Super 8 Alien Bust

Super 8 Alien Bust

$ 199.95

Super 8 Alien Figure

  • The mysterious and powerful creature from Super 8 can now be yours!
  • The Super 8 Alien Bust is the largest and most complex statue QMx has ever designed
  • Limited Edition - only 300 come with a certificate of authenticity
  • Just 300 include a Super 8 name plaque

Designed by the evidently talented Neville Page of QMx, Maziply Toys & Collectibles is proud to bring you the most intricate and largest statue QMx has yet to produce. This limited edition Super 8 Alien figure features a breathtaking attention to detail in addition to its eye-catching stature. Get yours from Maziply for just under $200 today!

  • $199.95
  • 10.24� in height x 4.72� in width (26 cm x 11.99 cm)
  • Polystone
Product Super 8 Alien Bust
Manufacturer Quantum Mechanix