What are Mythic Legions? Mythic Legions are highly detailed and customizable action figures with a fantasy theme, created by Four Horsemen Studios.
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What Are Mythic Legions: The Customizable Fantasy Figures You Need to Know About

Are you a fan of fantasy and action figures? Do you love toys that let you unleash your creativity and build your own unique characters? If so, you need to know about Mythic Legions. In this article, we'll answer the question 'What are Mythic Legions?' and introduce you to the world of these highly detailed, customizable action figures.

Mythic Legions are a line of highly detailed and customizable action figures with a fantasy theme. Created by Four Horsemen Studios, each figure features intricate sculpting, detailed paint applications, and a wide range of interchangeable parts and accessories. The line includes various characters, including knights, elves, orcs, and more. Mythic Legions are designed for collectors who enjoy creating and displaying unique, personalized figures.

If you're curious about the world of Mythic Legions, there's much more to discover. In the following sections, we'll look at the different types of figures available, explore the customization options in more detail, and introduce you to some of the most popular characters in the line. Whether you're a longtime collector or a newcomer to action figures, you will want to take advantage of this deep dive into Mythic Legions' exciting and creative world.

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What Are Mythic Legions?

Mythic Legions logo with a background of Mythoss, home to the Mythic Legions collectible action figures>

Mythic Legions are not your ordinary action figures - they're the ultimate fantasy collectibles that allow you to unleash your creativity and imagination. The talented Four Horsemen Studios created these highly detailed and customizable toys. They're truly a work of art.

Each Mythic Legions figure is crafted with intricate sculpting and detailed paint applications, bringing the fantasy world to life. But what really sets them apart is the customization options. Every figure has a wide range of interchangeable parts and accessories, allowing you to create unique characters.

Whether you're a fan of knights, elves, orcs, dwarves, or any other fantasy archetype, there's a Mythic Legions figure that's perfect for you. And with each figure fully poseable and articulated, you can create dynamic and dramatic scenes straight out of your imagination.

Mythic Legions is constantly expanding, with new figures and accessories being released regularly. This means you can continue building and expanding your collection, creating new and exciting characters with each release.

Here are some things to note that will give you a better idea of what Mythic Legions have to offer:

  • Each figure is highly detailed and features intricate sculpting and paint applications.
  • The figures are fully customizable, with various interchangeable parts and accessories.
  • Mythic Legions figures are perfect for fantasy fans, with characters ranging from knights and elves to orcs and goblins.
  • The figures are fully poseable and articulated, allowing for various dynamic poses and scenes.
  • With new figures and accessories being released regularly, Mythic Legions is constantly expanding and evolving.

So if you're looking for the ultimate collectible for fantasy fans and action figure enthusiasts, look no further than Mythic Legions. With their incredible detail, customization options, and endless possibilities for imaginative play, these figures will surely capture your imagination and become a beloved part of your collection.

Fully Customizable Action Figures with Unbeatable Detailing

Mythic Legions figures are different from your ordinary action figures. They are incredibly detailed and can be customized in endless ways! Created by Four Horsemen Studios, these figures are set in a fantasy world called Mythoss, which is home to different characters and factions. Here's what makes these action figures stand out from the rest:

  • Highly Articulated: These action figures are designed to move and pose in almost any position, making them perfect for collectors who love dynamic displays.
  • Endless Customization Options: Each figure comes with interchangeable parts and accessories, giving you the power to create your unique version of your favorite character from the Mythoss universe.
  • Unmatched Detailing: The intricate designs and attention to detail in each figure is unbeatable in the industry. The level of detail will blow you away!

Are you starting to see how you can unleash your creativity and let your imagination run wild with Mythic Legions!

Multiple Waves of Figures

The popularity of the Mythic Legions line has led to multiple waves of figures being released. Each wave includes new characters and factions from the world of Mythoss.

Wave Figures Date
Mythic Legions 1.0 34 2015
Eathyron's Dozen 13 2015
Mythic Legions 1.5 6 2016
Covenant of Shadow 8 2016
All-Stars 1 6 2016
Advent of Decay 43 2017
Coliseum 8 2017
All-Stars 2 11 2018
Soul Spiller 8 2018
Siege at Bjorngar 5 2018
Wasteland 6 2019
Arethyr 10 2019
All-Stars 3 7 2020
Equaddron 6 2020
Illythia 11 2020
War of the Aetherblade 6 2021
All-Stars 4 7 2021
Deluxe Legion Builders 1 6 2021
Legion Builder Reinforcements 7 2022
Poxxus 10 2022
All Stars Trolls 2 2022
All-Stars 5+ 5 2023
Necronominus 22 2023


The Dedicated Following Among Collectors

Unsurprisingly, Mythic Legions has gained a dedicated following among collectors. The attention to detail and customization options make these figures stand out from other action figure lines on the market.

