What Scale are Bruder Toys - 1:16 Scale

If you're looking for a toy truck that's realistic down to the smallest detail, a Bruder Toy is the perfect option. All of their trucks are made to scale. So you can be sure that even the most intricate details have been accounted for. Whether you're looking for a toy truck for your child or something to add to your collection, Bruder Toys has you covered. But what is the scale of Bruder Toys?

All Bruder trucks, vehicles, and equipment are made to 1:16 scale. 1:16 scale means that for every 16 units of measurement on the toy vehicle, there is only 1 unit of measurement on the real-life counterpart. This allows for a very accurate representation of the actual vehicles.

Through the rest of this article, we'll share a little more about Bruder toys so you can discover if they may be a good fit for you or your kiddos.

What are Bruder Toys?

Image of multiple fully functioning Bruder toys including fire truck, loader, gas services truck, forestry loader, construction equipment, backhoe, tractor, and more.

Bruder Toys offers incredibly detailed toy trucks, vehicles, and equipment.

The company was founded in 1926 by Paul Bruder. He started the company with just two employees and a small workshop. Today, Bruder Toys is a global company with over 400 employees. You will find their products in over 80 countries around the world.

One thing that sets a Bruder Toy apart from other toy vehicles is their attention to detail. All of their products are made on a 1:16 scale.

Another thing that makes a Bruder Toy unique is their use of high-quality materials. All of their products are made from durable plastics that withstand a lot of wear and tear. This means that your child can enjoy their Bruder toy for many years.

Bruder Toys also offers a wide range of products. In addition to toy trucks, they also offer construction vehicles, farm equipment, and even garbage trucks. No matter what your child is interested in, Bruder Toys has a toy vehicle that will capture their imagination.

Which Scale is Best for Toy Vehicles?

When choosing the perfect toy truck for your child, scale is important.

Scale comparison of multiple green tractor toys.

Bruder offers a massive selection to choose from that are all 1:16 scale. However, toy trucks come in many different sizes. So which is best for your collection or your child? Well, that's entirely up to your personal preference.

But let me point out a few things that may help you choose:

Small Scale Toy Vehicles

Smaller scaled vehicles can be great for someone looking for quantity over quality.

Smaller scale toy vehicles

You can pick up smaller scales at a very low cost, but it's more difficult to have accurate detail because they are smaller. But you'll also be able to store much more with these little guys.

Large Scale Toy Vehicles

On the flip side, larger scaled vehicles can be great for someone more focused on incredible detail.

Boy playing with large 1:16 scale Bruder Toy.

With their larger size, it's much easier to bring that attention to detail that you may find necessary.

Depending on the brand, these can run more on cost because of what goes into making them.

You'll also want to note that a few of these can quickly take up a lot of space for storage or display.

Benefits to Bruder's Scale Size

So Bruder may not make the largest toy trucks and vehicles, but they are certainly on the larger side compared to many brands.

This allows them to incorporate the incredible detail we have come to know and love.

Bruder detail is a benefit of the larger 1:16 scale toys shown by this UPS truck.

With this size, it's easy for the little ones to use the different components and moving parts, allowing an extraordinary venture into imaginary play.

Collectors love Bruder's 1:16 scale size because it has given Bruder the ability to bring a truly remarkable level of detail to the table.

Cons to Bruder's Scale Size

There are really two primary cons to consider about Bruder's 1:16 scale size.

  1. They take up a lot of room. But we help you overcome that in our Bruder Storage Guide.
  2. The price is higher than many smaller toy vehicles.

Types of Bruder Toys

Bruder offers a wide variety of toys. Their two primary brands are the Pro Series and bWorld.

Professional Series

Their construction toys offer excellent equipment with working parts like the CAT multi-terrain loader, CAT asphalt drum compactor, or even a backhoe.

Depending on the vehicle, features may include a sliding tractor roof, fully functioning bucket arm, fully functional front loader, large tilting front shovel, an excavator arm, articulated steering, and more.

You'll also find plenty of farming equipment like tractors or a trailer. Forestry trucks have many functions that are fun to play with.

Don't forget the commercial and emergency vehicles as well! A manual lever here and a plough blade there make for more fun. These multi-functional toys offer plenty of play value.

There are many great accessories as well.


bWorld is short for Bruder World and is the line made of figures and playsets to accompany the fantastic vehicles from the Pro Series. These scaled figures are ready to work on large or small construction sites.

Where to buy a Bruder Toy

You can find a Bruder Toy in many reputable toy stores. But did you know we have one of the best collections to choose from in the United States? We're also a Premier partner to Bruder, an invite-only program. So you know we're doing right by our Bruder customers.

We hope you'll shop for Bruder Toys with us!

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How to Care for Your Bruder Toy

If you're shopping for your little one, they will likely get into the dirt. You should clean it regularly, store it properly, and keep track of its parts and pieces. This will allow them to enjoy the Bruder toy for many years!

If you're a collector, we recommend keeping the dust off to keep it bright and shiny to display proudly. We recommend a small, slightly wet microfiber towel.


Well, you now know that Bruder toys are 1:16 scale, and hopefully, you also learned a few other things.

We want to invite you to learn more about Bruder Toys. If you already know you're interested, we would like to invite you to search and shop for Bruder at Maziply Toys!