QMx Marvel Captain America Civil War Q-Fig Diorama

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$ 19.95

Captain America Civil War Q-Fig Figure

  • Mighty Captain America Saluting While Kneeled
  • Features his iconic Captain America Shield
  • From the feature film Captain America: Civil War
  • One of our many Marvel Q-Figs offered here at Maziply!

From our lineup of Marvel Q-Figs comes Captain America Civil War Q-Fig Figure. If you are a collector of Q-Figs or Captain America merchandise in general, this Captain America figure is difficult to ignore. Between our hero’s resilient demeanor, his iconic shield, and the overall attention to detail found on this piece, there is a lot to like about the prospect of adding this Q-Fig to your collection for just $19.95. Get yours from Maziply!

  • $19.95
  • 4 in (10.16 cm), excluding base
  • PVC

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