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Schleich Bayala - Venture into the Seelie Court of Bayala

The Schleich Bayala Collection is based on more than just a flight of fancy. There is a rich history here. The artistry of the fine craftsmen at Schleich comes through in every piece, making each figure a small masterpiece.

Many different folklores surround the world of Faerie. None is more commonly known than the folklore of Scotland, where good faeries who are kind to humans are known as members of the Seelie Court. These Faeries were known to live under the many hilltops throughout Scotland.

The realm of Bayala is a relatively new discovery, and the exact location to the door that leads there is a closely guarded secret. Humans only stumbled on it in the last hundred years or so.

Many of us become obsessed with Bayala starting in 2007 when Schleich released their first Faerie figures. In 2008, Schleich officially named the collection Schleich Bayala., after this enchanting and endearing place. It has quickly gone on to become a favorite land of children the world over.

The Seelie Court of Bayala includes a multitude of fantasy creatures. Elves and sprites, fairy dragons, merpeople—and yes, even unicorns and Pegasus! There are many enchanted beings to discover there. Bayala is a world of magic and adventure, where anything you dream can become a reality.

The History of Bayala

Humans have traveled into Bayala on numerous occasions. In 2008, the Faerie expert Gecko Keck went to Bayala. He brought back fantastic tales and astounding pictures. These were turned into the first story about Bayala, entitled "Bayala, The Daughters of the Elf King."

In 2019, an intrepid production crew ventured into Bayala to further explore the world of the Faerie folk. The movie they produced was entitled "Bayala—A Magical Adventure," and is a must-see for anyone who wants to learn more about the Faerie realm.

Once a year, Schleich sends their artists to study the Faerie folk and create drawings of all the creatures they see there. As a result, many beautiful toys have come out of the Schleich Bayala collection. If you would like to see exactly how Schleich produces toys filled with so much wonder, check out our post on the creative process here.

Let's dig a little deeper into this world of wonder. We start this adventure by visiting some of the magical toys you can find nestled away here on the Maziply website.

Schleich Bayala Playsets

Schleich Bayala Playsets

These sets are highly detailed and ornate. Modeled directly off scenes the artists at Schleich witnessed in the land of Bayala, they are perfect for any collector—child or adult—who wants to enjoy the Faerie world for themselves but who cannot travel there on their own.

This first set is the Schleich Bayala Flower House with Unicorns, Lake, and Stable. The lovely golden-haired unicorn mare and foal are exclusive to this playset. It is also the only way to collect the included fairy princess.

There is a magical crystal waterfall slide that leads down to a clear blue pond. With this whimsical set, you also get over 50 tiny, magical parts—and unlimited playtime! It is easy to get lost in the world this playset brings to life.

In a little meadow, not far from the Flower House, the Schleich Bayala Flower Dragon and Baby wait to be discovered. This pair of purple dragons with tiny flower details love playing with their fairy friends.

Schleich Bayala Sera's Magical Flower Boat Set is everything young dreams are made of. The boat is named Meamare, and fairies crafted it out of giant Lotus leaves and pink flower petals. A young fairy maiden pilots the ship. She brought along her best friends, a young purple-haired unicorn and a flying kitten!

The three of them set off on an adventure across the Sea of Dreams. For those not entirely familiar with the lore of Bayala, no one has ever crossed that sea to witness the lands on the other side.

As they journeyed across the vast Sea of Dreams, the young fairy and her friends came across Dragon Island! This enchanting island is small but full of wonder and magic. A giant pink dragon made her home here so she could raise her roly-poly baby dragon in peace.

They sleep in a hammock strung between two palm trees. They keep their treasure box full of gems hidden away here. A baby dolphin plays in the crystal-clear cove. The three were playing together when the Meamare came floating by. Will they go with the fairy and her friends, and find new lands to explore?

Faeries and Steeds

Most people do not know this, but Faeries love to ride magical steeds. They enjoy flying through the clouds on the back of a Pegasus or a winged unicorn. They can be found riding a unicorn through a forest of giant flowers. Sometimes, they can even be spotted riding under the sea itself, along the white sand of the seafloor.

The Isabelle Set comes with the mermaid, Isabelle, and her purple sea-unicorn. Isabelle wields a mighty scepter topped with a pink seashell. Artfully crafted with attention to detail, the pair gracefully swim among the seagrass and flowers under the Sea of Dreams.

Isabelle's best friend Gabriella chose to ride a classic white mare with a sea-foam mane and tail. The lovely little silver saddle and saddle blanket she picked out perfectly compliment the vibrant blue of her tail.

Meanwhile, on dry land, Sera rides her Blossom Unicorn through a forest of purple and pink Begonias, beside her best friends Eyela and Marween. Marween's Glitter Unicorn is so sparkly it is hard to miss her, even between the flower stems. Eyela's Princess Unicorn is striking with her pink and blue mane and tail, but among the flowers, her magic allows her to blend in and disappear.

Soaring far away above the clouds, Feya and Surah race the wind. Surah chose to ride the back of her favorite Glitter Pegasus today. Feya chose her Pegasus Unicorn. Which of these two friends will beat the wind—and each other?


The Pegasus is an ancient creature. The Pegasus of Earth had the body of a horse and the feathered wings of a giant bird. That Pegasus has long since disappeared. Fortunately for all of us, there are Pegasus' to be found in Bayala. The Pegasus' there are even more enchanting than anything ever seen on Earth!

