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Bruder Toys

Become a Bruder Toys Expert in Under 10 Minutes: The Complete Bruder Guide

Bruder Toys provide amazing trucks, vehicles, and playsets for children (and adults) to explore. In this article, we have a lot to cover. At the end of this article, you'll be an expert. I am going to:

  • Tell you about Bruder toys and trucks.
  • Share Bruder's history with you.
  • Give you the low-down on how they make their vehicles.
  • Discuss their primary brands of toys.
  • Explore the different industries and vehicle types that they make.
  • Show you five ways your child will develop from playing with Bruder trucks.
  • Share our top 10 Bruder trucks. We carry all the best items.
  • Review the most commonly asked questions and more.

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Introducing Bruder Toys

So if you're new to Bruder, you're probably wondering who they are, what Bruder trucks are, who makes them, and what the heck does Bruder mean in German?

Who is Bruder Toys?

Bruder Toys headquarters

Headquartered in Germany, Bruder is a leading toy manufacturer developing toy trucks, vehicles, equipment, figures, and playsets. Everything they do revolves around or is related to the vehicles you'll find in your real world.

Bruder Licenses

Bruder has partnered up with some of the most well-known vehicle manufacturers globally to make replicas of their vehicles and equipment. Their detail is so spot-on that you'd think you're looking at the real thing in some images. Some popular manufacturers that they are partnered with are:

  • Caterpillar
  • Dodge
  • Ducati
  • Jeep
  • John Deere
  • Land Rover
  • MAN
  • Mack
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Schaeff
  • Volvo

These are just some examples of vehicles that are made. But the list is quite more extensive than this.

What are Bruder Trucks and Toys?

Bruder trucks are incredibly detailed replicas of your favorite trucks and vehicles that you'll find in the real world. Vehicles have varying degrees of features and working parts and give your child an excellent opportunity to develop various skills—more on that in a little bit. I mentioned how sometimes it's difficult to tell a Bruder vehicle from the real thing. Here's an example:

Bruder snowplow and snowmobile is difficult to tell from the real thing.

What does Bruder Mean in German?

So to answer the question, Bruder translates to the word "brother".

But somewhere along the line in history, Bruder became a surname. This is where the name Bruder came from. The Bruder family founded it. Speaking of, let's take a quick jump into Bruder's history.

History of Bruder Toys

Unemployed, Paul Bruder decided to form a new company in 1926, producing brass reeds for toy trumpet manufacturers. While the company's operations were interrupted in 1939 due to World War II, it re-established itself in 1948.

Paul Bruder's handpress that was used to make brass reeds for small musical toys.

Paul's son, Heinz Bruder, decided to join the family business in 1950, making it a second-generation company. Heinz was a master toolmaker and quite innovative. This innovation led to many ideas.

In 1958, the company shifted to producing plastics and got their first property right for small toys and reeds. In 1965, Heinz's parents handed company control over to him.

1978 led to a name change to BRUDER Spielwaren Inh. Heinz Bruder and in the early 1980s, they were producing the Bruder-Mini, a line of miniature vehicles.

Bruder History - Bruder Catalog from 1977 show what original Bruder Minis looked like.

In 1987, Heinz's son, Paul Heinz Bruder, joined the business and was in charge of production. The 1990s saw tremendous growth for the company as it expanded worldwide and increased its production. Bruder released the Roadmax and Pro Series vehicles during this time.

In 2011, they launched bworld, a line of miniature characters that could integrate into the imaginations of young ones playing with Bruder trucks and vehicles.

Today, Bruder continues to thrive with its two significant lines of Pro Series vehicles and bWorld figures and playsets.

How Bruder Toys are Made

Before digging into the details, let me answer a few common things that come up from time to time:

Are they made in Germany?
Yes, the company develops its products in their main plant, located in Germany. They produce the majority of their products in that main plant.

Are they metal?
No. A common misconception from people that are not familiar with the Bruder brand is that they are metal, like their Tonka rival. But this is not the case. 

