Schleich 2018 - Flashback on Toys!

2018 was a magical year at Schleich. Schleich 2018 saw the release of some truly amazing dinosaurs and horses. We got several new playsets and accessories and plenty of new wild animal friends. Let's dig into some awesome new Schleich toys!

As we jump in, don't forget to check out our huge selection of Schleich toys.

Schleich Dinosaurs

Did I say these Schleich dinosaurs were amazing? I meant they were fantastic! Let’s start with the Dino Set with Cave. This playset had a Herrerasaurus, a Psittacosaurus, and a small feathered Microraptor. The Microraptor’s coloring makes him look like a long-long bald eagle cousin. Although he was not included with the set, the tiger-like Dinogorgon looks like he belongs in that cave.

Schleich 2018 included the Oviraptor. Although it was heavily feathered, archaeologists believe the feathers were just for show. The Oviraptor did not have wings and could not fly. The Pteranodon, on the other hand, could! Gliding on wings that spanned over 22 feet across, this beast was a terror to anyone below.

Throw in the T. Rex, Therizinosaurus, the Tawa and the others, and you would have had all the dinosaurs you needed to create the lost world in detail.

Schleich Wild Life

When it came to the Wild Life collection, Schleich 2018 was a wonderful year. There were some super fun playsets and accessories to choose from. There was the Trap with Ranger with its Jaguar and Ranger David. There was the Panda Enclosure—which turned out to be the perfect way to catch a young panda bear of our own.

They also gave us the Off-Roader with Winch which would have been fun even without any of the accessories that came with it. How can you beat a cool jeep that comes with a Chimpanzee? This set was perfect for use hunting down and tagging the Zebra Female and Zebra Foal. It even helped us catch the Indian Rhinoceros we were after.

Knowing that some of us were only just starting our collections, Schleich released the Assorted Wildlife Set. This set included some adorable babies! There was a baby elephant, cheetah, and a baby giraffe. They also included an animal you don’t see very often—a Giant pangolin!

You might think this prehistoric-looking creature belongs in the Dinosaur section. Trust us. It’s actually a type of anteater found only in Africa.

From the sea, Schleich brought us a Blue Whale, a Dolphin, a Killer Whale, and a Great White Shark. We even got a Seal and a Seal Cub.

Schleich Farm World

The Farm World collection got a lot bigger in 2018. Some of our favorite playsets included Sarah’s Baby Animals, with its little white puppy, Quarter Horse Mare, and Foal.

The Rabbit Hutch came with three cute little rabbits and plenty of cages to keep them safe inside. The Chicken Coop Set had a Hen, a Rooster, and three tiny little Chicks. Both sets looked great paired with our Large Farm House.

There were some great new herd animals released in 2018, and the Western Riding Set went perfect with them. It had a cowgirl riding tall in the saddle. Her loyal Golden Retriever was there to help her round up the little Black Angus Calf.

The Birthday Picnic Set was super fun to play with. It came with two hedgehogs, a kitten, and plenty of food to eat. The little girl, Sarah, enjoyed sharing with the Mini Pig and Piglets.

However, our favorite new Farm World playset was the Adventure Tree House! There’s just something about having a treehouse with a rope ladder, a tire swing, and a slide.

This set brings out the child in all of us, even looking at it. The little puppy, hedgehog, squirrel and blue bird just made the whole thing that much more magical.

Schleich Horse Club

Finally, we come to the Horse Club. Hannah’s First Aid Kit, Horse Stall with Horses, and Mobile Vet were the only playsets Schleich released for the Horse Club in 2018, but they were more than enough to keep all the kids busy!

The Horse Stall with Horses came with an unbelievable number of fun accessories. There was also a Pintabian foal and Mare and a nice lady that was happy to take care of them.

We got an Icelandic Horse Mare and Foal to take care of using Hannah’s First Aid Kit. The set came with a first-aid kit, a syringe, a bandage, and a stethoscope. Of course, no first aid could be complete without treats, so Schleich included some apples for the patients too.

The Mobile Vet was without a doubt the best playset out of Schleich 2018. This set included a lot of great stuff! There was a large white van and a vet to take care of the animals. The little chocolate Hanoverian foal stands ready for its treatment, keeping an eye on the green apple that awaits her as a reward.

Of course, the set also comes with a medical bag, stethoscope, syringe, a purple bandage, and a medicine bottle. What’s really neat about it, however, is that there is also a laptop so the vet can handle her paperwork and an X-ray machine!


The entire Schleich 2018 collection was a great one I am sure we all enjoyed. It excited and thrilled us. It made us smile. Still, at the end of the year, all we could think about was what wonderful new toys would be coming our way in 2018!