Schleich Toys

We all know Schleich produces the most beautiful toys in the world today. Each figure is hand-carved first in clay before being used to create a mold. It is a process that takes a lot of time and dedication. I talk about this more in-depth here.

Schleich toys include more than just horses and dragons, although they may be most famous for them. They have a lot of great toys to offer that any child would fall in love with.

Schleich Wild Life

Let’s start with the Schleich Wild Life collection. Here we have a lot of different animals and some great toy sets as well.

On the animal side, there are some that you will recognize right off the bat. Raccoons, Moose, Lions, Polar Bears—there are just too many to list!

The wonderful thing about Schleich toys is the unexpected. When you think you know what all the animals in the collection are, they throw in something you have never seen before.

When was the last time you saw an Oryx or an Okapi? The only people who know a Quokka by sight are animal experts and our friends in Australia. Some of the animals in the Schleich Wilf Life collection look more like fantasy creatures than like anything you might see in the wild!

Discovering all these magnificent animals is made even more enjoyable with playsets! How else can you expect your intrepid young scientist to capture and tag all these wild animals? Sets like the Croco Jungle Research Station and the 4X4 Vehicle with Winch make exploring even more exciting.

Schleich Farm World

With all of the exciting animals in the Wild Life collection, you might expect the Farm World collection to be boring. Boy, are you in for a surprise!

There are lots of great animals and playsets in the farm collection, which includes barns and treehouses, as well as cowboys and obstacle courses. Cats, dogs, sheep, and cattle—there’s no end to the fun a child can have in Farm World!

Best of all, are the horses! Schleich toys include so many different types of horses to choose from.

Some of the horses in the Schleich Farm World are endangered. Some are common in Europe and rare in America. All of them are perfect for your child’s farm.

Schleich Horse Club

Speaking of horses, the Schleich Horse Club is the way to go if your child has a growing obsession with horses. All the horses in the horse club are bred for riding and showing.

No collection of horses would be complete without saddles and other horse tack. Horse tack won’t do you much good without people to use it. So Schleich toys also include lots of wonderful little human figurines that can honestly fit on the saddles and ride your little horses.

There are many different playsets in the Horse Club—too many to list here—but my favorite is the Rocky Mountain Horse Show. It's just good fun collecting horses and putting them in the horse show!

Schleich Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs went extinct a long time before the first humans started walking on Earth. It is only because of dedicated scientists that know as much about these creatures as we do.

Schleich Dinosaurs are painstakingly modeled after what were once real live animals. They represent a lot of hard work, not only by the artists at Schleich toys but by the scientists who figured out what these beasts once looked like.

The dinosaurs in the Schleich collection all include their scientific names. There is the famous T. Rex, Triceratops, Baryonyx, the long-necked Brachiosaurus, and countless others. They are all crafted with the same loving detail Schleich puts into every toy.

Fun fact: Did you know many scientists believe dinosaur bones inspired the legend of the dragon?

Schleich bayala

The Schleich bayala collection may be the most amazing figures Schleich offers.

They are certainly the most fanciful. Schleich offers so many different Pegasus and Fairies to collect. There are pink Fairy Dragons and purple flower Fairy Dragons.

Best of all are the unicorns. They have so many different unicorns! They have the classic white Unicorn, rainbow unicorns, baby unicorns, unicorns with wings—every unicorn your child’s little heart desires can be found among the Schleich bayala collection.

If having this vast collection of fantasy figures is not enough for your little one to play with, they also have the Glittering Flower House with Unicorns, Lake, and Stable. It is the most beautiful play set in all bayala, and it is perfect for any unicorn collector.

Learn more about Schleich bayala.

Schleich Eldrador Creatures

No listing of Schleich toys could be complete without touching on Eldrador Creatures. Lava Dragons and Ice Dragons, Ice Monsters and Lava Golems, Battle Crabs, Cave Bears, Hellhounds—all of them battle endlessly on the fields of Eldrador. Who will rule the world of Eldrador when all the fighting ends? Only your child can say!

Schleich toys bring joy to children of all ages. The collections they offer are filled with a great variety of figures, offering endless chances to learn and explore.