Melissa & Doug Costumes From Maziply!

Maziply Toys & Collectibles has a lot to offer folks both young and old. Whether you are a collector of, well, collectibles from a variety of TV series and movies or you are shopping for your little one, looking for Melissa and Doug costumes for a birthday present, we’ve got you covered with an expansive selection and affordable prices.

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Melissa And Doug Dress Up

Now that we’ve gotten some of the formalities out of the way, we can get to our promised blog topic of the day — highlighting our selection of Melissa and Doug costumes we have available!

If you are familiar with Melissa & Doug at all, you’ll know that the American toy manufacturer and distributor is well-known for a variety of high-quality products. From wooden puzzles and other arts & crafts projects to their extensive line of Melissa & Doug dress up outfits, all of their products are designed in-house, led by Melissa Bernstein herself! We at Maizply are proud to carry Melissa and Doug products for a variety of reasons, among them being the fact that they are well-made in addition to the Bernstein’s belief that through imaginary play, kids can explore, learn, adventure, and find out who they really are.

If you know anything about us at Maziply, you’ll know how much we value the importance of play in the lives of little ones! Through games and playing make-believe, kids learn how to negotiate, collectively create rules, and use their imagination and creativity for entertainment! While we could probably spend multiple blogs discussing that idea, we must digress in favor of highlighting some of these wonderful Melissa & Doug costumes we have in stock!

Melissa And Doug Fire Chief Costume

Maybe every kid, at one point or another, has dreamed of being a firefighter. But the fire chief? Those are some lofty goals! This Melissa and Doug Fireman Costume includes a jacket, badge, fire extinguisher, bullhorn that makes sound effects, helmet, reusable name tag, and is recommended for children ages three to six years. Kids go nuts for this one because it really feels and looks like the real-deal! The jacket is machine washable, and all accessories wipe clean, which pleases parents very much. Get yours from Maziply for $29.99.

Melissa And Doug Construction Costume

If your little tike has a passion for building, our Melissa and Doug construction outfit is just the thing they need to ignite their imagination! The Construction Worker Costume Set features a tool belt, a machine-washable vest with highlighted, reflective material, goggles, a saw, a hammer, a name tag, and, of course, a hard hat! Also recommended for children ages three to six, this Melissa and Doug construction costume is able to be wiped clean. Again, parents give that fact two thumbs way, way up!

Melissa And Doug Doctor Costume

Melissa and Doug and Maziply Toys & Collectibles team up to bring you an adorable make-believe doctor dress up outfit! Sized for children ages three to six, this kid’s doctor costume comes loaded with everything your little one needs to feel like a real-life physician! The Melissa and Doug doctor costume includes a jacket, mask, stethoscope (complete with sound effects), syringe, earscope, a reflex hammer, and a name tag for personalizing! If a child in your life has aspirations of taking the Hippocratic Oath one day, consider this gem from Maziply!

Melissa And Doug Pirate Costume

Not all children have aspirations to be contractors, doctors, or fire chiefs, and that’s okay. If, for example, your tike dreams of marauding on the high seas, they’ll need to look the part. With this Melissa and Doug pirate dress up outfit, they’ll get an embroidered vest, pirate hat, eye patch, soft sword, and an outfit that is machine-washable. Also ideal for children ages three to six (in terms of size, anyone can have fun pretending to be a pirate!), this Maziply pirate costume for kids is available for $29.99! 

Melissa And Doug Ballerina Costume

One of our personal favorite Melissa and Doug dress up outfits, this ballerina costume is a five-piece ensemble of sorts. If you are looking for a way to help your little one imagine themselves gracefully performing on stage while hundreds observe in wonder, this Melissa and Doug ballerina costume is a great place to start. Featuring a pink bodice and tulle tutu, ribboned slippers, velvet bloomers, and a glittering tiara to complete the look, this costume is machine washable and is made from high-quality fabrics. Recommended for ages three to six, this Ballerina outfit by Melissa & Doug is available for $29.99

Melissa And Doug Pilot Costume

Back to the classic answers children give to the age-old question, “what do you want to be when you grow up,” this children’s pilot outfit will make the junior pilot in your life light up like the fourth of July. Complete with an attached shirt and self-stick, a reusable activity card, a pre-flight checklist and realistic route map, a steering yoke, a uniform jacket, and of course, the pilot cap, there is plenty to like about this Melissa and Doug pilot costume. We hope you’ll find that this costume promotes communication skills, creative play, and your little one’s imagination. Get yours for $29.99!

Melissa And Doug Chef Costume

The final Melissa & Doug outfit we’d like to highlight in today’s post is our delightful chef costume for children. Complete with red-gingham accents and realistic accessorize, the outfit includes the chef’s jacket, an oven mitt, three wooden utensils, the classic cook hat, plastic measuring spoons, and a reusable name tag for personalization. As you can probably guess at this point, this Melissa and Doug cook costume is ideal for ages three to six!

We Have Others!

Unfortunately, that’s all we have time for in today’s post. But keep in mind we have many other Melissa & Doug costumes available here at Maziply. Among them are a Melissa and Doug knight costume, a Melissa and Doug scientist costume, a Melissa and Doug knight costume, and even a Melissa and Doug pediatric nurse costume! Browse our entire collection of kid’s costumes today!