Collectors have gone to great lengths to acquire rare and exclusive figures from various releases. Some have even created custom dioramas and displays to showcase their collections.

One reason collectors love Mythic Legions so much is because it allows them to express their creativity. With so many customization options available, there's no limit to what can be created with these figures.

Customization in Mythic Legions: Unleashing Your Inner Artisan

Endless Possibilities of Customization

Mythic Legions is not just a regular action figure line - it's a whole creative world with endless customization possibilities.

Each figure has interchangeable parts and accessories that allow collectors to create unique and personalized characters. From knights to orcs, the only limit is your imagination!

Adding Value with Customization

Customization also adds value to your figures. Customized pieces stand out in collections, making them more valuable to potential buyers.

On the secondary market, modified figures sometimes fetch higher prices than unmodified ones.

The Community of Customization

The Mythic Legions community is highly engaged in customization.

Many share their creations and techniques on social media and forums, encouraging creativity and innovation in the hobby. This collaboration fosters a sense of community among collectors and helps to keep the hobby fresh and exciting.

Techniques for Customizing

There are many techniques for customizing Mythic Legions figures, each with benefits and challenges. Here are some popular methods:

  • Painting: change the color scheme or add details to existing parts. Painting requires skill and patience but can produce stunning results.
  • Kitbashing: combine parts from different figures to create new designs. It requires careful planning and experimentation but can result in truly unique creations.
  • 3D printing: create custom parts or accessories not available through official channels. While it requires specialized knowledge, it opens up even more possibilities for customization.

Benefits of Customization

Customization provides an opportunity for self-expression through creative outlets like painting or sculpting. This expression can be therapeutic and rewarding, providing a sense of accomplishment and pride in one's work.

Customization also encourages experimentation and innovation within the hobby. By sharing their creations and techniques with others, collectors inspire each other to push the boundaries of what is possible with Mythic Legions figures.

The Artistic Design of Mythic Legions Figures

Creating Mythic Legions Figures: A Collaborative Effort

Mythic Legions figures are the product of hard work and dedication from Four Horsemen Studios, artists, sculptors, and designers who collaborate to create a meticulously designed and highly detailed world of Mythoss.

Mythic Characters: Backstories and Personalities

The world of Mythoss has a range of unique and distinctive characters, each with its backstory and personality.

Characters like Leodysseus, Necronominus, Poxxus, Arethyr, Eathyron, and Bassylia all play a crucial role in the mythos of the Mythic Legions universe. Each character has its own story to tell through its design.

The Four Horsemen Studios pride themselves on creating figures that are visually stunning and have depth and meaning behind them. They strive to create characters that collectors can connect with emotionally. For example, Leodysseus represents a hero who has been corrupted by power, while Necronominus embodies pure evil.

Meticulous Planning and Quality Control

The production process for every Mythic Legions figure involves meticulous planning and quality control to capture every design detail. Here are the steps in the process:

  • Concept art creation: This serves as a blueprint for sculptors who will bring these characters to life in three dimensions.
  • Prototype creation: Sculptors begin working on creating prototypes using digital sculpting software or traditional clay sculpting techniques. These prototypes go through several revisions until they meet the high standards set by Four Horsemen Studios.
  • Quality control during mass production: Each figure goes through several rounds of quality control to ensure that the final product meets the high standards set by Four Horsemen Studios. This attention to detail ensures that every figure is of the highest quality.

The goal is to create figures that are visually stunning and emotionally resonant for collectors to connect with on a personal level.

Overview of the Characters in Mythic Legions

Okay, here's the section I'm sure you're excited to explore.

Knights: The Chivalrous Protectors of Mythic Legions

The knights in Mythic Legions are the epitome of chivalry and honor. These characters are inspired by medieval knights with their armor, swords, and shields. Each knight has a unique backstory and personality, making them stand out.

One of the most popular knights in Mythic Legions is Sir Gideon Heavensbrand. He is known for his bravery and loyalty to his kingdom. His armor is adorned with intricate designs, and he carries a sword that glows in the dark.

Another notable knight is Sir Owain, a member of the Silver Order. He has a silver suit of armor and wields a mighty hammer that can crush any enemy in his path.

