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This Schleich Farm World Donkey Animal Figure features a sculpted greyish-brown coat and black muzzle that perfectly encapsulates the animal. The short and stubby black mane sticks up just enough to be noticed. The over-pronounced ears is what give this Schleich Donkey its character.  The sure and steady stance implies the strong resolve and sturdy build of this hard-working animal.

  • Schleich designs every animal very carefully from the initial sketch through molding.
  • The Donkey figures are individually hand-painted.
  • The Schleich Donkey Animal Figure is part of the Schleich Farm World collection, which is a continuously growing line that includes a wide variety of classic farm staples.

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Ways to Play with the Schleich Donkey

The Schleich Donkey is a fun and organically educational way to introduce your kiddos to donkeys as well as numerous amounts of classic animals.

  • Letting children explore creative and imaginative play with the Schleich animals and sets.
  • Mix the donkey toy with other farm animals and play "I Spy" or "20 Questions" types of games.
  • Use the "About" section to teach children all sorts of interesting facts about donkeys. Let them hold the toy donkey while going over the points to help them retain the information even better.
  • Test their knowledge of donkeys
  • Due to the size and accuracy of Schleich products, they are perfect visual aids for school dioramas and reports.

Schleich Donkey Collectors

No Schleich collection is complete without the large array of animals that this company offers. You'll want to add this Schleich Donkey to your Farm World collection. Whether you line them up, display them, box them away, custom-paint them, or add them to a full table diorama, this is sure to be a great addition to your collection.

Limited edition Schleich Donkeys are a great value to any collection. Schleich products do eventually get retired and are sometimes replaced with a newer version.

About Donkeys

The domestic donkey comes originally from the African donkey.

Since it copes well with hot temperatures and makes little demands on its food it's a perfect work animal.

Often described as stubborn, the opposite is the case. Donkeys cannot run as fast as horses, so in dangerous situations they first consider what would be the best escape route.

Schleich Donkey Fun Facts

Here at Maziply Toys, we enjoy fun facts, so here are some fun ones:

  • Because of their large ears, donkeys can hear other donkeys up to 60 miles away.
  • Donkeys have an excellent memory.
  • Donkey Kong is neither related to a donkey or King Kong.
  • Male donkeys are called jacks and females are called jennies.
  • Jennies are pregnant for 365 days and only give birth to one foal. 

Schleich Farm World Donkey Details

Check out the details on the Schleich Farm World Donkey Animal Figure:

  • Manufacturer: Schleich
  • Brand: Schleich Farm World
  • Product Type: Animal Figures
  • Animal Type: Donkeys
  • Release Date: January 1, 2015
  • Retired Date: N/A
  • Recommended Minimum Age: 3 Years
  • Recommended Maximum Age: 8 Years

Schleich Farm World Donkey Specifications

  • Package Size: 3.74 x 1.38 x 3.74 (W x L x H) Inches
  • Weight: 0.14 lbs
  • UPC: 4005086137721, 4059433025520
  • MPN: 13772
  • Safety Warning: Suitable for children under 3 years. Does not require labeling

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