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Are you ready to level up your Bitzee pets and embark on an exhilarating gaming adventure? Get ready to unleash the fun and excitement as we delve into the captivating realm of Super Bitzee Games.

Spin Master's innovative digital pet, Bitzee, has taken the world by storm, and now, with the power of the Super Bitzee, you can unlock a whole new dimension of play and embark on thrilling gaming quests. So, grab your Bitzee pet and let's dive in!

What Are Bitzee Digital Pets?

Before we dig into Super Bitzee pets and the games that they unlock, you may be wondering what Bitzee digital pets are.

Bitzee is an interactive digital pet created by Spin Master, a leading toy company. It's a virtual companion that kids can care for, play with, and watch as it evolves from a baby to an adult and then to a Super Bitzee. Housed inside a purple pod, Bitzee pets come to life on a full-color display that kids can touch, feel, and interact with, offering a unique and immersive play experience.

Similar to a real pet, Bitzee requires love and care to help it grow. Virtual interactions allow kids to feed, rock to sleep, and clean up after their Bitzee. The pet responds to tilts, swipes, and shakes with adorable sounds and reactions, making it feel like a real companion. With each interaction, the love meter fills up, indicating the pet's readiness to evolve.

Bitzee offers a wide range of collectible characters, including common pets like dogs, cats, bunnies, and more. There are also rare and legendary characters to discover, such as butterflies, poodles, chameleons, mercats, and unicorns. As Bitzee evolves into a Super Bitzee, kids can unlock special outfits and unique games associated with each character, adding excitement and variety to the play experience.

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Recommended for kids aged 5 and up, Bitzee brings together the worlds of virtual and physical play, allowing children to engage in nurturing and interactive experiences. With its colorful display, touch interaction, and collectability, Bitzee offers a fun and innovative way for kids to have their own digital pet adventure.

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Chris Beardall, the Chief Commercial Officer for Spin Master said that “Spin Master has a reputation of delivering unique innovation and disrupting play patterns, transforming the way kids play and interact with toys.

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Overview of Super Bitzee Games

Super Bitzee games and actions such as touch, shake, and swipe.

When your Bitzee evolves into a Super Bitzee, a world of thrilling games awaits you! These games are designed to take your interactive pet experience to the next level, combining captivating gameplay with the joy of nurturing your virtual companions.

Whether you're performing tricks with the Hedgehog Gymnast or catching flies with the Gecko Superhero, each Super Bitzee Game offers a unique and immersive play experience that will keep you entertained for hours.

Game Descriptions and Gameplay Tips

Let's explore each of the exciting Super Bitzee Games that await you. Each is a unique game that you’re sure to enjoy playing.

