Marvel Legends Venom Deluxe Figure Review

When Marvel debuted Venom in the spring of 1988 they knew they had something special in the new Spider-Man villain. The excitement and fervor for this new character is something that is rarely seen in the comic industry. Through the years the alien costumed vigilante has gone through an evolution unique to this character, moving host to host, displaying new personalities and powers with each new partner! He has moved from a brain-eating arch nemesis to a lethal protector and even to a space roaming do-gooder. For a time Venom became a huge, hulking, imposing monster, unlike anything comic readers have seen before!

Marvel Legends Venom Deluxe Figure from Hasbro

Hasbro's Premium Marvel Legends line has finally been able to capture this iteration brilliantly in the new Marvel Legends Venom Deluxe figure. Based on the beautiful art of Joe Quesada we are given a humongous version of the anti-hero with a detailed sculpt and an impressive 19 points of articulation! Past releases have failed to convey the intimidating force that Venom has always been and with this new piece, we are finally given an appropriate toy to square off against our Marvel Legends Spider-Man figures! Standing just over 7” inches this toy towers over the industry standard 6” inch offerings. The joints are tight making posing this figure easy and effortless and with the combination of the double-jointed knee, calf twist and ankle swivel joint you can have this figure in a multitude of poses.

Re-painted from the 2017 Build-A-Figure “Thunderbolts” version, the new Marvel Legends Venom deluxe figure boasts a paint job that has most purists licking their chops! Instead of the Mac Gargan, jagged spider logo from the original release this figure now showcases the classic Spider-Man logo we all know and love. Sculpted with black matte plastic and a blue paint wash the Marvel Legends Venom deluxe figure finally looks as though he's jumped off the pages of the Amazing Spider-Man and into our hands! In contrast, the stark white line work in the Spider-Man logo is mostly clean and sharp and commands attention at first look. Slight softening of the logo in the crevices of the bulging back muscles hardly takes away the impressive look of this figure although it is there if you're looking closely enough.

When Hasbro first tackled the task of casting the super-villain in plastic the biggest hurdle was how to make the moving alien costume look like it's in constant flux like it does on the pages of his monthly stories. Hasbro's ability to make the symbiote's “living skin” costume has dramatically improved over the years and with this figure, they finally get it right! What used to be an easily lost, flimsy piece of thin, curly plastic peg-holed to the back of the toy is now sculpted tendrils shooting from the arms and back giving a fluid appearance to the overall figure. Rounding out the features to the Marvel Legends Venom deluxe figure, the large open mouth with long, lashing tongue completes the classic look that any true fan has been clamoring for!

Anyone lamenting over the years of never having a proper Eddie Brock Venom figure to have in their Marvel Legends display can now let out a sigh of relief as this new Marvel Legends Venom deluxe figure fills that hole perfectly! I know that people may feel as though they might not need a re-release figure in their collection but this figure separates itself enough from its counterpart that I feel as though the additional pick-up is totally worth it! The larger, bulkier figure is worth the extra cost that goes along with having a Marvel Legends Premium line. As long as Hasbro continues to pump out quality releases like this then I am all in.

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