What Are Bruder Toys Made Of - Bruder toys being made.

Here is a thing about Bruder toys, they look beautiful and are very well made in their packaging boxes. When looking at how the toy parts shine, you can be confused if the toys are made of metal or plastic. So, what are Bruder toys made of?

Bruder toys are often made of high-quality plastic, similar to those used in automotive parts. As a result, it has a sheen that looks almost like metal. Bruder also recycles plastics from their toy parts, which helps the company to be more environmentally friendly.

This article discusses what Bruder toys are made of, as well as some relevant questions you may have about Bruder toys themselves. These include if the toys are made of metal or if they are durable.

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What Are Bruder Toys Made Of?

Per their website, Bruder toys are made of high-quality plastics, similar to those used in car parts. This makes the plastic durable and carries a unique sheen. These plastics are put through mold injection machines and then sprayed with color to make toys.

In its earlier history in the 20s, Bruder does use metal to make their toy parts. Before the advent of plastics, Paul Bruder (the founder of Bruder toys) used a press to press out brass reeds for toy trumpets. This made sense since plastics did not really make it into large-scale production well into the 50s.

However, Paul's son Heinz decided to introduce plastic parts manufacturing to its toys. He started by bringing in some plastic mold injection machines in 1958. Since then, Bruder has experimented, improved, and refined the plastic molding and production process so that the resulting plastic toys are of the high quality it is today.

In fact, the plastic parts are so well made that you may sometimes think it is metal when looking at them. Such is the quality of Bruder toys.

What Are Bruder Trucks Made Of?

Like most of its toys, Bruder trucks are made of high-quality plastics. These plastics are injected into finely made molds to produce individual truck parts. These parts are then given color paint and assembled to become the Bruder toys popular with so many.

Bruder makes toy models related to industries, such as tractors, vehicles, motorcycles, ambulances, police cars, etc. Bruder also makes human figurines, which are more elaborate and human-like compared to those from LEGO.

One of the best-selling toys is their trucks, which can be further broken down into many styles - cargo trucks, fire trucks, plow trucks, etc. These trucks are also made with high-quality plastics similar to those used in automotive parts.

This means these plastics carry the natural sheen car plastic parts have. The plastics should also be smooth to the touch and last long. These plastics are pushed into a finely made mold before being given a paint coating and assembled to form Bruder trucks.

Are Bruder Toys Metal?

Currently, most of Bruder's toys are made of high-quality automotive plastics. However, at some point in their history, Bruder did produce toy parts out of metal. Modern Bruder toys can be mistaken for metal when made with plastic due to the sheen its toys give out.

You may sometimes be confused when looking at a Bruder toy, especially from the packaging. The parts, although plastic, can look like they are made of metals. This is because of the plastics used. Bruder uses high-quality plastics, similar to those used in the automotive industry.

For example, when you observe the type of plastics used in the car dashboard, they tend to carry that sheen and soft shine that makes the plastic look premium. On top of that, it has a luxurious feel and does not feel cheap. Modern Bruder toys are made of these types of plastics.

However, in the earliest days of Bruder toys, it started by producing brass trumpet reeds using a press machine. Bruder only started producing plastic toys and parts starting in 1958.

Where Does Bruder Source Their Materials From?

Bruder does not claim in detail where they source their materials from. Still, they have mentioned that they source and produce within the European Union. Given the European Union's high standards of environment protection and labor laws, Bruder's source of materials would likely be ethical.

With many consumers, there is a generic growth and concern about how their favorite brands source their materials from. There is a stronger push for fair trade practices, where the materials are sourced ethically, and the producers are paid a living and honorable wage.

In short, people want to support companies and brands that 'pass down' more benefits to the materials producers. They loathe companies that monopolize profits by squeezing the material producers hard yet slap a high price on their customers.

When it comes to Bruder, It is known that Bruder produces within the European Union. However, further details are unavailable, aside from the fact that they have plants in Würth, Germany, and Pilsen, Czech Republic.

Since the European Union has strict laws on environmental protection and labor laws, we can safely assume that Bruder probably applies laws that are ethical and fair, as well as its suppliers.

How Long Do Bruder Toys Last?

It is known that Bruder toys are long-lasting and, with proper care, may even be handed down as an heirloom. This is because of the high-quality plastics and finishing used, ensuring that the plastics are well protected and do not deteriorate too fast over time. Bruder toys also take heavy use well.

Bruder toys are made of high-quality plastics used in the automotive industry. As such, we can make an informed judgment on how long Bruder toys' longevity is by looking at how car plastic parts last.

In general, automotive plastics tend to be premium plastics, with a better sheen and premium feel than regular plastics. Automotive plastics also tend to last long, as they are designed to last a car's lifetime. In fact, it is common to see a car completely breaking down, but the plastics are still in good condition.

This means you can assume the same for Bruder toys. In fact, Bruder toys are well sought after and collected by many as collections. Many are also handed down to the next generation as heirloom toys.

Another thing about the use of high-quality plastics is that it made Bruder toys more long-lasting and able to take heavy-uses well. In fact, Bruder has made it their quality promise to make toys that are 'just like the real thing, and as durable as possible.

Another aspect that helps Bruder toys to last long is its availability of spare parts. If parts of your Bruder toy are broken, you can always purchase a spare part from Bruder and repair the toy. This reduces wastage and allows the toys to last longer.

Are Bruder Toys Safe for Children?

Bruder toys are certified to be safe for children. All Bruder toys use non-toxic plastics and have been certified as safe in the EU (EN71 certification) and the US (ASTM certification). Bruder also has age limit information shown on its toy packaging to ensure the safety of the children playing with their toys.

Being a responsible toy maker, Bruder has made an effort to ensure that its toys are safe for children. As a start, Bruder claims that their high-quality plastics are non-toxic. This means Bruder toys should not have poisonous materials harmful to humans, such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, BPA, etc.

On top of that, Bruder's toys are also checked and tested to avoid injury to children. For example, Bruder is less likely to recommend the toy to younger children if a certain toy has small parts. This is because very young toddlers or children have a habit of putting things into their mouths and may choke themselves.

These efforts have brought Bruder certifications and recognitions. In Europe, Bruder's toys are certified with EN71 certification, while in the US, Bruder is certified with ASTM certification.