Elves: The Graceful Archers of Mythic Legions

The elves in Mythic Legions are graceful creatures with pointed ears and long hair. They are skilled archers who use their bows to take down enemies from afar. Each elf character has its unique backstory and abilities.

One of the most popular Mythic Legions elves is Faunus, known for his agility and speed. He wears green armor that blends well with nature, making him difficult to spot by enemies.

Another notable elf character is Raygorr, who was once an elven prince but was cursed into becoming a beast-like creature. Despite this curse, he still retains his elven skills as an archer.

Dwarves: The Stout Warriors of Mythic Legions

The dwarves in Mythic Legions are stout warriors who excel at close combat. They have thick beards and wear heavy armor that protects them from harm. Each dwarf character has its unique backstory and abilities.

One of the most popular dwarves in Mythic Legions is Thord Ironjaw, who wields a massive hammer that can shatter rocks. He is known for his strength and resilience, making him a formidable opponent in battle.

Another notable dwarf character is Kronnaw, an expert at mining and crafting weapons. He wears a suit of armor made from the finest metals, making him nearly invincible in combat.

Orcs: The Brutal Warriors of Mythic Legions

The orcs in Mythic Legions are brutal warriors who use their strength to overpower enemies. Their green skin and sharp teeth make them fearsome opponents on the battlefield. Each orc character has its unique backstory and abilities.

One of the most popular orcs in Mythic Legions is Kkurzog, known for his brutality and cunningness. He wields a massive axe that can cleave through armor with ease.

Another notable orc character is Urkku, who was once enslaved but rose to become a powerful warrior. He wears spiked armor that can injure enemies who try to attack him.

Goblins: The Sneaky Tricksters of Mythic Legions

The goblins in Mythic Legions are sneaky creatures who use their wit to outsmart enemies. Their small bodies and pointed ears make them difficult to spot in the shadows. Each goblin character has its unique backstory and abilities.

One of the most popular goblins in Mythic Legions is Gwendolynne Heavensbrand, Sir Gideon's sister. She uses her agility and speed to dodge attacks while attacking with her daggers.

Another notable goblin character is Baron Volligar, who was once a nobleman but was cursed into becoming a goblin by an evil sorcerer. Despite this curse, he retains his noble personality and uses his intelligence to outsmart enemies.

Demons: The Diabolical Creatures of Mythic Legions

The demons in Mythic Legions are diabolical creatures from hell who seek to destroy everything in their path. They have red skin and horns, making them terrifying to behold. Each demon character has its unique backstory and abilities.

One of the most popular demons in Mythic Legions is Azza Spiritbender, who was once a powerful sorcerer but was corrupted by dark magic. He uses his powers to summon spirits and control enemies.

Another notable demon character is Malynna, a succubus who feeds on her victims' life force. She uses her seductive charm to lure enemies into her trap before attacking them with her claws.

Female Characters: The Strong and Diverse Heroes of Mythic Legions

Mythic Legions also features female characters with strong and diverse designs and personalities. These characters are not just sidekicks or love interests but are heroes in their own right. Each female character has a unique backstory and abilities.

One of the most popular female characters in Mythic Legions is Artemyss Silverchord, an elven archer known for her beauty and grace. She wears silver armor that complements her long hair.

Another notable female character is Xarria, a demon hunter known for her bravery and determination. She wields a sword made from holy silver that can harm even the strongest demons.

The Storyline and World of Mythic Legions

Are you curious about the rich and fascinating world of Mythoss, the setting for Mythic Legions? Let's explore the history, geography, and factions of this vast and mystical universe.

The History of Mythoss

The realm of Mythoss is steeped in history and mythology, dating back to the world's creation. According to legend, Mythoss was created by a god-like being known as the Creator, who also created the four elemental gods and goddesses that rule over the elements of Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire. The creation of the universe led to the rise of many races, each with their own culture and history.

The Geography of Mythoss

Mythoss is a vast and diverse realm filled with towering mountains, dense forests, sprawling cities, and treacherous swamps. The geography of Mythoss is split into several distinct regions, each with its own unique landmarks and cultures. These regions include the Northern Reaches, the Wastelands, the Eastern Territories, and more.

The Factions of Mythoss

Mythic Legions Factions of Mythoss include Army of Leodysseus, Order of Eathyron, Convocation of Bassylia, Xylona's Flock, House of the Noble Bear, Legion of Arethyr, Congregaton of Necronominus, Circle of Poxxus, Illythia's Brood, and Sons of the Red Star.