What are they made of?
With a long history in the production of plastics, they capitalized on their strengths and produce high-quality plastic vehicles.

Production of Bruder Toys

Bruder worker is using cutting-edge production equipment.

The company designs and develops its trucks and vehicles using the latest CAD software. They create 3D models. Once approved internally and by their licensing partners, they make a mold. Once the injection mold is complete, production begins in a sustainable way to ensure the protection of the environment.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Bruder uses the same high-quality plastics used in the automotive industry? No wonder these things are so durable!

Bruder Packaging

You'll find that the packing comes in three primary ways:

Pro Series Open-Box Packaging

Example of Bruder Pro Series Box Packaging

Bruder delivers most Pro Series products to stores in an open-box package. The stores can then appropriately showcase them from a merchandising perspective for the customer.

Closed Box for Bruder Accessories

Bruder accessories closed-box packaging

Many accessories are in a closed box with images to display the contents.

bworld Window Display Box

Bruder bworld window-box packaging example.

Finally, bworld playsets primarily come in a closed window box to see the product, but the small parts aren't lost.

Bruder Brands

We've been talking about Pro Series and bworld, Bruder's two primary brands today. Let's dig in and tell you a little bit more about each.

Bruder Professional Series Vehicles

Bruder Professional Series Vehicles

It is most likely from the Bruder Pro Series if you've ever seen a Bruder truck. The Bruder Pro Series is their line of highly detailed, semi-functioning trucks and vehicles that your kiddos love to play with. They come in a variety of styles and are 1:16 scale vehicles.

Bruder bworld Series

Bruder bworld figures including construction worker, logger, skiier, police officer, firefighter, and other various workers.

Short for Bruder World, this line was released in 2011 and focused primarily on the things around the vehicles from the Pro Series. Toys from this line include workers, animals, tools, accessories, and playsets.

Bruder Lines

Bruder produces six major lines of vehicles. They include construction, emergency, commercial, agriculture, forestry, and leisure time. And we're proud to let you know that we stock them all.

Construction Vehicles

Bruder construction vehicle represented by a Caterpillar excavator.

Construction vehicles include the following:

  • Cement mixers
  • Cranes
  • Dozers
  • Dump trucks
  • Excavators
  • Loaders
  • Rollers
  • Trucks

Emergency Vehicles

Bruder emergency vehicles represented by firetruck and station and policemen and vehicle.

Emergency vehicles that Bruder makes include:

  • Ambulances
  • Fire service vehicles
  • Police vehicles
  • Water rescue

Commercial Trucks and Vehicles

Bruder commercial vehicles represented by a UPS truck.

The commercial line of vehicles include

  • Garbage collectors
  • Logistics vehicles
  • Service vehicles

Agriculture Equipment and Vehicles

Bruder agriculture vehicles includes this tractor, bworld figures, trailer, and equipment.

Get ready for farm machinery and equipment along with other agriculture vehicles:

  • Farming machinery and vehicles
  • Harvesting equipment
  • Tractors
  • Trailers

Forestry Vehicles & Equipment

Bruder forestry vehicles include this timber transport and tractor.

There are some pretty cool forestry vehicles available as well:

  • Timber Transports
  • Tractors

Leisure Time Vehicles

Bruder Leisure time vehicles

All of our professionals need a little fun as well:

  • Bicycles
  • Cars
  • Horse-riding vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Vacation vehicles
  • Winter sports

5 Incredible Development Opportunities Your Child Will Benefit From

I probably could have written a whole article just on this topic, but let's make sure that this complete guide is, in fact, complete.

Toy trucks and vehicles help develop motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination, increase creativity and imagination, and even develop social skills. Let's talk about each:

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Playing with Bruder trucks improves fine motor skills. Because Bruder has many working parts in their vehicles, you're exercising those motor skills to accomplish that type of play.

When moving the trucks around, you're using those muscles and developing gross motor skills.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Linked to fine motor skills, playing with Bruder vehicles will improve your hand-eye coordination. This play will ensure that what you are engaged in results in your vehicles doing what you want them to do.


