Schleich barns played with children.

Schleich barns are incredible playsets that excite the imagination.

What is it about farm life that entrances our youth? Why are children so excited when they visit? Farm life is hard work, but it is also a return to simpler days and a more wholesome lifestyle.

Schleich Farm World captures that idyllic sense of the past and combines it with all the features modern-day farmers are more familiar with. Best of all, they do it with an attention to detail you just won’t find anywhere else.

The fun Schleich barns we are about to talk about will be found in the Farm World and Horse Club lines.

Schleich Horse Stable

Farm World | 99.99

This horse stable is chock full of accessories. This Schleich barn is sure to please the young collector. The set includes a farmer and his wife, two magnificent draft horses with their stalls that YOU get to personalize, a hay shoot and a small exterior pen.

The hayloft is the perfect place for the small black and white kitten to hide while he hunts the mouse he saw scamper out of its hole—but don’t let him too close to the three ducklings or there may be trouble.

Schleich Large Farmhouse Play Set

Farm World | 99.99

This Schleich barn set is a true centerpiece, perfect for collecting and housing the variety of animals needed for a working farm.

Of course, the set comes with a pair of farmers and seven animals, but it’s the accessories and the building itself that makes this such a masterpiece.

There’s a sink, a wood-burning stove, a bed with a mattress and blanket, even a farmhouse style table and bench. There are plates and cups, and apples and carrots for when those hungry animals deserve a good treat. There’s even a window box complete with small blue flowers.

And yes, a small mouse is living in this house as well. What are the chances the family hasn’t noticed him yet?

Schleich Stable with Horses and Accessories

Farm World | 99.99

There’s plenty of room in this Schleich stable, with individual paddocks for the lovely Mustang mare and foal that come along with the set. You’ll also find horse tack that includes not just the saddle and bridle, but the blanket as well. This Schleich barn isn’t messing around.

A lovely young lady works at the stables, putting the mare through her rounds in the covered pen out back. Later on, she might use the hay fork to throw hay into the feed boxes or give the horses an apple as a treat.

Of course, raising farm animals is not for everyone. Some children, like adults, prefer to focus on just raising horses instead. Maybe they already have a favorite horse or two. Maybe they’re just starting out with collecting.

Either way, Schleich has them covered with their playsets.

Schleich Large Horse Stable with Mansion

Horse Club | 129.99

It’s difficult to take in the amount of detail Schleich put into creating this stable and mansion set, but kids can dream big with it!

Here you have a pair of horses, you have three people—you even have some kittens!

The inside of the mansion is all decked out with accessories and there’s even a sink and toilet inside. The shower has a soap holder! There are family photos on the walls, there’s a fancy fireplace, a vase for the coffee table, and the water hose they included for bathing your horses has a spray nozzle on it.

The Schleich barn stable is pretty amazing too.

Schleich Riding Center with Rider and Horses

Horse Club | 99.99

Geared more toward the child that has a love of pretty pink trims and accessories, this Schleich riding center set includes a lovely white Arabian mare and foal as well as a young female rider.

There are tiny pink and purple flowers in the window boxes and skylights in the roof to brighten things up inside. Lots of cleaning gear and horse tack is included.

Best of all, there’s room to add more horses—perhaps a new Arabian stallion to complete the family, or an American Shorthair Cat to keep the mice out of the horse feed.

As you can see, there are some great Schleich barns to play with!