At Maziply Toys, we are dedicated to the community that we work in. Each year, we make charitable contributions to local organizations and causes that will help make a positive impact.

Our focus is to support the organizations that contribute towards children and families, however, we are open to supporting any type of organization. Our preference is to make more smaller contributions, rather than limited larger contributions, so that we can have a bigger impact on a greater number of organizations.

Qualifications to Apply

Organizations requesting chartiable contributions must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a non-profit organization or school.
  • The organization must directly benefit children as their primary focus.
  • The organization must be within 10 miles of an existing and currently operating Maziply Toys location.
  • Exceptions may be made if the charitable contribution request is for an organization outside a 10 mile radius of an existing location, but is requesting a charitable contribution specifically for an event or fundraiser being held within a 10 mile radius of an existing and currently operating Maziply Toys location.

Qualifying for a contribution does not guarantee a contribution but that you are eligible to apply.

Applying for a Charitable or Community Contribution

To apply for a charitable or community contribution, please complete the following application and send back as a package with the included checklist (part of the application). Please note that incomplete packages cannot be granted. If approved, charitable contributions can take up to 90 days.

Submit Charitable Contribution Application