Schleich 2015 - Flashback on Toys

2015 was an excellent year for us. 2015 was the year we built the first brick and mortar Maziply. The year we brought the most amazing (if we do say so ourselves!) toy store to the Kingston, MA area!

2015 was an excellent year for Schleich toys too and saw the introduction of many felines and canines. This was true not only of the Farm World collection but the Wild Life collection as well.

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Schleich Farm World

Let's start with Schleich Farm World, shall we? Similarly named but visually different from each other, the Cat Standing and the Cat Sitting names these two cuddly felines were given don’t do them any justice. The Cat Sitting is a gray and white tabby with bright golden eyes and a happy look on her whiskered little face.

Meanwhile, the Cat Standing is a whole different story. This is a gold-eyed black and white cat. This color combination is more commonly known as a tuxedo cat. She has a funny, confused look on her face like someone just gave what she thought was her dinner to the dog instead.

Poor little kitty cats. Maybe they were both feeling a little left out. There were several frisky dogs released in Schleich 2015, and perhaps the farmer just paid them a bit more attention than he did the cats?

There was a handsome German Shepard, looking over his shoulder. A German Shepard Puppy, pink tongue hanging out of its smiling mouth and one ear flopped over, bound up to the adult. They made an adorable pair.

There was also a pretty Husky in the Schleich 2015 collection. She had those classic husky features you look for in her breed. Crystal blue eyes, a thick and long white and black coat, and energy you can almost feel when you looked at her.

You also had the chance to grab a prize-winning Pig and her little Piglet too! They looked hungry, so hopefully, you had plenty of apples to feed them. I would have to say that piglet is some pig. He’s terrific. He’s down-right radiant. I bet he’s humble, too!

To top off your collection, there was also a cute little Donkey. She had her great big ears up in the air, listening out for the barking of that little German Shepard Puppy. She loved playing with him all day.

Schleich Wild Life

There were some stand-out toys in the Wild Life collection. It was love at first sight when we spotted the Playful Panda Cub. He sat on his little round bottom, paw in the air, with a look on his face that said, “Cuddle me!”

There was a fearsome Wolf. He looked like he could be mean, but I bet he just wanted something to eat. There was an orange Tiger and her little Tiger Cub in the collection, as well as a lovely White Tiger.

Fun Fact—Did you know white tigers only exist in captivity? The last known white tiger was shot in 1958.

Perhaps one of the most frighteningly realistic figures we have seen in a long time was the Diamondback Rattle Snake! This snake was coiled and caught mid-strike, trying to bite someone in the ankle!

The Alligator from the Schleich 2015 collection gave us a bit of a scare. This was an enormous beast, legs spread for walking up on land. If I had to bet, I would bet that’s a good 14-foot ‘gator.

Another great reptile we discovered that year was the Crocodile. Like all reptiles, alligators and crocodiles are cold-blooded. This means they cannot warm their blood the way a mammal can. They are only found in places where the weather is usually warm.

Alligators are found all over the southern United States, but crocodiles are not. At least not naturally.

The Arctic Wolf would not have been impressed with the Alligator or the Crocodile. He looked ready to run away at a moment’s notice.

A Hyena and a roaring Lion fought each other while the Crocodile watched from the safety of the riverbed. The Lion looks so fierce. You can almost hear him roar.

Fun Fact—Did you know a lion’s roar can be heard up to five miles away? That’s almost as far as you could hear my father yell!

Schleich Dinosaurs

The most colorful figure released in Schleich 2015 had to be the Anhanguera! This bird-like beast, with a beak full of sharp teeth, ruled the skies of the Early Cretaceous Period. Even though it lived in the time of the dinosaurs, the Anhanguera was not a dinosaur. It was a pterosaur, a type of flying reptile.

The Giganotosaurus was a massive beast. It had a six-foot-long head and had 80 teeth! Meeting up with a monster like that would have made for a bad day for the poor Kentrosaurus. He was covered with spikes and low to the ground, so many have could escape.

Maybe the Spinosaurus would spot the two of them and come over the fight the Giganotosaurus? Not that he was trying to save the life of the poor Kentrosaurus. That does not mean that the little guy could not take advantage and run away while the large predators fought.


We end our Flashback series here; at the year it all truly began for your friends here at Maziply Toys. From 2015 to today, the years have flown by and our collection has grown. We hope your collections have grown as well. Now, follow us back through the future—there are so many more toys to play with!