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QMx Marvel Captain America Civil War Q-Fig Diorama

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$ 19.95

Captain America Civil War Q-Fig Figure

  • Mighty Captain America Saluting While Kneeled
  • Features his iconic Captain America Shield
  • From the feature film Captain America: Civil War
  • One of our many Marvel Q-Figs offered here at Maziply!

From our lineup of Marvel Q-Figs comes Captain America Civil War Q-Fig Figure. If you are a collector of Q-Figs or Captain America merchandise in general, this Captain America figure is difficult to ignore. Between our hero�s resilient demeanor, his iconic shield, and the overall attention to detail found on this piece, there is a lot to like about the prospect of adding this Q-Fig to your collection for just $19.95. Get yours from Maziply!

  • $19.95
  • 4 in (10.16 cm), excluding base
  • PVC