Mythoss is home to numerous factions, each with its own motivations and agendas. Some factions have a long-standing history of conflict, while others work together to achieve common goals.

Mythic Legions is divided into ten factions that play a crucial role in the larger story of The Realm of Mythoss. These factions are broken down into four heroic groups, four evil ones, and two splinter factions. Each is unique and offers a diverse range of characters to collect and enjoy.

Army of Leodysseus

Led by the heroic Leodysseus, this faction represents the noble defenders of the Realm of Mythoss. They aim to protect the land from evil forces and maintain peace and prosperity. They are known for their bravery and unwavering commitment to justice.

Order of Eathyron

The Order of Eathyron is a group of powerful wizards and sorcerers who seek to uncover the universe's secrets. They are known for their arcane knowledge and mastery of magic, which they use to defend the realm against dark forces.

Convocation of Bassylia

The Convocation of Bassylia is a group of healers and defenders devoted to preserving life. They are known for their compassion and selflessness. They often work closely with the Army of Leodysseus to protect the realm.

Xylona's Flock

Xylona's Flock is a group of shape-shifting creatures closely connected to the natural world. They are known for their agility and stealth and are often employed as scouts and spies by the Army of Leodysseus.

House of the Noble Bear

The House of the Noble Bear is a group of warriors fiercely loyal to their leader, Attlus the Conqueror. They are known for their strength and ferocity in battle and often serve as shock troops in conflicts with enemy factions.

Legion of Arethyr

The Legion of Arethyr is a group of knights dedicated to upholding the ideals of chivalry and honor. They are known for their bravery and courage, and they often ride into battle on horseback, wielding weapons of great power.

Congregation of Necronominus

The Congregation of Necronominus is a group of dark priests and necromancers who worship dark gods and seek to bring about the world's end. They are known for their mastery of death magic and ability to raise the dead to do their bidding.

Circle of Poxxus

The Circle of Poxxus is a group of twisted alchemists and scientists who seek to create new and powerful weapons of war. They are known for their ruthless experimentation and their willingness to sacrifice anything and anyone to achieve their goals.

Illythia's Brood

Illythia's Brood is a group of dark elves who are masters of deception and intrigue. They are known for their guile and cunning and often work behind the scenes to manipulate events to their advantage.

Sons of the Red Star

The Sons of the Red Star is a group of barbarians living on the realm's fringes. They are known for their wild and unpredictable behavior and often ally themselves with other factions for their own benefit.

Key Storyline Takeaways

  • Mythoss is a vast and mystical universe filled with history, mythology, and various races.
  • The realm of Mythoss is divided into different regions, each with unique landmarks and cultures.
  • The world of Mythoss is home to multiple factions, each with motivations and agendas.

Whether you're a longtime collector of Mythic Legions figures or a newcomer to the universe of Mythoss, understanding the lore behind these figures adds a whole new level of depth and meaning to your collection.

What's Next for Mythic Legions?

With the ever-expanding line of Mythic Legion figures, what could be next? While some are speculative, here are some things we would love to see.

  • Continuous release of new figures
  • More Kickstarter campaigns
  • Exploration of new themes and genres
  • Collaboration with other toy companies, studios, and artists
  • Creation of a video game or animated series

Where Can You Buy Mythic Legions?

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Wrapping Up: The Mythic Legions Universe and Its Endless Possibilities

Mythic Legions is a unique line of action figures that have captured the hearts of collectors and fans alike. With its incredible attention to detail, stunning artistic design, and endless customization options, it's no wonder why this toy line has become so popular.

If you're new to the world of Mythic Legions, there are a few essential key points and takeaways that you should keep in mind.

  • Mythic Legions is a line of highly detailed and customizable action figures produced by Four Horsemen Studios.
  • The figures are set in the world of Mythoss, a fantasy realm created by Four Horsemen Studios that features various factions and characters.
  • Collectors can create their own unique version of their favorite character from the Mythoss universe through customization.
  • Each character has a unique backstory and personality, which can be further explored through customizations and displays.

Secondly, the artistic design of these figures is truly breathtaking. Every character is intricately detailed and beautifully crafted, making them a true work of art in their own right. Whether you're a fantasy fan or appreciate great design, there's no denying that Mythic Legions has something unique.

Thirdly, the storyline and world-building behind Mythic Legions are rich and engaging. With a vast array of characters and factions to explore, there's always something new to discover in this fantastical universe.

So, if you want to unleash your inner artisan and dive into the world of Mythic Legions, remember: the only limit is your imagination, and the possibilities are leg-iondary!