Schleich Dogs Top 10 List

A Schleich dog toy will make a great present for your family’s dog lover - even if it’s you!

Really, where would we be without man’s best friend? Dogs have been around since our ancestors huddled in the caves by the fire, and they still do more for us than we even notice. Surely you have heard the famous story about little Timmy trapped in the well?

Maziply Toys is the official Schleich Flagship Store in the United States, and you can count on us when you need to find your perfect furry friend. Be sure to ask us how we can get you free shipping! We also offer gift cards because sometimes picking the best toy is hard. (And we totally understand – there’s a reason we didn’t number this Top 10 List!)

You can find most of our Schleich Dogs in the Schleich Farm World collection. Oh, and you might find your new friends in Schleich Wild Life section or even among Schleich Eldrador Creatures. To help you navigate our store we will include dog toys from all of these collections - adorable, occasionally a little wild, and quite a bit fantastic!

Are you ready to meet your new charming pet?

Golden Retriever Puppy

Farm World | 3.99

If you ever had a Golden Retriever you know why they are great – very friendly and playful, and even more so as a puppy! This little guy is perfect for your or your child’s collection! (By the way: if you look close you can see each of his hairs, meticulously brought to life with Schleich’s top-quality toymaking process!)

This puppy’s tail is always in mid-wag, so you know he is always happy to see you. Just look into this guy’s little eyes and you know you’ve found a friend for life.

Learn more about this Schleich Golden Retriever Puppy!

Dalmatian Puppy

Farm World | 3.99

With this little guy your child can have a Dalmatian dog they’ve always wanted, but without the mess. Maybe they can even have all one hundred and one of Schleich Dalmatian toy dogs!

Each of this little guy’s spots are hand-painted, and with his raised paw he’s always ready to play! He has adorable big brown eyes and a big love for life – adopt him and make him happy forever!

Learn more about this Schleich Dalmatian Puppy!

Border Collie

Farm World | 5.99

Little Timmy might be stuck in a well, but don’t fear – this isn’t the Lassie show. This Border Collie is here, just in the nick of time!

She’s always alert and ready for any dangerous adventure. It must be tiring – look at how she’s panting! This energetic Schleich Dog is the perfect companion at home or on the go!

Learn more about this Schleich Border Collie!

German Shepherd

Farm World | 5.99

German Shepherds are excellent assistants. They save lives as members of a police force and help people live theirs as Seeing-Eye or guide dogs.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t like to have some fun as well! Just look at this guy. His ears might be on alert, but his tail is down and relaxed; his stuck-out tongue is getting rid of extra heat on a lazy warm afternoon. What exactly is he looking at – a new owner, perhaps?

Learn more about this Schleich German Shepherd!

Female Labrador Retriever

Farm World | 5.99

Labrador Retrievers are the most popular breed of dog in the English-speaking world, and it’s no surprise why!

This female doggie comes with a playful expression, and is just looking for an excuse to play. Not only is her fur detailed and lifelike – like all Schleich Dogs and Schleich figurines – but even her nose seems to be breathing!

Learn more about this Schleich Labrador Retriever!

Shiba Inu Mother and Her Puppy

Farm World | 9.99

You might adopt some other Schleich Dogs, like the Dalmatian or Golden Retriever, by themselves, but this little puppy loves his mother too much!

These two are an amazing deal, a set that comes with two delightful miniature Schleich Dogs, but also a toy bone and a place for your new puppy to sleep! You can see the happiness on the mother’s face while the smart puppy quickly learns everything it's taught!

Learn more about this Schleich Shiba Inu Mother and Puppy!


Farm World | 5.29

Don’t worry - he might look like a wolf, but he’s just as tame and friendly as any other Schleich Dog you’ve met so far!

This Husky steps his one foot forward with purpose. So concentrated… he might be playing fetch? But if he is, he might have picked the worst weather for it: there’s snow all over him!

Learn more about this Schleich Husky!


Wild Life | 5.29

Just because that sweet Husky is domesticated doesn’t mean you can’t get in touch with your wild side!

Look at how this girl is baring her teeth – is she guarding her young, or has she cornered a meal? Her lifelike coat transitions from white paws to a black back, and her realistic stance breathes life into her toy body. This can be the perfect jumping-off point to learn about wolves for your child – or the perfect gift for someone who already knows quite a bit about them!

Learn more about this Schleich Wolf!


Eldrador | 5.29

Schleich toy dogs are known for their realism, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a little fantasy every once in a while. It can even be a little educational!

This Schleich Hellhound is reminiscent of Cerebus, Hades’ faithful guard hound in Greek mythology. This Schleich Dog is also a bit like Orthrus, the two-headed herding dog Hercules slew as part of his tenth labor. Isn’t it just absolutely charming?

Learn more about this Schleich Hellhound!

Western Riding Animal Figure Play Set

Farm World | 24.99

Okay, okay, we might be cheating a little bit here. But if you’re a fan of Schleich’s realistic animal figures, this set is an absolute steal.

Not only can you get a mother (or an elder brother?) for your Schleich Dogs Golden Retriever Puppy, but you also get a trained Schleich Horse! Its mane is ruffled by a gust of wind, its hooves eager to set off! You will also get a cute calf for your Schleich Cows collection, and, to top it all off, you will get a determined cowgirl for your Schleich Farm World life or Schleich Horse Club ranch!

Learn more about this Schleich Western Rising Animal Figure Play Set!

More Exciting Schleich Animals!

Maziply Toys store can offer you many, many more Schleich toys! Did you check out our top ten favorite horse sets list yet? What about our dinosaurs? And you should definitely learn how our Schleich products can inspire learning and awaken imagination in your family!

So which Schleich dogs do you like best?