Schleich farm animals in-depth.

Schleich Horses

The newest addition to the collection, Black Forest Mare, Stallion, and Foal, is considered nearly extinct. There are only 1200 or so of these small draft horses left in the whole world. Sadly, only 23 Black Forest horses live in America today. It is nice to know you can have a small family of them at your own little Schleich farm.

The Tinker Mare, Stallion, and Foal are more commonly known as Gypsy Vanner Horses here in America. These small draft horses were initially bred by real gypsies to pull their caravans. They are now used almost exclusively as show horses.

Another horse bred almost exclusively for showing is the Schleich Farm World Tennessee Walking Horse Mare, Gelding, and Foal. This All-American breed is known for its smooth gait and calm personality. Your horse family would be comfortable in the Schleich Farm World Horse Stable. However, they may feel more at home at the Schleich Horse Club Large Horse Stable with Mansion Set.

The Clydesdale Mare, Gelding, and Foal are working horses. They go great in any collection of Schleich farm animals. Clydesdale is one of the largest types of draft horses in the world. A new-born can stand three and a half feet or taller!

Pinto is a color combination, and it can appear in many different horse breeds around the world. Spanish settlers brought Pinto colored horses from Spain. Some of them escaped and bred with the wild Mustangs in the American Old West. The Schleich Farm World Pinto Mare, Stallion, and Foal make a great addition to any farm.

Speaking of Mustangs, Schleich Farm World Mustang Mare, Stallion, and Foal need no real introduction. There is not a child in America who does not know and love the Mustang breed. They have long been considered the spirit of America.

Did you know they were not always wild horses? The Mustang breed happened by accident. A lot of horses brought to America were released or lost during the early days before it became a nation. They bred with each other and eventually became a recognized breed.

The Schleich Farm World Pony Mare and Foal Play Set make an adorable addition to any farm. Remember, every child wants a pony of their own.

Schleich Cats

There are many Schleich farm animal mixed-breed cats. There’s an orange and white tabby and a gray and white tabby. You'll also find a tuxedo cat with his pretty black and white fur.

Schleich has now released an official Schleich Farm World American Shorthair Cat. This little guy is mostly white with black and orange patches. Of course, all the cats they have available in the Schleich farm animal line are American shorthair cats. It is just nice to have one with papers finally.

All these cats are happy on any farm in the Schleich Farm World line. They also love playing in the new Playtime for Cute Cats Set.

Schleich Birds

For birds, we have a silly white Goose. We have a little Rhode Island Red Hen and a Rooster. With the purchase of the Schleich Farm World Horse Stable, you get three small yellow chicks. These cute babies could just as easily belong to that Goose as they could to the Hen.

Schleich has an adorable little brown and white rabbit who thinks he is a hen every Easter. He would be at home in the new Rabbit and Guinea Pig Hutch.

Schleich Herds

Schleich Farm World has many different types of cows to go on your farm. First, there’s a Holstein Cow, Bull, and Calf. Holsteins are dairy cows. You will need this group on your dairy farm.

Next, you have the Simmental Bull, Cow, and her Calf. There is also the Braunvieh Cow. Both these cows are dual-purpose. That means they are used for meat as well as milk.

The Braunvieh Cow may be the first breed of domesticated cows in the world. They’re certainly the prettiest!

No Schleich farm animal cow herd could be complete without a Hereford Cow and Calf or the iconic Texas Longhorn Bull, Cow and Calf which you can also get as a Texas Longhorn Set. Like the Black Angus Bull and Calf, these cows are bred for beef.

This entire herd pairs nicely with a cowboy riding a Pinto, or the Team Roping with Cowboy Set. They would love to roam the plains today!

The Schleich Sheep and Lamb could easily get lost in a large herd of cattle. They may be safer staying put on the farm instead. Keep them close to the barn and leave a German Shephard to protect them.

Schleich Dogs

All farms need working dogs. You just can’t run a farm without them. Schleich Farm World offers an ever-growing variety of dogs to choose from.

You have the German Shephard and the Rhodesian Ridgeback - both large and strong dogs. There is both a Golden Retriever and a Labrador Retriever. Good news! The Labrador Retriever and the German Shephard both have puppies.

Don’t forget the little brown Dachshund. Every lap needs a dog like him.

With the Shiba Inu Mother and Puppy Play Set and the Puppy Pen Figure Set, you can have puppies for days!

Yes, life is great on a farm. All children instinctively know this to be true, and they all want to live out the fun parts of farm life in the comfort of their bedrooms. Schleich Farm World delivers that experience to children across the world, every day.