  • Hedgehog Gymnast: Follow the prompts to make Hedgehog perform tricks! Help the hedgehog showcase its acrobatic skills and amaze the audience with flips, jumps, and spins.
  • Clownfish Surfer: Follow the prompts to make Clownfish perform tricks! Join the clownfish as it catches waves and shows off its surfing skills, riding the ocean waves with style.
  • Rocket Pup: Touch the swipe bar to move the puppy character up and release to move down. Help the adventurous Rocket Pup navigate through a tunnel, avoiding obstacles and collecting rewards while aiming for a successful journey.
  • Snail Racer: Touch left or right on the swipe bar to avoid cars and trucks. Join the speedy Snail Racer as it dashes through a bustling race track, skillfully maneuvering to avoid traffic and reach the finish line.
  • Turtle Boarder: Touch the swipe bar to make Turtle jump. Experience the thrill of skateboarding with Turtle Boarder as it glides and jumps over obstacles, showing off impressive moves along the way.
  • Budgie Rockstar: Touch the swipe bar when a note reaches the bottom of the screen to play the music. Unleash your inner rockstar with Budgie Rockstar and create melodious tunes by tapping the swipe bar at the perfect moment.
  • Mouse Chef: Touch the swipe bar on the left or right to catch falling ingredients. Help Mouse Chef in the kitchen by catching the falling ingredients to create delicious dishes, but be careful not to drop too many bun tops!
  • Gecko Superhero: Touch the swipe bar to catch flies with Gecko's tongue. Embark on an adventure with Gecko Superhero as it uses its incredible tongue to catch flies, ensuring the city is free from pesky insects.
  • Cat Dancer: Tilt Left = Moonwalk left, Tilt Right = Moonwalk right, Touch the swipe bar = Spin, Shake = Backflip. Join the graceful Cat Dancer on the dance floor and show off some fancy moves with moonwalks, spins, and backflips.
  • Rabbit Magician: Touch the swipe bar below the cup that you think hides the ball. Enter the mesmerizing world of Rabbit Magician and try to guess the cup that conceals the magical ball as it moves swiftly before your eyes. This is a bunny-full load of fun.
  • Poodle Fashionista: Swipe left and right to choose a hat. Touch the display to confirm. Swipe left and right to choose a special outfit. Touch the display to confirm. Unleash your inner fashionista with Poodle Fashionista and create stylish looks by selecting the perfect hat and outfit combination.
  • Butterfly Gardener: Follow the prompts to help Butterfly grow flowers. Touch the display to plant seeds, tilt right to water them, and shake to fertilize. Join Butterfly Gardener on a green-thumb adventure, tending to beautiful flowers by planting seeds, providing water, and adding a touch of fertilizer.
  • Chameleon Artist: Touch the swipe bar below the color you want for the flashing part. Touch the display to confirm your color selection. Explore your artistic side with Chameleon Artist as you select the perfect color for the flashing part, creating a vibrant and eye-catching masterpiece.
  • Mer-Cat Pirate: Touch the swipe bar to make Mer-Cat swim up, release to swim down. Join Mer-Cat Pirate in an underwater treasure hunt, maneuvering through obstacles, collecting coins, and aiming to reach the ultimate treasure chest.
  • Unicorn Party Animal: Touch the swipe bar to break the piñata and release all the Bitzee! Touch the swipe bar to add silly sound effects when they dance! Get ready for a party.

Tips: To maximize your gaming prowess, keep these tips in mind. Stay focused, react swiftly, and most importantly, have fun! Experiment with different techniques and strategies to achieve high scores and unlock new gaming challenges.

Fun and Excitement of Super Bitzee Games

Playing Super Bitzee Games is like entering a virtual wonderland where imagination knows no bounds. Engage your creativity, sharpen your reflexes, and let the digital pet adventure unfold before your eyes.

As you navigate through each game, you'll be enchanted by the delightful sounds and reactions your Bitzee pet makes. With every level conquered and every game mastered, you'll feel a surge of accomplishment and pride, knowing that you've become a true Super Bitzee champion!

Benefits of Super Bitzee Games

Super Bitzee Games offer more than just entertainment. They provide a wealth of developmental benefits for young players.

Engaging with these games enhances cognitive skills, improves hand-eye coordination, and promotes problem-solving abilities. As you embark on thrilling quests with your Bitzee pet, you'll develop valuable skills that extend beyond the virtual world.

Collecting Super Bitzee Games

The journey to becoming a Super Bitzee master is filled with excitement and discovery. As your Bitzee pet evolves, you'll unlock new games and expand your collection of Super Bitzee Games.

With each game, you'll uncover new challenges, characters, and surprises. Collect them all and create a gaming empire like no other!


Are you ready to embark on a gaming journey like never before? Super Bitzee Games are here to captivate your imagination and take your Bitzee pet experience to soaring heights. If you don’t have one already, get your Bitzee at Maziply Toys.

With Spin Master's unique innovation and the creative gameplay of Super Bitzee Games, you'll enter a realm of limitless fun and adventure. So, start nurturing your Bitzee pet, level up, and immerse yourself in the world of Super Bitzee Games. Get ready to play, explore, and create unforgettable memories with your loyal digital companions!

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