What age is Bruder for? Boy playing with Bruder toys

Bruder makes some of the most popular and well made toy vehicles and commands a legion of fans. Some buy them as gifts for children, while some buy them for their collections. Being a toy, Bruder has recommendations on what age range is best enjoyed by children.

Bruder toys are recommended for ages two to ten years old. The Roadmax Series is recommended for ages two and up. The Professional Series is recommended for ages three or four (depending on the model) and up. bWorld toys are recommended for ages five and up. There is also a collector market for Bruder toys among adults as well.

This article discusses the best age to enjoy Bruder toys and why Bruder may not suit children too young. We also explore if adults can find enjoyment in Bruder toys and if there are similar toys more suitable for children aged 10 and up.

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What Age Is Bruder For?

When shopping for toys, people tend to like Bruder, as their models are very well made, last longer, and are safe for children. However, many also wonder if there is a suitable age range for Bruder toys.

Bruder's own website recommends that their toys are best enjoyed by children from ages two to ten. Toys from the Pro series may only suit children ages three to ten. Bruder never mentioned the reason behind the recommendations. Still, perhaps Bruder worries that their toys may present a choking hazard or be too big for them.

When you look at Bruder's website, they recommend the following age range for their toys:

  • Roadmax Series - children age 2 and up.
  • Pro Series - children age 3 or 4 and up.
  • bWorld - children age 4 and up.

Bruder mentions that Roadmax series toys may be more suitable for younger children as they come in brighter colors and fun designs. These toys can also be played with indoors and outdoors.

Roadmax models are also more affordable than the Pro or the bWorld series. If you consider that children often do not treat their toys well, you would not feel as much pain seeing the toys full of mud and dirt.

Why Can't You Give Bruder Toys To Children Younger Than Two Years Old?

When you look at the recommendations from Bruder, you will notice that the toys are unsuitable for younger children under two. Maybe this leads you to wonder why Bruder toys cannot be given to younger children.

Bruder toys may present a choking hazard to younger children. Some Bruder toys also are large and heavier, which may be hard for young children to play with. They also have intricate parts that may hurt younger children.

Choking Hazard

Some toy sets, such as those from the bWorld and Pro series, may feature finer and smaller parts, such as human figurines or accessories. These finer and smaller parts can easily present a choking hazard to young children.

For example, the vehicle itself should not be an issue when you look at the Krone Big Pack Haymaker (02033). Still, when you look at the accessories that come with it, it is a choking hazard. These block hay bales may easily end up in the mouth and be swallowed by children. Perhaps that is why this particular model is recommended for only children aged 4 and up.

In many cases, babies and children tend to put everything into their mouths at a very young age. This is part of a baby's development. Oral exploration helps babies and young children better discover things' tastes and textures. It could also be a sign of possible dental development.

The Toys May Be Too Big and Heavy

Aside from smaller parts presenting choking hazards, the toys may also be too large and heavy to play with. Younger children tend to lack physical strength and the ability to manipulate larger toys. This means they may not be able to enjoy Bruder well.

For example, an 18-month-old toddler may not be able to squat by a small sand hill and push and pull a bulldozer Bruder toy while trying to scoop up some sand. This means 1.5-year-old children may not be able to enjoy Bruder toys in full.

Fine Motor Skills Haven't Been Mastered Enough

Some Bruder toys, such as those from the Pro and bWorld series, may feature finer controls, which younger children may not be able to control. For example, some Bruder vehicle toys can be steered, while some bulldozer tractors may feature movable hands.

Children at a very young age are still developing fine motor skills, which means they still struggle to perform fine movements such as writing or eating with a spoon. This means they may not be able to play and enjoy Bruder toys in full since they may not be able to perform things such as:

  • Moving the hands and scoop of the bulldozer or tractor
  • Open the doors and hood of certain vehicle models
  • Push and steer the vehicle models by controlling the mini steering wheel.

Intricate Parts May Hurt Young Children

Another reason why Bruder toys may not suit really young children is that they may get hurt. Some Bruder toys feature intricate designs and may have deep gaps. For example, in-vehicle toy models, there may be a gap between the wheels and the wheel arch.

In most cases, older children either know that they should not put their hands in between the gap or that if they try, their larger fingers may not fit into those gaps. However, young children may try to stick their hands into these gaps and trap their fine little fingers.

Can Adults Enjoy Bruder Toys?

Now that Bruder officially recommends that their toys are best enjoyed by children, how about adults? Can adults enjoy Bruder Toys?

Adults can draw enjoyment from Bruder toys, although they may not be in the same capacity as children. Adults tend to enjoy Bruder toys by collecting or admiring the finer and detailed construction of the toys. Some treat Bruder toys as investable assets, as older Bruder models may appreciate in price

NOTE: We are not investment advisors and are not making any investment recommendations here. We are just noting what we have seen in the market in recent years.

Aside from children, you may find it surprising that adults are one of Bruder's biggest 'players.' However, they do not enjoy the toys the way children would.

Collection Building

Adults tend to enjoy Bruder toys as a collection. Many adults purchase Bruder models that they like and collect them. The collection can range from focusing on brands, or types of vehicles. Some also enjoy collecting figurines from the bWorld series. These figurines can be as well hunted as LEGO figurines.

Appreciation Of Fine Craftsmanship

Some adults enjoy admiring the fine handiwork of a Bruder toy model. Bruder builds their toys in detail, ensuring their models are as close as possible to the real thing. As a result, many adults may consider purchasing Bruder models as a way to 'own' some of these vehicles, similar to how adults may collect HotWheels or Tomica vehicle models.

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Bruder toys are also starting to develop some investment potential, as older, less available Bruder models are starting to appreciate in price. As a result, some adults purchase Bruder models and keep them in their individual packaging long-term to benefit from future price appreciation.

Conversion To Remote Control Car

Some adults purchase Bruder models and convert them into RC vehicles. This may require technical and engineering skills, but it is gaining traction with many Bruder enthusiasts. It helps that Bruder toys are made to be very similar to the original vehicle. This makes the effort to convert and install RC parts into the toy worthy.

Are There Better Toys Than Bruder For Children Over 10?

Well, suppose you are shopping for toys for children and just discovered that Bruder may not work well for children over 10. Are there better options?

Consider vehicle-based toys, such as LEGO Technic, that present more challenges to older children. Children can work on more basic LEGO Technic models while improving their fine motor skills and logical reasoning. You can also spend time building the model with the child too.

Suppose you plan to purchase a vehicle-based toy for your child, yet Bruder may be too basic for them. In that case, consider LEGO Technic models.

LEGO Technic presents more challenges and may support older children's technical, mental and emotional development. They learn to apply logical reasoning skills to build the vehicle up, learn to exercise patience along the way, and improve their hand-eye coordination. These skills are much more suitable for children above the age of 10.

On top of that, you can easily spend time building the model with the child, meaning you get to spend some time bonding with your child, killing two birds with one stone.