Custom Bruder Storage Display is a great example of how to store Bruder stuff for kids.

If you have young children or are a big kid like me, chances are you have at least a few Bruder toys to store. They are known for their durability and realistic design, making them a favorite among kids and parents alike. But because they're so large, they can be challenging to store.

A toy box, cabinets, closet storage, storage bins, or custom storage are the best options for storing Bruder toys and trucks. Getting creative, you can also use a bookcase or make an area to display them if you're a collector.

When it comes to storing Bruder toys, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you want to ensure the toys are out of the way but still within reach. Find a storage space that is both accessible and safe. I'm going to share 10 different ideas for you that should help solve your problem. Beyond that, I also have some great tips to share.

Toy Storage Options for Bruder Toys & Trucks

There are a variety of storage options for Bruder toys and trucks. Depending on your available space, some may be better than others.

Using a Toy Box or Cabinet

One option is to store them in a toy box or cabinet. If you have young children, consider choosing a toy box with a lid that can be securely closed. Doing so will prevent small parts from being easily accessible and minimize the risk of injury.

Large wooden toy box where the large bottom pulls out like drawers. It also includes storage bins.

Toy boxes come in various sizes, making them perfect for any space. If you have a lot to store, consider choosing a toy box with a lot of storage space. The extra space will help keep them organized and easy to find.

This option is best for houses with more space and lots of storage needs.

Storage Bins or Cubes

Based on the large 1:16 scale size of Bruder trucks, you'll want to make sure that you have storage bins or cubes that are large enough to accommodate your collection.

Colored storage bins for all ages.

Storage bins come in various sizes, so you're sure to find one perfect for your needs.

Storage bins or cubes are a good option for those struggling to find space.

Closet Space

If you have available closet space, this can be a great option to keep them out of the way but still more easily accessible than a basement or attic.

Spare closet space can be a great option. This closet features a mixture of both toys and clothes, providing more options.

Of course, if your family is like mine, there's no closet space left.

This option is great for a quick solution.


A bookcase is a great way to store and display your Bruder trucks. Bookcases are also an excellent option for toy vehicle collectors.

Bookcase displays a variety of large toy trucks.

My older daughter uses a bookcase to store not only her books but some of her toys as well. It allows her to keep everything neat, organized, and easily accessible for playtime.

Bookcases are an excellent option for those who like to display their Bruder collection.


While bookcases allow you to hold a variety of Bruder trucks, what if you only have a couple of trucks?

An example of wall shelves in a boys room.

Wall shelving could be a great option here. Again, this is also great for the adult collector of toy vehicles.

This option is best for those with only one or two Bruder toys.

Custom Storage

If you have a lot of Bruder trucks or want to display them, you may want to consider a custom storage solution. The solution could be anything from building the ultimate custom Bruder display to simply displaying them in a glass cabinet.

Custom storage option keeps the room open while storing a variety of toys.

You could also get creative and build something if you are comfortable with a fun DIY project.

Whatever custom storage option you choose, make sure it's big enough and strong enough to hold your Bruder trucks. These toys are durable, but they're not indestructible. We don't want anything happening to your toys!

This option can suit most situations, as you customize it to your specific needs.

Under the Bed

If the bed is high enough off of the ground, this may give you enough space to store them underneath.

Toy trucks stored under the bed.

Putting toys under the bed is a good solution for those who don't have a lot of room.

Storage Bench

Another great option is a storage bench. A storage bench can go anywhere you'd like some extra seating and also serves as storage.

A storage bench designed to also hold toys.

These are a good option for those tight on space with only a few large toys.

Create a Bruder Floor Display

Sometimes, the options we discussed won't work for your situation. You could also consider neatly organizing them using some floor space in the corner of a room.

Bruder toys neatly arranged on the floor at the edge of the wall.

Organizing them on the floor keeps them easily accessible but still out of the way.

While this may be a less ideal option, it will work for anyone who doesn't have other options.

Have a Yard Sale

Ask yourself if anyone is still using the Bruder toys in your house. We often hold onto toys that we no longer need or want. Maybe there are only a couple you use all the time while the rest are collecting dust.

A family having a yard sale to sell toys.

Consider having a yard sale or selling the ones you don't need anymore. Of course, I couldn't imagine any household not wanting to use Bruder trucks, but something to consider.

How to Choose the Right Toy Storage

So how do you choose which idea is best? It comes down to what works best for your household and what you're trying to accomplish. So what's your goal?

Wanting to Keep Them Out of Site

A toy box, closet, bins, cabinet, or custom storage would probably be best if you want them ultimately out of sight.

Looking to Display the Bruder Collection

If you're looking to display what you have proudly, then a bookcase, shelf, or custom display would be your best option.

For Those Tight on Space

If you're limited on choices, consider using storage space under the bed, a storage bench, or finding a corner to display your Bruder toys neatly. And if all else fails, there's always that yard sale!

Storage Tips for Organizing Toys

Here are a few more options and ideas to keep in mind when organizing and storing toys:

  • Wherever you store them should be neat and out of the way.
  • Make sure they're easy to access.
  • Please ensure they're easy to put away so they don't end up all over the place.
  • Keep them organized to ensure they stay that way.
  • Consider having a space to hold spare parts. Spare parts or accessories are great to have for Bruder toys.
  • Be mindful of some of the smaller bWorld figures. If you have children under three years old, you want to ensure they're secured.
  • Depending on what route you take, labeling storage areas may help with organization. Labeling can save you time and frustration when it's time to clean up.
  • Make sure that your space has ample room for what you are storing. Otherwise, it could get quite messy.

How to Get Your Child to Help with the Organization

Get the kiddos involved. Make them a part of the planning process of the new storage space and let them help with setting it up. Empowering them to be a part of the process will make them more likely to clean up and use the new storage space when they're done playing.

Young boy playing with a firetruck prepares to put it away.

You can also make it a part of the routine for weekly or daily chores. Chores are a great way to teach children about responsibility.


If you'd like to learn more about Bruder, check out our Complete Bruder Guide!

Despite their large size, there's always a way to store larger toys like Bruder. Just use the ideas that work best for you, get it set up, and get your kids involved with the process.

Whatever storage method you choose, these tips will help keep your Bruder toys safe and out of the way. And if all else fails, there's always that yard sale!