Schleich 2019

Time moves so fast in our modern lives. It can be challenging to keep up with all the great new Schleich toys that come out each year. Today, we are going to look back at Schleich 2019. There were a lot of great releases, so let’s jump in for a closer look.

As we start, don't forget that we carry a massive selection of Schleich animals.

Schleich 2019 Farm World

Life on the farm always means lots of adorable baby animals. That may be the main reason some of us love it so much. One of the best things to come out of Schleich 2019 was the Assorted Farm Animals Set.

With this Schleich Farm World set, you got a Fleckvieh calf and a Mustang foal! There was also a Border Collie to help keep the babies safe and a silly Goose to greet them while they played. A Cat came along, but only so it could sit in a sunny spot and ignore everything.

There was a funny-looking Black Angus Bull and his pudgy little Calf. The small Texas Longhorn Calf came along in 2019 to live with the Texas Longhorn Cow and Bull and create a complete set. A cute little Lamb and his mommy, the Sheep, were also introduced to the Farm World.

We got a few new horses to go along with a fantastically detailed Horse Stable. We even got two brand new dogs—Dachshund and a Miniature Schnauzer! Schleich knows every child loves to have a little dog, or two, to play with.

Schleich 2019 Wild Life

The Wild Life Schleich animal figures have always been amazing, but Schleich 2019 saw some great ones come out. In the spirit of spring, we got a lot of new baby animals to play with.

That year we were introduced to the Grizzly Bear Mother with Cub. They were adorable by themselves, but then Schleich went the extra mile and included two tiny fish for them to eat!

We also got a new Mother Wolf with Pups. They snuggle up to her in the den and wait while their father, a snarling Wolf, stands outside, warning away an intruder.

To round out the families with new babies, we had a White-Tailed Doe, a Buck, and a tiny little Fawn. The five-point Buck is majestic. The Doe is nervous and light on her feet. The Fawn looks at the world with eyes full of wonder.

Schleich 2019 Horse Club

Schleich 2019 saw the release of a lot of new horses. Many of those horses came with riders and tack. Some came by themselves. The most impressive thing about Horse Club that year was the number of new playsets.

First, we had the Visiting Vet Set. This set included a Quarter Horse Mare and her new Foal. There was also a tiny Piglet. The Veterinarian came to the farm, ready to help. She brought her bag, stethoscope, bandages, and a bottle to feed the new Foal. The set also had a bucket for water and a pile of apples to feed the Mare and Piglet while the Vet looked after them.

It was hard to top a set like that, but Schleich 2019 did it. They did it by releasing the Puppy Pen.

With that set, you got a collection of little blankets and dog houses—even a small teddy bear for the puppies to play with. More importantly, you got puppies! Three adorable little puppies to play with. There was a Maltipoo, a Chihuahua, and a Labrador Retriever puppy. They all seemed so happy to go home with you to play finally.

Schleich 2019 also brought us plenty of training opportunities for the horses in our collection. Pony Agility Race, Pony Curtain Obstacle, Pony slalom, and the Pony Agility Training Set. After all that herd work, you could sit down and relax a spell at the Rider Café or go home to your Large House and Stable.

Schleich 2019 Dinosaurs

Few things in life have the power to amaze and fill the mind with wonder the way a dinosaur can. Maybe second to that would be Schleich Dinosaurs. What child has not dreamed of sitting on the back of a Diablocetatops while it moves slowly through the brush of an ancient and alien forest or going for a swim while holding onto the neck of a Plesiosaurus?

Not all dinosaurs would have been pleasant to ride. The Dimetrodon had a massive ridge along its back that would have made riding impossible, even if he could have been tamed. On the other hand, the Giganotosaurus and the Dracorex could have easily been saddled up! They were meat-eating dinosaurs, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t dream of riding them while they whip through the forest faster than any horse.


This year may be in the past, but the wonderful toys of Schleich 2019 will live on forever in our hearts.