Play-Doh scissors held up by girl surrounded by Play-Doh.

Play-Doh scissors are a fantastic way to help your little one improve their fine-motor skills. How? Read on and discover just how unique these seemingly simple tools are.

How to Teach Toddlers to Use Scissors with Play-Doh

It can be tough to teach our kiddos the proper use of scissors. Think about it. They have to put their little fingers in awkward positions, coordinate them together to open and close, line the scissors up in an exact spot, use the other hand to hold whatever they're cutting, and use hand muscles in a new way.

Believe it or not, the kiddos have an easier time cutting through thicker substances like Play-Doh, than they do with thin materials such as paper. Consider Play-Doh a stepping stone.

Here's the best way to teach children proper cutting technique using Play-Doh scissors:

  1. Roll the Play-Doh up like a snake.
  2. Put little marks on the spot you want them to cut.
  3. Show them how to hold it with their non-dominant hand.
  4. Help them get a proper position and hold on to the scissors with their primary hand.
  5. Help them line it up to where they should cut.
  6. Have them close the scissors, and watch them piece snip away.
  7. Repeat and let them take more control as they do it.

In no time, they'll be comfortable cutting paper too. 

Remember, when children are cutting with scissors, observation is vital.

Benefits of Using Scissors for Preschoolers

Cutting Playdough with scissors allows them to practice in a fun way, strengthening their hands, improving their fine motor skills, and becoming masters of hand-eye coordination.

Scissor skills that will help them in future challenges such as handwriting.

Types of Play-Doh Scissors

The kiddos can use all kinds of scissors with Play-Doh.

You can find plastic Play-Doh scissors in many of their sets.

Don't want to go out and buy a whole set? No problem. We find that plastic safety scissors work fantastic with Play-Doh. They're also very cheap.

Many other manufacturers make modeling compound scissors or sets as well.

Other Popular Play-Doh Tools

Scissors aren't the only great tools to use with Play-Doh. Other greats include:

  • Play-Doh cut-outs or cutters
  • Cookie cutters
  • Play-Doh rollers (Textured are great)
  • Extruder tools
  • Alternative brand dough tools

Where to Buy Play-Doh Scissors

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Feel free to check out all of our nifty Play-Doh sets and products. Many of them will include Play-Doh scissors.