Have you ever seen a child play with something? It's a fantastic thing to watch. Creativity is one of the most powerful benefits of play. This links to imaginative play.

Imaginative Play

Come on. This is a no "brainer". Ha! Get it because you use your brain for creativity and imagination? Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

A study found that kids who engage in more imaginary play have better executive function skills than those who don't engage in pretend play.

Social Skills Development

Playing with Bruder takes on a whole new developmental opportunity when engaged with other kids. It's a great way to build social skills and how to play and interact appropriately with others.

Bruder Collectibles

I'm sure it is no surprise that there is a healthy collectible market around Bruder. Like any collectibles, they attract not only children but adults as well. We have customers come in all the time that get the Bruder replica of what they use for work to give to their kids. The next thing you know, the parent is getting their own and then expanding their collection.

Any collector of vehicles is sure to have Bruder in their collection.

Our Top 10 Selling List of Bruder Toys

So we may have our favorite items, but let's take a look at what our customers say about Bruder. Here is a list of the top 10 selling Bruder trucks and vehicles in total units since we started carrying them:

  1. CAT Skid Steer Loader
  2. Construction Hard Hat
  3. Firefighter Hat
  4. Schaeff Mini Excavator
  5. Caterpillar Asphalt Drum Compactor
  6. Linde H30D Fork Lift with Driver
  7. Caterpillar Delta Loader
  8. Caterpillar Mini Excavator
  9. Caterpillar Track-Type Tractor
  10. Caterpillar Wheel Loader

So how about from the perspective of total dollars? Here are the top-grossing vehicles or sets at Maziply Toys:

  1. Mack Granite Flatbed Truck with JCB Backhoe
  2. Caterpillar Skid Steer Loader
  3. Mack Granite Liebherr Crane Truck
  4. MAN TGA Low Loader Truck with JCB Loader
  5. Police Dodge RAM 2500 Truck with Police Officer
  6. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Ambulance
  7. Mack Granite Dump Truck
  8. Caterpillar Mini Excavator
  9. John Deere Harvester 1270G with Tree Trunk
  10. Mack Granite Timber Truck with Loading Crane

Where to Buy Bruder Toys

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Bruder F.A.Q.

Bruder F.A.Q.

I wanted to take a minute to answer some common questions that we often receive.

Q. What scale are Bruder trucks?
A. Bruder toys are 1:16 scale. Their Roadmax series is not to scale.

Q. What age are the recommended ages?
A. Depending on the specific items, most are recommended for ages 4 and older. But if you look to the public, you'll find that many adult collectors search for and have built up a stock of these as well.

Q. Are Bruder toys remote control or does Bruder make RC vehicles?
A. Bruder does not offer remote-control toys in the United States market. This is most likely due to a licensing agreement that is in place between Diecast Masters and multiple other licensees.

Q. Are spare parts available?
A. You can absolutely order spare parts and items if you have lost anything or need to repair your vehicle. It's easy. Just reach out to Bruder by phone and be ready as the hold time normally isn't long at all.

Q. Why are Bruder trucks so expensive?
A. Bruder trucks are not the cheapest out there. But I can guarantee you that the less expensive trucks don't stand a chance compared to what Bruder offers in quality, durability, usability, play value, and collectibility. These vehicles have a higher cost due to their higher quality materials, the efforts to design and manufacture them, and licensing fees. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Q. Are Bruder trucks worth it?
A. Try one out and decide for yourself? After reading this article, you are a Bruder expert, so what do you think?


So by now, you should know a bit more about Bruder. Still, have questions and are interested in learning more? Reach out to us any time. We're available online, on social media like Facebook, by telephone, in-person, by email or regular mail, or by any other means that is best for you. Let's exchange more info.

Many thanks to our amazing customers who have an account and buy Bruder from us. Discover why countless families trust and shop Maziply Toys for their Bruder toy needs.