Imagine The Possibilities With Our Melissa & Doug Pretend Play Toys!
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Imagine The Possibilities With Our Melissa & Doug Pretend Play Toys!

The world, as seen from the perspective of a child, is a truly a wonderful, magical place full of possibilities. You’d think that’s a bit of a cliche outlook on how kids perceive the world — but it’s also true! At a very impressionable age, these important formative years require tender, loving care and a positive, engaging environment from involved parents in order to grow up to be the best adult possible. Of course, we’re not here to “back seat parent,” if you will, but we will make a valid point that’s hard to disagree with: every growing child needs their fair share of toys to play with!

Quality Children’s Toys That Parents Can Count On

Maziply is proud to offer the greater Kingston, MA area with a massive selection of developmental toys and collectibles for children and parents alike. Understanding that play is the essential foundation for a child’s ability to grow into a healthy adult, our toy company in Kingston is constantly looking for the latest and greatest toys that help foster healthy child development. Our membership as part of the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) only solidifies our role in helping your kids grow up strong and healthy...while also having fun!

Highlighting Our Melissa & Doug Pretend Play Toys!

In today’s blog post, Maziply is going to focus on several Melissa & Doug products. This educational kids toys company specializes in fun items like wooden puzzles, arts & crafts products, plush toys, pretend play structures, and other types of toys that benefit your child’s learning and development.

Noted by professionals to embrace the limited “screen time” philosophy of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Melissa & Doug products encourage wholesome engagement among child, parent, and the environment around them. Various pretend play items are designed to prepare kids to be familiar with real items that they’ll encounter in society as an adult.

Though you’ll find more information on several pretend play toys from Melissa & Doug below, feel free to shop our main collection of Melissa & Doug products. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact Maziply today!

Melissa & Doug Cardboard Fire Truck Indoor Playhouse

Save the community and extinguish imaginary fires with this exciting cardboard fire truck playhouse! This three-foot-tall structure features intricate detail including a separate cardboard fire hydrant to help teach your kids about the importance of fire safety. With plenty of room for your kiddo and their friends to explore and get imaginative in this fire truck playhouse, they’ll be set for hours and hours of fun!

Melissa & Doug Cardboard Country Cottage Indoor Playhouse

Towering at over four feet tall, your children will be amazed at how much room — and the possibilities contained therein — they’ll get to explore in this delightful country cottage playhouse! Visually pleasing, kids will appreciate the vegetable garden, ivy-covered chimney, and even a working mailing slot and opening doors and windows. Truly, this cardboard indoor playhouse will be your child’s home away from home!

Melissa & Doug Cardboard Food Truck Indoor Playhouse

Order up! Give your kid a taste of what it’s like to run their very own food truck business with this fun food truck playhouse from Melissa & Doug. Helping your child and their friends understand the important relationship between customer and employee, they’ll have hours and hours of fun using the spinning steering wheel and service encounters to “sell” ice cream treats and delicious BBQ!

Melissa & Doug Cardboard Doghouse Indoor Playhouse

Woof woof! As the perfect accommodation (and new home) for any of your child’s stuffed animals, you might have trouble separating your kid from this fun and exciting cardboard doghouse from Melissa & Doug. Complete with a sign for your kiddo to personalize this cardboard doghouse for their imaginative (or real!) pup, you don’t want to miss out on this Melissa & Doug indoor playhouse!

Melissa & Doug Cardboard Medieval Castle Indoor Playhouse

The damsel is in distress! Have your kid be the knight in shining armor or a king standing tall with this five-foot-tall medieval castle playhouse from Melissa & Doug. With a sliding door at the front, your child can decide if they want to defend and secure the castle or invite friends inside with them. The choice is theirs! Get your kid a Melissa and Doug castle today.

Melissa & Doug Examine and Treat Pet Vet Play Set

Oh no! The cat is sick, and the dog needs to visit the vet for a checkup. With this veterinary play set from Maziply, your kid will enjoy using this 24-piece set to help doctor the plush cat and plush dog included with the set. With a variety of toy medical tools to play with and use to help fix up these pets in need of some care, this vet play set is a great way to encourage interpersonal play. Check out the link above!

Melissa & Doug Feeding & Grooming Pet Care Play Set

Teach your kids the importance of properly grooming, feeding, and taking care of their pets with this pet grooming playset from Melissa & Doug! This pet play set includes a variety of grooming tools, (faux) pet treats, food, collars, and even name tags to personalize the included plush cat and dog. This is also a great complement to taking care of real pets around your home.

Melissa & Doug Star Diner Restaurant Pretend Play Set

Customer or cook behind-the-scenes? Let your child and their friends decide! This double-sided restaurant play set includes a full-on restaurant booth with a menu, checks, and jukebox. On the other side, your kid will have a blast using the realistic milkshake mixer, drink dispenser, fridge, oven, and grill! This educational toy will help your child learn the importance of going out to eat and serving others.

Melissa & Doug Cook’s Corner Wooden Kitchen

Set the kitchen timer for “fun” and get cookin’ with this play kitchen set from Melissa & Doug! Featuring a removable sink, a working timer, a 3-burner cooktop, and oven with clicking knobs, the sturdy wood construction of this pretend kitchen set is sure to survive even the craziest creations from your little chef! Get your kiddo their very own Cook’s corner wooden kitchen today.

Shop All Of Our Melissa & Doug Pretend Play Toys At Maziply Today!

That’s all we have time for in today’s blog — given the massive selection of Melissa & Doug educational toys that we carry here at Maziply, what we covered hardly scratches the surface! Whether you visit our brick and mortar location at the Kingston Collection or you shop our entire Melissa & Doug collection online, you and your child are in for a fun, educational time. Get in touch with Maziply today if you have any questions about our Melissa & Doug products!