Bruder toys and trucks.

When it comes to toy trucks, Bruder is a big name in the game and has grown significantly in popularity throughout the years. But many claim that they're just too expensive compared to the competition. Is this valid? I decided to do some research.

Bruder trucks are more expensive because of their larger size, German engineering, higher-grade plastics, in-depth detail, focus on sustainability, and fair factory wages compared to Chinese production.

My analysis brought up a lot of interesting things to help you decide whether the Bruder cost is worth it.

Competitive Analysis

As we dig into things and uncover pieces of information that are behind the scenes, things begin to make a lot more sense. Here is a list of my findings which shows what makes a Bruder truck more expensive.

  • The 1:16 scale toys are larger than many toy trucks on the market.
  • Bruder employs German engineers.
  • Bruder uses high-grade plastics used in real automobiles.
  • They are manufactured in Germany to ensure quality.
  • They are not made in China, where manufacturing is cheaper.
  • European Union countries have stricter guidelines for factories.
  • Bruder is focused on sustainability and the environment.
  • German factories pay fair wages to their workers, compared to China.
  • Many Bruder trucks are licensed, which results in additional costs.
  • Bruder focuses heavily on the fine details, making them more realistic.

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Skid Steer Comparison (Low Price-Point)

Bruder Toys vs TOMY skid steer comparison.

To start, I took a look at the four most popular 1:16 scale skid steer toys on the market and gathered some data on each:

  • Bruder Toys CAT Skid Steer Loader
  • Diecast Masters CAT 272D2 Skid Steer Loader
  • ERTL John Deere 320E Skid Steer Loader
  • TOMY Big Farm John Deer Skid Loader

The table below gives you a quick analysis of some things to be aware of:

1:16 Skid Steer Origin Material Price
Bruder CAT DE Plastic 22.75
Diecast Masters CN Diecast 81.99
ERTL John Deere CH Diecast 66.99
TOMY John Deere CN Plastic 21.99


To be fair, the diecast skid steers are expected to be significantly more expensive, so the TOMY product is the one to compare.

Bruder is made in Germany, while TOMY is made in China.

Chinese and German manufacturing is very different. German manufacturers have more stringent guidelines for quality, the workforce is paid better, and sustainability tends to be better in the European Union compared to China.

All these things mean that it should be significantly more expensive, but it's not. When we consider all of this, Bruder offers one of the best values for a 1:16 scale skid steer.

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Bruder vs Tonka (Middle Price-Point)

Bruder Toys vs Tonka Comparison of Dump Trucks

Next, let's look at something a little bigger. Tonka does not make licensed vehicles such as CAT, MACK, MAN, etc. This makes the product less expensive to make.

For this reason, we're going to compare the following dump trucks:

  • Bruder Toys XD 5000 Dump Truck
  • Tonka Toughest Mighty Dump
Brand Origin Material Price
Bruder DE Plastic 39.75
Tonka CN Mix 39.99


We talked about it already, but Bruder being made in Germany should be far more expensive, but it's not. However, that is offset by the fact that Tonka is a mixture of plastic and metal.

The big difference here is when we look at the detail between the two. Tonka is very basic, while Bruder is known for its detail.

I believe that this is a close one and more about preference. Do you prefer something more simple or something more detailed? Despite their marketing efforts, I can't ask if you like metal to plastic because Tonka is a mix.

Be sure to learn more about the Bruder XD 5000 Dump Truck.

Firetruck Comparison (Higher Price-Point)

Bruder Toys vs Playmobil fire truck comparison.

In this following analysis, I wanted to compare some fire trucks. While I'm trying to keep them at a 1:16 scale for the study, I want to include Playmobil in the mix since we sell a lot of them, and I often see customers compare them. We will be comparing the following:

  • Bruder Toys MAN Fire Engine with Sound Module
  • Bruder Toys MACK Granite Fire Engine with Sound Module
  • Playmobil Fire Ladder Unit with Sound
Product Origin Size Price
Bruder MAN DE 1:16 72.99
Bruder MACK DE 1:16 125.25
Playmobil DE 1:24 84.99


Regarding manufacturing, we're at an equal level here, as both are made in Germany. The size advantage goes to Bruder, as it is more significant.

The Playmobil fire truck is more comparable to the Bruder MAN fire truck. Bruder is also going to be a larger truck.

I don't know about you, but I feel The Bruder MAN Fire Engine is the clear winner.

Don't forget to learn more about the Bruder MAN Fire Engine and the Bruder MACK Granite Fire Engine.

Are Bruder Trucks Worth It?

We took a look at a few comparisons. We had some interesting discoveries when we took them and compared them side-by-side.

Bruder trucks and toys are priced competitively well compared to other toy vehicles of the same size. This is especially true when factoring that Bruder toys are German-made and sustainable and have fair worker wages compared to Chinese factories.

If we want to compare whether Bruder is worth it, let's not make it about just price. Instead, we want to consider the larger picture.

When visiting a toy store and considering a Bruder toy, it doesn't matter if we're looking at a garbage truck, trash truck, snow plows, or cement mixer.

They make larger vehicles made with higher quality plastic, are German-engineered by a highly sustainable company, take care of their factory workers, have licenses on most of their vehicles, and are highly detailed.

Considering all of this, I would say that Bruder trucks are definitely worth it. But forget my opinion. Ask your little one. Kids love Bruder!

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