Action Figures For Sale - Why Shop From Maziply?

In our most recent post titled ”Highlighting Our Favorite Quantum Mechanix Q Figs,” we took the time to...wait for it...highlight some of our favorite QMx Q Figs for sale here at Maziply Toys & Collectibles. Among these popular collectible Marvel figures (and others) were Thor Ragnarok, Wonder Woman, Daredevil, Supergirl, Pinky And The Brain, Iron Man, and others. Obviously, you can go back and check out the post or simply view the QMx Q-Figures on our site to do some self-guided browsing, we simply wanted to point out that we’ve got these Quantum Mechanix Q-Figs available for low prices! On a personal level, we also think they are pretty dang awesome and definitely worth adding to any collection of this ilk.

However, today’s blog post is going to take a step back from the specifics of Q-Figs in favor of showcasing our action figure collectibles. We have a wide range of online action figures for sale, from Marvel action figures to DC action figures to Imaginext action figures get the idea. You’ll just have to read on to view which ones we shine the proverbial spotlight on in today’s post!

Online Reputation

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we’d like to write a few words on how much the positive reviews and testimonials we’ve received from our loyal customer base has meant to us. Online reputation is key to the success of any business these days — with all the review platforms out there, there are very few businesses that can afford to not have an online presence (with a focus on online reputation) these days.

But beyond thinking of having a positive online reputation from a purely business perspective, for us at Maziply, it’s wonderful to be able to read and react to the kind of glowing reviews we receive. Our mission is to bring joy to children with fun and inspiring toys while also bringing out the inner-child of adults, and every review we receive that points toward us accomplishing that mission is worth celebrating.

Maziply Toys & Collectibles Reviews

That being said, we’d like to highlight a few of our favorite reviews in order to show our prospective customers why our current ones love shopping for toys and collectibles at Maziply!

“The Customer Service Is The Best I Have Ever Seen”

“Awesome store, great educational toys as well as anything else you can imagine toy wise LOL. The customer service is the best I have ever seen. I would 100% recommend this store to everybody that I know family friends everybody. Definitely take your kids to this store I guarantee you they will have a great time!” Jen M., Five Stars, Facebook Reviews

Thank you Jen, for not only letting us know how we are doing, not only your business, not only the five stars, but letting the world know about our awesome toy store in Kingston, Massachusetts! We particularly love hearing that you were treated well by our staff. We make a point to welcome everyone into our store so that they have a great time no matter what their age is — that’s how a toy store should be!

“Makes Me Want To Be A Kid Again!”

“Looking for that special birthday gift for someone dear? Search no more! Head On over to Maziply at the Kingston Mall!! We absolutely love that place. Makes me want to be a kid again!” - Carlyn F., Five Stars, Facebook Reviews

As we mentioned above, Carlyn, making adults rediscover their inner child upon walking through our toy store doors is a substantial component of our mission, so that thrills us to hear. And we completely agree with Carlyn with regards to shopping for birthday gift ideas. You can see us in person or shop online if you aren’t close to our brick and mortar toy shop in Kingston! Thanks for taking the time and for your business, Carlyn!

“A Pleasant And Wonderful Experience”

“What a wonderful place to find all kinds of toys, creative playthings, fuzzy friends and lots of Melissa and Doug materials too. Scott and his staff were pleasant, passionate and helpful, not pushy allowing you to explore. Exploring was a bit overwhelming but a pleasant and wonderful experience. We were taken by how much fit in to this lovely small store. This is a great place to check out with your grandkids, kids, other family and friends. You need to check out Maziply.”  - Ed B., Five Stars, Facebook Reviews

Ed, we highly appreciate your business and five-star review. We also can’t help but feel a little bemused by the “overwhelming” factor of entering our MA toy store. We completely agree with you for one, but it’s also intentional, because that is how we believe toy shops should be — a place that fills a child’s eyes with wonder upon walking through the doors. Thankfully, you also described Maziply toy shop as pleasant and wonderful! Thanks again, Ed. Come see us again soon!

Action Figures Online From Maziply

We have a wide variety of popular collectible action figures to choose from. From Fisher-Price Imaginext to Star Wars action figures to Marvel action figures of all sorts, shoppers are pretty much guaranteed to find something they’ll fall in love with when browsing through our diverse selection. Let’s take a look at a few action figures from some of the aforementioned brands.

Star Wars Action Figures

Who doesn’t like Star Wars? Answer: nobody — well...nobody worth spending a significant amount of time with, in our opinion anyway. And with the dawn of the newest trilogy, the current generation of younglings can experience the wonder and general awesomeness of Star Wars just like their fathers and mothers before them.

Star Wars The Last Jedi The Black Series Titanium Series Rey

If you happen to be looking for a Star Wars gift idea for the padawan in your life,  look no further than this Rey action figure. Rey is donning her trademark outfit from Tatooine, complete with her usual determined expression and blue lightsaber given to her by none other than Luke Skywalker (via proxy, anyway). A perfect Star Wars gift for any young fan of the epic saga, get your Star Wars Rey action figure for just under $19 from Maziply today! Keep in mind we also have a Finn action figure for sale, along with many others, here at Maziply.

DC Action Figures - DC Justice League 6 Inch Action Figure - Batman

We all love DC, there’s no debating that. If you don’t, we wonder how you can stand next to the truth and not see it! One of the many DC action figures for sale here at Maziply is this exceptional 6” Batman figure. He’s sporting his trademark utility belt, his rugged suit, and a few more surprises you’ll have to click through on the link above to observe. Get yours from Maziply for $12.99!

Imaginext DC Super Friends Blind Bag Season 2 or 4

If you grew up collecting sports cards, pokemon cards, or something similar, you are familiar with the concept of a “blind bag.” Now your kiddos can get that same suspenseful experience with Imaginext DC Super Friends from season 2 or 4. You get one per bag, the styles vary, and it only sets you back $4.99. Get a few from Maziply to get your gift recipient off to a good start so they can collect each character!

Shop Maziply Today!

If you are in or near Massachusetts, please come see us at our local toy shop soon! If not, we’ve still got a great selection of educational toys and collectibles to choose from online. Remember, our dedication to providing excellent customer service doesn’t only apply to our in-store customers, so if you have any questions or would like more information about a particular product or event we have coming up, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!