A great example of that enchantment is this Schleich Bayala Flower Pegasus. It was only recently discovered and added to the Schleich Bayala collection.

The sparkling green mane and tail of this creature are studded with tiny flowers. The massive pink wings are made up of both pink feathers and a multitude of flowers. There are even small purple flowers growing along the bottoms of her feet near her sparkling purple hooves.

Normally, the Schleich Bayala Pegasus is a rare sight to behold. This mature Pegasus mare lives at the top of Mt. Hoher Platz with the other Pegasus. The thick clouds there make it hard to spot her with her silvery wings.

However, she's currently living among the bluebells with her new baby foal. They will live there together until the foal can fly well enough to return to their mountain home.

With sun, moon, and stars on her tiny hindquarters, the Schleich Bayala Pegasus Foal looks so much like her mommy! She even has her coloring—the same long silver mane and tail with glitter accents. She keeps her white and silver wings stretched out so she can fly at a moment's notice. Of course, being just a foal, she is not anywhere near as graceful in the air as her mommy is.

Few have seen the Star Pegasus Mare. This is because she prefers to only come outside at night. That is when she enjoys flying around, under the stars. She is a streak of night-time purple across a dark black sky. During the day, she usually sleeps atop a comfortable rain cloud.

The Schleich Bayala Decorated Pegasus Stallion is a truly majestic creature. His enormous crystal blue wings carry him high into the sky. With streaks of glitter in his dark brown mane and tail, he strikes a pose and waits for the return of his lady fair. She told him to wait for her on under the shade of the giant Lotus blossoms. What surprises does she have in store?

Unicorn Pegasus

What happens when you have a lovely little unicorn mare and a Pegasus stallion? Sometimes, you get an even more magical creature. A winged unicorn! These beautiful creatures are the stuff of dreams.

She was only just born, but the Schleich Decorated Unicorn Pegasus Foal already has her mommy's coloring and her daddy's enormous crystal blue wings!

A unicorn Pegasus foal is such a rare creature that Faeries came from all over Bayala to welcome her into the world. The fairy queen even placed a ring of enchanted flowers around her neck as a royal gift. Just wait until her father finally sees her. Won't he be surprised?

A Winged Rainbow Unicorn and her little foal flew down from the mist-shrouded mountains to welcome the new addition. A vast rainbow spread from the rainbow tips of the unicorn mare's wings as she flew.

The foal is still too young to cast a rainbow out as far as her mommy. The rainbows that spread from her wing tips were only a few feet wide, but they were still perfect rainbows. Together, they filled the whole sky with their magical welcome.


Legend says that only the pure of heart can ride a unicorn. The child in your life will be delighted to discover their purity and innocence is all they need to capture a unicorn of their very own.

Schleich Bayala Decorated Unicorn Mare is a lovely shade of pink. She has been getting ready to return to her mate, the Decorated Pegasus Stallion, and introduce him to their new foal!

Her Faerie friends have crowned her head with flowers and precious jewels. They even placed ribbons and pearls on the top of her long tail and a string of pearls around her neck!

Some new best friends are already waiting to play with the new foal. The Schleich Bayala Flower Unicorn Foal has a mane and tail made entirely of leaves and flowers. The Schleich Shooting Star Unicorn Foal is the color of darkness itself, with a tiny copper horn. They have been waiting so long for someone new to play with them!

A whole family of rainbow unicorns came down to celebrate the birth of the newest unicorn Pegasus with their good friend, the Decorated Unicorn Mare. Schleich Bayala Rainbow Unicorn Stallion, Mare, and Foal are all classic white unicorns with a few magical twists.

Instead of typical white horns and hooves, theirs are all made of gold! The tips of their manes and tails are rainbow-colored and streaked with silver glitter. They each have a gem-encrusted rainbow on their hindquarters. The Faerie queen loves this unicorn family so much, she placed these magical symbols on them herself. She will be delighted to see them all at the celebration tonight!

The Schleich Sea Unicorn Stallion, mare, and foal were so excited when they heard the news and the new unicorn Pegasus. They came up out of the depths of the Sea of Dreams just to see her.

If you are fortunate, you may catch a glimpse of the Moon Unicorn Stallion. His glittery black mane and tail and rich purple-black hide enable him to blend in with the shadows of night. Only the enchanted glow of his silver horn gives him away. He rarely goes out during the day, but the party is tonight. Will he make it there in time to join the fun?

Schleich Bayala Movie Figures

For those who are obsessed with all things Bayala… For those who want to research the land of Faerie in the hopes of reaching it one day…. For those who simply need to see the see this fantastical new world…. In 2019, Schleich released its long-awaited cartoon, "Bayala—A Magical Adventure."

Of course, they knew everyone would want to play along with the movie. To make that easier, they released a whole new series of Bayala toys this year! Play along with the antics of Marween, Nugur, and Piuh. Meet the golden-haired Faya.

Discover Sera and Jaro, with his pretty bluebird wings, as well as Eyela with her little Unicorn Ice Sculpture. Did she carve that with magic or by hand? Will it come to life now? You will have to watch the movie to find out for sure.

Nuray and her Raven Munyn, along with Surah and her Parrot Kuack are waiting to meet you. They wish to guide you through the magical land of Bayala. Follow them and all their friends and have the adventure of a lifetime.


With the Schleich Bayala collection of toys, anything at all is possible. From magical flying beasts to peaceful and loving Faerie folk, this collection truly has everything your child needs to wake their imagination and set it soaring.

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