Top 25 Toys this Christmas

The holidays are just around the corner, so we decided to put together the top 25 toys for Christmas. These are some of the best selling or highest anticipated toys that will be available (hopefully) for the holidays. 

slow rising squishies

Slow Rising Squishies

Slow rising squishies have recently gained popularity and will continue so through the holidays. They are squishable toys that come in a variety of shapes, forms, objects and most commonly, food. They sometimes have faces or designs on them as well. You'll also find that some are scented as well. These fall under the fidget or novelty category.

ty mini boos

Ty Mini Boos

Ty has a deep history of collectibility, starting with the famous Beanie Babies craze in the 90s. Ty's most successful product today is the line of Beanie Boos. To jump on the blind trend, they released a line of collectible figures, based on Beanie Boos, called Mini Boos.

LEGO City Advent Calendar

LEGO Advent Calendars - before holidays

While not something you'll want to wait to get for Christmas, this is one of the most popular toys during the holiday season. Each day, you'll get to open a new mini LEGO set or figure, starting on December 1st. It's fun for the whole family to count down to Christmas.

Crazy Aaron's Thnking Putty

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

You can pop them, stretch them, squish them, and so much more. Each piece of putty comes in its own tin and has a unique feature about it. They don't dry up if left out and don't leave a residue on your hands. These will make great stocking stuffers!



PopSockets are great little items that go on the back of your cell phone to improve functionality as well as add a sense of one's style.



Fingerlings will be one of those tough toys to find this year. However, a new ones will release the week leading to Christmas. Be careful not to overpay on these, as this is expected to be one of those products that are overpriced until Christmas and will then drop in price. Fingerlings are interactive animals that hang out on your fingers.

Supsend Game

Suspend Game

Suspend is a fun game for the entire family. Have younger ones? There's also Suspend Junior. This game is a balancing challenge to be the first person with no pieces left. It's one of our favorite games.

Ty Beanie Boos - Slush the Dog

Ty Beanie Boos

Another product from Ty is the incredibly popular Beanie Boos line. These adorable plush animals are noted for their big cute eyes and red hear-shaped tag.

Fashems and Mashems

Fash'Ems & Mash'Ems

Made by the same company, Fash'Ems and Mash'Ems are another popular blind novelty product. they are squishable mini figures of some of your favorite characters. 

Ravensburger 3D Disney Castle Puzzle

Ravensburger 3D Disney Castle Puzzle

This is the ultimate 3D puzzle! Ravensburger has brought us a giant 3D Disney Castle. This will be another tough one to find during the holidays (luckily, we stocked up).

Melissa and Doug Chefs Kitchen

Melissa and Doug Chefs Kitchen

Melissa and Doug is known for their quality toys and they've done it again with the Chefs Kitchen. 

Imaginext by Fisher-Price

Imaginext Figures

Imaginext is made by Fisher-Price and is one of the most popular lines of figures for kids from 3 to 8. They come as super heroes, pirates, dinosaurs, and so much more! You can get just figures, you can get sets with both figures and vehicles. You can even get giant play sets.

Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set

Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set

Melissa and Doug is on the list again with this fun cutting fruit set that even makes a realistic sound of cutting fruit.

LEGO Ninjago Movie Sets

LEGO Ninjago Movie Sets

With the recent release of the new LEGO Ninjago movie and the incredible popularity of the number one toy brand in the world, these will be tough to get as we close in on the holidays. Be sure to get these early in the season!

Melissa and Doug Large Plush

Large Plush Animals

One of our best sellers during the holidays has always been large plush animals, and we don't expect this year to be any different. Melissa and Doug makes some of the best quality large plush at reasonable prices.

Deluxe Wooden Standing Art Easel

Deluxe Wooden Standing Art Easel

Another fantastic toy from Melissa and Doug is this Wooden Art Easel. It features a whiteboard on one side, blackboard on the other side, and has a holder for rolling paper as well.

Play-Doh Cans

Play-Doh Cans

This is self-explanatory as one of the most popular toys in history. Kids love exploring their creativity with Play-Doh

Figure 8 Train Set

Figure Eight Train Set

Melissa and Doug makes train sets that are compatible with most of the major brands. This is one of the most popular train sets we sell.

Melissa and doug Teddy Bear

Melissa & Doug Teddy Bear

Melissa and Doug makes a variety of teddy bears from small to large (this picture isn't even their largest). They come in a variety of colors as well like brown, pink, blue, white, and more.

DC Superhero Friends Figures

DC Super Hero Friends Figures

These have won awards all over the place and are incredibly popular. This line explores all the female superheroes.

Let's Play House Dust, Sweep and Mop Set

Let's Play House Dust, Sweep and Mop Set

Kids love to do what they see their parents do (until they actually have to do it). This will be a big seller this Christmas season.

Kitchen Science Kit

Kitchen Science Kit

Science Kits will be popular this holiday season as well as kids explore science. This fun kit is a combination of several of 4Ms Science Kits.

Hot Wheels Gift Packs

Hot Wheels Gift Sets

Hot Wheels are super popular and even more so during the holidays. Gift packs are inexpensive and give kids a variety of fun cars to play with.

Star Wars Toys

Star Wars Action Figures

With a new movie coming this holiday season and the incredible popularity of Star Wars, Star Wars toys will be incredibly hot!

Fidget Toys

BONUS - Novelty & Fidget

We had to add one more thought. Fidget toys and novelty items have grown incredibly this year. While fidget spinners don't have the popularity they did during the late spring, other fidget toys have emerged and continue to grow in popularity. Fidget and novelty toys will no doubt be hot products this year.