Best Bruder ambulance toys ranked.

When it comes to finding the best Bruder ambulance toys, it can be tough to know where to start. With so many options available, how can you be sure you're picking the right one? That's where we come in. Not only are we Bruder experts, but we're also part of their invite-only Premier Retailer program. We're the authority on Bruder.

The best Bruder ambulance is the Bruder Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Ambulance with Driver and Lights & Sounds Module. It was released in 2022 as a replacement upgrade to model number 02536. Highly detailed, it includes a paramedic driver, stretcher, removable top, accessories, and a lights and sounds module.

There are currently only two Bruder ambulances in production. Our list includes three because the third is still reasonably available on the market.

In this article, we'll review the available Bruder ambulance toys on the market, so you can decide which one is right for you or your child. I will provide you with product details, specifics about working functionality, and why we ranked where we did. So let's get to it!

1. Bruder Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Ambulance with Driver and Lights & Sound Module

If you're looking for a toy ambulance with a European feel, look no further than the Bruder Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Ambulance. As I mentioned, Bruder released this toy ambulance in 2022 as a replacement to the previous model.

Bruder Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Ambulance with driver.

The detail on this toy is impeccable, right down to the Mercedes-Benz logos. Here's what excites us most about this Bruder Ambulance:

  • It includes a paramedic with a cap and a stretcher that moves in and out of the ambulance.
  • It includes two working side doors.
  • You can open up the two rear doors up to 270°.
  • The roof is removable to give you better play access to the inside of the van.
  • A module included provides lights and sounds to immerse you into play better.

We ranked this number one because it includes an upgraded light and sound module compared to the previous model, and it has a more modern color theme.

Discover more about this Bruder Ambulance here.

2. Bruder Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Fire Department Paramedic Van with Driver and Light & Sound Module

The Bruder Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Fire Department Paramedic Van is an excellent option for those looking for a toy ambulance with an added fire rescue element.

Bruder Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Fire Paramedic

What we like best about this van is:

  • It features a bright red fire-department-themed paramedic and stretcher.
  • The side doors both open and close.
  • The two rear doors can be opened up to 270°, allowing your paramedic to care for the patient quickly.
  • With the roof removed, you can get inside the van and make the most of its inside detail.
  • You can immerse yourself further with the included light and sound module.

We chose this as the number two choice because we feel that if someone is looking for a toy ambulance, this has a less common look and feel than the first. The other reason is that the sound and light module is of the previous generation.

You can buy the Bruder Fire Paramedic Sprinter at Maziply Toys.

3. Bruder Pro Series MB Sprinter Ambulance

This is the Bruder ambulance that was in 2022. You may still find some available today. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this toy ambulance. It is pretty similar to the one we ranked first. The significant differences are the painting design and that this has an older light and sound module.

Bruder MB Sprinter Ambulance with driver.

Aside from lights and sounds being slightly different, you'll find that this toy includes many of the same features and functions, such as opening doors, the included paramedic and stretcher, and remarkable detail.

This is an excellent toy ambulance. However, it does have an older light/sound module and is an older design that is harder to come by, as Bruder is no longer producing it.

Learn more about this Bruder ambulance here.

Comparison Chart

We put together a comparison chart so that you can compare models, themes, price, and what generation the light & sound module is.

Product Model Theme Light/Sound
Ambulance 02676 ER 2022 Gen
Fire Paramedic 02539 Fire Last Gen
Ambulance 02536 ER Last Gen

Other Recommended Bruder Emergency Toys

There are a couple of other nice Bruder bWorld sets that you may enjoy. These sets go great with any toy ambulance.

Emergency Services Figure Set
This includes a paramedic with tools and a female patient with crutches, casts, and bandages.

bWorld Health Station Playset
This playset includes a hospital room, doctor, patient, wheelchair, equipment, and accessories.


When it comes to toy ambulances, Bruder is known for their high quality. Their plastics are the same used in actual automobiles, so you can trust that their products will stand up to wear and tear. We also love the 1:16 scale size that Bruder makes.

We've looked at three different Bruder ambulance options in this article, each offering something unique. Whether you're looking for a modern choice with updated features, one that is fire department themed, or a more traditional design, Bruder has an ambulance for you. Our first choice is the Bruder Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Ambulance with Driver and Lights & Sound Module

Whichever Bruder ambulance you choose, you can be confident that you're getting a high-quality product that will last for years.