Schleich Dinosaurs

Schleich dinosaurs are some of the best recreations of our favorite prehistoric animals that are made today.

Schleich dinosaur toys are incredibly detailed, well made, and each one is hand painted. The process of how toys are made by Schleich is incredible. We also love that you can learn about your favorite dinosaurs while engaging in play at the same time.

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Top 10 Schleich Dinosaurs

We thought that it only made sense to put together a list of some of our favorite dinosaurs from Schleich. So let's get right to it, shall we?

1) Schleich Dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus Rex


Schleich Dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is our absolute favorite of all the Schleich dinos. We love it so much that we even have a giant 14-foot replica of it in our store.

Not only will you enjoy stunning features with the eyes and scales, but they really did some incredible work with the tongue and feet. This figure is absolutely incredible.

We love the vibrant colors that Scleich used as well. Although you can't buy the 14 foot king of Schleich dinosaurs, you can get the regular one whenever you want.

Fun Fact - Only seven T-Rex fossils have been found that are more than 50% complete.

2) Schleich Dinosaurs Brachiosaurus


Schleich Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Toy

I loved dinosaurs as a kid and this dinosaur figure really brings back some great memories. I remember when I was a kid, I loved reading and learning about dinosaurs and this is one of those classics that you always loved.

Schleich really does a great job with its stance and we really like how well they did the bridge of its head.

Fun Fact - The Brachiosaurus ate up to 880 pounds of plants every single day.

3) Schleich Dinosaurs Red T-Rex


Schleich Dinosaurs Red T-Rex Figure

We love the T-Rex, but don't forget about this special release that features the T-Rex in red! It's actually quite similar in detail to the regular T-Rex, but it's red. Did we mention it's red? This really is a figure that you need to see for yourself.

Fun Fact - It is now thought that the T-Rex had feathers.

4) Schleich Dinosaurs Pteranodon


Schleich Dinosaurs Pteranodon Toy Figure

The Pteranodon is another one of those classic dinosaurs that immediately come to mind when you think of what the world was like during prehistoric times. Check out the scar damage on the beak. These little details are what makes Schleich dinosaur toys stand out from others.

Fun fact: Did you know that the bony crest on the back of its head was there to balance the weight of its long beak?

5) Schleich Dinosaurs Small T-Rex and Velociraptor Set


Schleich Dinosaur Collectibles Set

So this is currently our only Schleich dinosaur set in the list. It has two of the most popular dinosaurs included in one box set. The T-Rex features an almost rainbow-like coloring and be sure to check out the claws on the velociraptor! This set is definitely a dinosaur set to consider for anyone that is starting a Schleich dinosaur collection.

Although, don't forget to check out another favorite Schleich Velociraptor.

Fun Fact - The Velociraptor could run up to 40 miles per hour.

6) Schleich Dinosaurs Utahraptor


Schleich Utahraptor Dinosaur Collectible Figurine

This feathered creature is beautiful. The Utahraptor features some awesome detail in the paint. We love the blue highlights on the face of this incredible Schleich dinosaur toy.

This is truly a unique piece. Definitely be sure to add this one to your collection.

Fun Fact - The Utahraptor was almost named after Steven Spielberg.

7) Schleich Dinosaurs Juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex


Schleich Dinosaurs Juvenile T-Rex Figure

What's scarier than a T-Rex? A Juvenile T-Rex. Why? These guys were more daring than their parents, making them that much more dangerous.

At about 10-12 years old, they were about half the size of their adult counter-parts. But that didn’t stop them from asserting their aggressive behavior.

Fun Fact - Approximately 60% of T-Rex dinosaurs died before they were a year old.

8) Schleich Dinosaur Dunkleosteus


Schleich Dunkleosteus Collectible Figure

I think this one made the list because I just love saying, "Dunkleosteus". This partially armored creature was a beast and a half! It fed on large sharks and even others of its kind. Need I say more?

We really like that Schleich decided to make the jaw articulated. It just really brings home what this sea creature was like.

Fun Fact - Dunkleosteus was the size of an elephant.

9) Schleich Dinosaur Therizinosaurus


Schleich Dinosaur Therizinosaurus

What's a Therizinosaurus? It's the Freddy Kreuger of dinosaurs. Seriously.

This thing looks like it was one nasty beast! If we ever discover time travel and I visit prehistoric times, remind me to avoid this guy.

This figure also features articulated arms to bring home just how dangerous those claws may have been. This feels more like an action figure than a dinosaur figure.

Fun Fact - Despite having the longest claws of any known animal, the Therizinosaurus was most likely a herbivore.

10) Schleich Dinosaurs Diabloceratops


Schleich Dinosaurs Diabloceratops Figure

To wrap up our top 10, we're going to go with the Diabloceratops. This one is sometimes overlooked by others, but it really is an awesome piece. The name means "Devil's Face". Definitely consider adding this herbivore to your Schleich dinosaur collection.

Fun Fact - The Diabloceratops wasn’t discovered until 2010.

Other Schleich 2020 Dinosaurs

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