Cheap Schleich Horses

Cheap Schleich Horses Make Great Additions to Your Collection

We all love a good horse like we love a good deal. Fortunately for all of us, Schleich has us covered! Maziply Toys has an excellent selection of these little beauties priced to sell at $5.99 or less. Check out our Schleich horses and just sort by price.

It is now easy for you to build your child a fantastic starter collection of cheap Schleich horses.

Coldblood Horses

Coldblooded horses are not actually cold-blooded. These horses are typically large and gentle. They are used for farming and other hard work. There are only a few cheap Schleich horses of this variety because there are only a handful of breeds like this left in the world.

The Black Forest Foal is a gorgeous little thing, with a dark chocolate coat and a white mane and forehead blaze. Being one of only two Coldbloods, she would feel rather lonely if you didn’t bring home the little Clydesdale Foal as well. These two fillies would have a great time playing together and would grow into beautiful, large mares one day.

Warmblood Horses

Warmbloods were bred by mixing coldbloods with hotbloods. Sometimes they were bred to create a smaller draft horse. Other times, breeders were trying to make a calmer horse.

Most of the horses on our list of Cheap Schleich Horses fall under this category. It is not hard to see why—warmbloods are some genuinely magnificent breeds.

First off, we have the Knabstrupper Foal. This pretty little colt looks like a horse version of a Dalmatian. He has a soft white coat covered with small black spots. He will keep this lovely coat even as a stallion. As a cheap Schleich horse, this colt would make a great addition to any collection. His best friend is the little dark brown and white spotted Appaloosa Foal.

Also known in America as the Gypsy Vanner, the Tinker Foal is one of our newest additions. This breed was created by Gypsies to pull their wagons. She loves playing with the Mustang Foal, who does not seem to mind that she is just a little bigger than he is. Unlike the other horses on our list, the Mustang breed created itself out of hotblooded, coldblooded, and warmblooded horses.

The Holsteiner is thought to be the oldest breed of warmblood horses. Like others of his breed, this Holsteiner Foal has a mild temperament. He was able to jump only a few hours after he was born, so this cheap Schleich horse will happily jump right into your life and your heart. He gets along great with the Andalusian Foal and the Trakehner Foal. They all have more energy than they know what to do with, so be sure you have enough space for them to run!

No collection of cheap Schleich horses could be complete without our Tennessee Walker Foal and Quarter Horse Foal. They are both smaller horse breeds known for their calm dispositions and loyalty to their owners.

Hotblood Horses

Hotblooded horses tend to have a nervous temperament. They are the most energetic type of horse, and many show horses fall into this category. Like the coldblooded horses, hotblooded horses have fallen out of favor among breeders. As a result, there are only two of them on our list.

The English Thoroughbred Foal is a dark chestnut brown with a star on its forehead. These horses are known for their speed and agility. This filly will need a friend that can keep up with her, so be sure to grab the Paint Horse Foal. This little filly is white and tan. She has so much life in her little black eyes you might expect her to start frolicking any moment!

Starting a horse collection for your child is easy with Schleich. They are all gorgeous and intricately made. They all conform to their breed standards. Best of all, adding together the cost of every one of these cheap Schleich horses still will not bring you close to the cost of a single birthday pony!