Schleich wild animal lion and boy

Schleich is well-known for making realistic and detailed toys and this includes Schleich wild animals. They produce farm animals and horses, but also dinosaurs and even fantasy creatures!

But Schleich Wild Life toys bring something even more fantastic into your living room – real wild animals! Your child will never see a real dragon or a fantasy creature, and they probably have often seen dogs, horses, pigs, or cows at home or taking a trip in the countryside. But wild animals are something special!

Going to the zoo is an entire event! With Schleich Wild Animal toys you bring the zoo not only home, but into your child’s imagination where it will spark hands-on learning and creativity in the way only a toy can!

Let us show you how!

How Schleich Wild Animal Toys Inspire Curiosity

One Hump or Two? These Schleich toys represent real wild animals, which means you can use them to inspire learning about the real natural world!

Playing with this Schleich Dromedary Camel might inspire your child to ask why some camels have one hump and others have two. Do you know? It will definitely give you the opportunity to learn this yourself and share the knowledge with your young one!

You both can learn that the one-humped camels are called Dromedaries and are from Arabia. The two-humped camels are called Bactrians and are from Central Asia - quite a distance apart from each other! By interacting with this single camel toy your child has already learned something very interesting!

That question, of course, could lead to more follow-up questions (what do the humps do anyway?), and before you know it your child’s head is filled with knowledge and a much richer view of the world. If you want an animal closer to home, a similar conversation could play out with this Schleich American Bison! Do you know the difference between a bison and a buffalo? 

What Are Okapis and Quokkas?

To further enrich your growing student’s knowledge of the natural world, you might get them a Schleich Okapi or the Schleich Quokka! What do you know about them?

The okapi in particular has a fascinating history – before the 20th century scientists believed it was as imaginary as the unicorn!

The quokka is a cat-sized marsupial, often called the “Happiest Animal in the World.” Playing with these wild animal figures can help inspire a curiosity in your child - they might have never seen or known these animals before! Before you know it, your excited young one might know more about Uganda (the native home of okapi) or Australia (home of the quokka) than you do!

How Schleich Wild Animal Toys Spark Creativity

Schleich Wild Animal toys don’t just foster active learning about the natural world! With just a little interest and enough motivation, their playtime can inspire the development of very important skills!

Taking Toys Outside

Look up “The Drought (Schleich Animal Series)” on YouTube to see a short film made by a young user under the account name Schleich Animal Sanctuary.

At first glance it’s just an inspired child playing with animal figurines. Yes, it’s a product of a young but already impressive imagination, an observant mind, a love for nature documentaries, and a collection of Schleich Wild Animal toys.

However, the full picture unfolds when you think about what went into making that video. Can you envision this young man or lady going wide-eyed at receiving their new toy collection, imagining an entire video sequence and excitedly planning it out? Each shot had to be constructed, some scenes probably refilmed, and they had to know the sounds each of these animals make and find the audio!

What a thrilling project, what a wonderful way to spend time outside, all inspired by Schleich Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, and Hippopotamus toys!

Reimagining Famous Stories

The same user made another video, an adorable re-enactment of a song from Disney’s The Lion King, titled “Schleich Lion King Clip ‘Can’t Wait To Be King!’”

You can see recognizable characters from your child’s favorite movies represented by Schleich Wild Animals toys. In this Schleich Lion Cub, for example, you can see Simba, The Lion King’s hero.

Can you guess what a child could see in this Schleich Coral Fish set?

With these toys they can re-enact characters from Pixar’s Finding Nemo! Nemo (or maybe Marlin?), Dory, and a fish that looks similar to Gill (it’s not quite the same!).

You may have heard a child – your young one, or someone else’s – call a Clownfish a “Nemofish” before. It’s no wonder – with Pixar’s hit Nemo and Dory forever became the face of all Clownfish and Palette Surgeonfish (or Blue Tang). But Gill is a Moorish Idol, not a Foxface Rabbitfish! Can your child spot the difference?

Some of the younger children may have never seen any of the famous fish from the animated movie in their real form! But with the Schleich Wild Life Coral Fish set they can!

What will they call their new Foxface Rabbitfish friend? With these Schleich Wild Life toys your child can make the transition from cartoon characters to the real (and just as exciting!) natural world.

Creating Stories for YouTube

So, Schleich Wild Animal toys are a great way to learn about wild animals, they are a catalyst for creativity and artistic skills, but what about their social value?

The online world is quickly becoming an essential part of our everyday life, and your young one will probably learn about it as soon as they begin their education in school (perhaps even on the elementary level!). These toys can be used as a safe introduction to the responsible social media use.

Your child will probably want to share their Schleich Animal collection with their friends, or even the world! Perhaps they saw their older siblings or even grown-ups share their lives as photos and videos! If they watch YouTube, they might want to upload their creation there, and they might attract far more attention that they have ever expected!

A young YouTube user, Schleich Stokes, did exactly that. His “Updated Schleich Wildlife Reserve Tour!” has 135,550 views! 111 comments engage, show appreciation, and offer corrections for the young YouTuber discussing their impressive Schleich Wild Animal toy collection!

How would your child react to negative feedback? Do they know the dangers of sharing private information? Today we know much more about these issues and your child can have a much safer introduction to using the Internet and avoid some of the risks their older siblings or even parents took when they first ventured online.

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