2020 Schleich Animals

There’s a reason Schleich has managed to build such a great reputation for toys. All Schleich Animals in their Wild Life, Farm World, and Dinosaur collections are realistically rendered and painstakingly detailed. This is a result of Schleich's creation process.

Schleich has become the perfect way to introduce your child to all kinds of creatures they might never see otherwise. Schleich 2020 is no exception to the rule with a great new variety of Schleich toys. They are sure to excite even the most discerning young collector. So let's dig right into the Schleich 2020 animal collection, shall we?

Wild Life Collection

Many of the new Schleich Animals in the Wild Life Collection will be familiar to adult toy buyers and children. From the sea, we have a Baby Orca (or Killer Whale as they’re sometimes called). We also have a Hammerhead Shark. Did you know that most types of hammerhead shark are also on the endangered species list?

On the land, there’s a baby Hippopotamus to go along with your African continent collection. There is also the Snow Leopard to add to Asia. The new Reindeer will fit comfortably in either North America or Russia, as their typical range spans both continents. The Giant Tortoise, while native to many of the islands in the Galapagos, will still be happy in your favorite zoo setting.

The 2020 Schleich Animal collection sees an addition to the Wild Life Collection that you may not recognize at first glance.

First, there’s the Red Panda. It lives in southwestern China and the eastern Himalayas. The Red Panda is related to both the giant panda and the raccoon. They are very clever and are considered good luck.

The Wombat, an Australia native, may look like a giant guinea pig, but it’s a marsupial. While they can’t climb trees like a koala, their closest relative, they’re good swimmers.

Lastly, we have the Dromedary. Found native in Arabia, the Dromedary is a camel with a single hump on its back. Prized for its size and speed, it is the camel most often seen in camel racing.

Farm World Collection

No Schleich Animal collection could be complete without our North American farm animals! On the working pet side, we have a Rhodesian Ridgeback and an English Cocker Spaniel.

Some of us may know that the Rhodesian Ridgeback was bred to hunt large game, like lions. But it might surprise you to know the Cocker Spaniel was bred for hunting as well. What can you hunt with an English Cocker Spaniel? Woodcock.

There’s an American Shorthair Cat, which will go purrrfectly with the new Playtime for Cute Cats playset. The American Shorthair Cat bred itself when a variety of cats from around the world were introduced to the New World.

Other Schleich animals introduced are the new Rabbit and Guinea Pig Hutch for raising your smaller farm friends.

The Black Forest Stallion, Black Forest Mare, and their little Black Forest Foal are all looking for a new stable to call home. 

Of course, no farm in America could be complete without a Turkey to wander about. This new one could just as easily make his home in the wilds as well.

Meanwhile, in Prehistory…

It may surprise some to know that the Schleich Animal collection includes a variety of long-extinct animals too. The Dinosaurs Collection is special in that some imagination was required to figure out how these lost beasts might have looked. No one does that better than the wonderful artists at Schleich!

Dinosaur enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to in 2020 - primarily from the Cretaceous Period of prehistory. The latest collection includes some rare finds from around the world. You’ll also find classics every boy in the ‘80’s played with.

The Postosuchus, or ‘Crocodile from Post,’ was a North American native more closely related to crocodiles than it was to dinosaurs.

Cryolophosaurus was found in Antarctica during the Jurassic Period and is the only known example of its species.

The only sample of the Agustinia was found in South America. It originated in the Early Cretaceous Period - a truly rare find!

Baryonyx was a meat-eating species of the Early Cretaceous Period, first discovered in England.

The Ankylosaurus was an armored dinosaur, it’s likeness often found in young boys’ rooms. It lived in North America to the very end of the Cretaceous Period, around 68 million years ago.


Start the new year off right and add these great new figures to your kids’ (or your own) collection. And don’t forget to stop by the store and grab the retiring Schleich animals you missed. We have a massive collection of Schleich animals for sale

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