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Discover All 20 Bitzee Magicals Digital Pet Friends

Welcome to the magical world of Bitzee Magicals Edition Interactive Digital Pet! If you're a fan of interactive pets, prepare to be amazed by the diverse and enchanting characters you can collect and interact with. Each magical friend brings a unique charm and set of abilities, making every moment with Bitzee an adventure. Let's dive into the fascinating world of these 20 unique pets!

Bitzee Magicals - Full images of all 20 friends.


Meet Phoenix, the fiery friend that rises from the ashes. With its blazing wings and spirited personality, Phoenix is sure to light up your Bitzee collection. This majestic creature loves to play games and bring warmth to your heart.

Ghost Kitty

The Ghost Kitty is a spook-tacular companion that’s full of surprises. This ethereal feline loves to play hide and seek, and its glowing eyes will enchant you. Don't be afraid; Ghost Kitty is as friendly as can be!


Yeti, the lovable snow monster, is here to bring the chill. This furry friend enjoys frosty fun and snowy games. With Yeti by your side, you'll never have a dull moment in the winter wonderland.


Combine the cuteness of a kitten with the magic of a unicorn, and you get Kittycorn! This adorable pet is always ready to spread joy and sparkle with its magical horn and playful spirit.


Straight from the mythical Loch Ness, Nessie is your underwater buddy who loves to explore and discover hidden treasures. Nessie’s adventures will keep you entertained and curious.


The Mer-Panda is a delightful mix of panda and mermaid. This aquatic friend brings the best of both worlds, with a love for underwater games and bamboo snacks. Dive into fun with Mer-Panda!

Rainbow Mer-Pup

Colorful and charming, the Rainbow Mer-Pup swims through your Bitzee world with a trail of rainbow bubbles. This vibrant pet is always ready to brighten your day with its cheerful antics.

Ice Mer-Pup

Cool and calm, the Ice Mer-Pup glides through the water with grace. This frosty friend loves icy adventures and playing in the snow. Keep cool with the Ice Mer-Pup!

Lightning Kitsune

With a spark of electricity, the Lightning Kitsune is always charged up for fun. This electric fox loves fast-paced games and flashing lights, making every interaction electrifying.

Dazzling Kitsune

The Dazzling Kitsune is a sparkling wonder. With glittering fur and a playful personality, this pet is sure to dazzle you with its charm and bright presence.

Fairy Firefly

Tiny but mighty, the Fairy Firefly lights up your Bitzee world. This glowing friend loves nighttime adventures and illuminating dark corners with its magical light.

Pixie Pug

The Pixie Pug is a whimsical blend of pug and pixie magic. This tiny dog loves flying through the air and sprinkling pixie dust, making your Bitzee experience truly magical.

Fairy Deer

Graceful and enchanting, the Fairy Deer brings woodland magic to your Bitzee collection. This elegant pet loves exploring forests and spreading fairy dust.

Crystal Hedgehog

Sparkling with crystal quills, the Crystal Hedgehog is a dazzling addition to your Bitzee family. This shiny friend loves to play and collect sparkling treasures.

Poison Jackalope

The Poison Jackalope is a mystical creature with a hint of danger. This unique pet loves to play tricky games and surprise you with its clever antics.

Rainbow Unicorn

The Rainbow Unicorn is a vibrant and magical friend that loves to gallop through your Bitzee world. With a mane of rainbows and a heart full of magic, this unicorn is pure joy.

Moonlight Unicorn

Mysterious and magical, the Moonlight Unicorn shines in the night. This celestial pet loves moonlit adventures and enchanting games under the stars.

Flower Jackalope

Blooming with floral magic, the Flower Jackalope is a whimsical friend that loves nature and garden games. This pet is always ready to bring a touch of spring to your Bitzee world.

Fire Dragon

The Fire Dragon is a fierce and fiery companion. With its blazing breath and powerful presence, this dragon loves adventurous games and heated battles.

Ice Dragon

Cool and majestic, the Ice Dragon brings a chill to your Bitzee collection. This dragon loves icy adventures and frosty fun, making it a perfect winter companion.

Collect Them All!

Each Bitzee Magicals Edition Interactive Digital Pet friend offers a unique experience, bringing a world of magic and fun to your fingertips. From fiery dragons to sparkling unicorns, there's a magical friend for everyone. Start your adventure today and collect all 20 Bitzee friends to unlock endless fun and enchantment!

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