Marvel Legends Black Widow Figure Review

This article is a product review of the Marvel Legends Black Widow figure.

Back in 1964, Marvel featured a new antagonist for Iron Man, a Russian spy named Natasha Alianovna Romanova. She adopted the name Black Widow and was a formidable foe for Tony Stark and even the early Avengers. When she defected to the United States she became a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. and started to become a real superhero. She has teamed up with the most popular characters like Spider-Man and Daredevil and become one of the more recognizable heroes in the Marvel Universe.

Now that Natasha has her own solo movie the Marvel Legends line has released the Premium Marvel Legends Black Widow Figure, which has proven to be a great addition to the line.

Package for the Marvel Legends Black Widow figure.

The sculpt perfectly encapsulates the image of Scarlett Johannson and gives us a beautiful repaint. The real value of these figures comes with the accessories and this scale Black Widow figure is no different. She has quite a few pieces that excite the regular Marvel Legends collectors. She comes with:

  • 2 pistols
  • 2 Kusari Gamas weapons
  • 4 Alternative Hands
  • 2 Stinger effects
  • 5 Blaster effects
  • A large, 7 inch, versatile stand that allows collectors to create an action packed scene.

The translucent orange blasting effects are really impressive as we get at least one original, never before released explosion in addition to the 4 other pieces that collectors are always seeking out. The stinger effects are also translucent but blue and fit snugly on the wrists.

Black Widow figure and her stand, all of her accessories and explosions.

While the figure is a repaint to the black suited figure from the Black Widow series this white suit has slight detail changes that makes the purchase of both worth the extra bucks! The photo real tech really gives us a beautiful rendition that captures the look of Scarlett Johannson. It has given these figures an element of realism that puts this line above most others

It has been over a decade since Marvel Legends has included a stand with their figures but the new, multifaceted stand allows you to plug the blaster effects and explosions into the ports and even allows you to choose where you place Black Widow. Even better, the stand has pegs that offer the choice of having Natasha stand or on the holder making it look as though she is jumping through the air.

Including the hands that the figure comes with there are 3 sets of interchangeable hands. They have clenched fists, gun holding hands and weapon holding hands. Each fit the options perfectly with the ability to have them holding a pistol or one of the two Kusari Gama weapons.

Speaking of the weapons, the Marvel Legends Black Widow Figure gives her the movie accurate Kursami Gamas. These are nun-chucks style weapons with serrated blades on the ends. I just wish they gave us a place to store them when she isn’t holding them. In contrast, the pistols fit snugly into the holsters and even better into the gun holding hands. The holsters are separate pieces that give a lot of freedom for leg poseability as well as not shifting around too much or popping off. The bracelets are also able to come off giving us even more display options.

Multiple points of articulation is at an all time high here! The 18 points of articulation boasts some great movement with ball joints at the waist each leg. Swivel joints at the thighs, elbows and even at the feet allows for a lot of give to making posing the figure pretty impressive. The double jointed knees even bend so far you can have the figure kneeling of high-kicking just as easily.

With the Marvel Legends Black Widow Figure every Marvel Legends collector will be overjoyed to add her to the collection. There is so much value added to this set I can see everyone who purchases this figure won’t be disappointed!