Grimlock Vinyl Figure - Transformers - 5.5 Inches

by The Loyal Subjects
Sold out
$ 29.99

"Me Grimlock!"  Now bigger, badder and better.  Including his retractable Dino head, Energon Sword and Double Barrel Energon Blaster.  This dude is bad!  Even has the little T-Rex arms and transformable bits of the T-Rex tail on his ankles.  Must have for your Grimlock collection!  This dude was a hard grab at Hot Topic but now you can pick him up here!

  • 5.5"
  • Multiple points of articulation
  • Strong Ball Joint Construction
  • Dino Acessories
  • Sword and Blaster
  • Under License from Hasbro, Inc
  • Ships now

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